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SMART RFID, retail & shopper marketing: how RFID strengthens beacons


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SMART RFID combines advantages both of RFID and beacons. It allows to reach customers with marketing message in the most effective way. People visiting any shop are encouraged to shoop here. SMART RFID means the better conversion and better working loyalty program.

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SMART RFID, retail & shopper marketing: how RFID strengthens beacons

  2. 2. Shopper Marketing – worth to consider? * source: GMA-Deloitte Study -- Delivering the Promise of Shopper Marketing ** source: JiWire
  3. 3. Enough is as good as a feast beacons engage a 45 percent interaction rate, but… …if a customer received more than one push notification from a beacon platform in the same store, app usage among existing users declines by 313 percent. The same goes if the notifications customers received were irrelevant: the beacon app gets deleted*. * source: Mobile to Mortar, inMarket
  4. 4. Enough is as good as a feast Quality over quantity. RFID over beacons.
  5. 5. Out of reach US and Canada have the highest rates (50%), while Russia has only 25%, and in the UK the rate is about 33%*. However, this concerns mainly millenials, who are smaller and less wealthy customers. Baby boomers, bigger and wealthier group, are not so interested in using mobile apps. * source: Empatika
  6. 6. How to reach a client? Apart from beacons, is there any other way for reaching customers in your shop? A way that is not invasive? A way that is engaging, but not discouraging? A way to reach all customers, not only those with smartphones or mobile app?
  7. 7. Be on the same wavelength Yes, there is such a way. It is SMART RFID. The innovative brand of products using RFID technology. With SMART RFID, it is easy to use omnichannel strategy for reaching every customer inside shop with personalized message.
  8. 8. Be on the same wavelength With SMART RFID client receives friendly and carefully chosen shopping advice. He is not distracted from shopping as he doesn’t need to: • download app • launch Bluetooth • use his smartphone repeatedly • read messages.
  9. 9. For good start SMART RFID allows to recognize clients with their: • loyalty card • mobile application. It increases the reach of your loyalty program by 100%.
  10. 10. For good start From the beginning, you may greet client with personalized discount. Display offer on a screen – of his smartphone or one hanging next to entrance.
  11. 11. On one’s own hand While shopping, clients enjoy touching products and like looking at mirrors*. Use it. Thanks to SMART RFID, client after taking any product, may watch in a mirror an ad movie, detailed presentation about product or find out about a discount. * source: The Science of Shopping, Paco Underhill
  12. 12. Well-fitted decisions Women continue to shop in the hope of finding a perfect solution. In other words, women are more selective and more likely to buy a product that fits all of their requirements*. 47% of clients enjoy using smart fitting rooms**. Hence SMART RFID in a fitting room: a system of suggestions what else could be bought so a client would look even better. * source: Just Ask a Woman: Cracking the Code of What Women Want and How they Buy ** source: Motorola Shopping Study
  13. 13. You’re next Clients don’t like queues. However, they like to be recognized by personnel*. SMART RFID will help you to meet their expectations. Thanks to SMART RFID reader assembled at cash desk, time of customer service will shorten to 6 seconds. Regardless the number of purchased products. Cashier will recognize client (with loyalty card or smartphone) and offer him personalized discount, matching one’s shopping preferences. * source: The Science of Shopping, Paco Underhill)
  14. 14. Best advertising? Your brand! Invite your clients for further shopping by offering them helpful assistance and 100& availability of all products they want to buy. Make them feel special in your boutique.
  15. 15. Best advertising? Your brand! You can’t count on beacons. But you can count on SMART RFID. Stock-taking with mobile RFID reader may be performed within dozens of seconds. With RFID, you can scan up to 300 products in 1 second. With stunning accuracy 99,7%.
  16. 16. Best advertising? Your brand! Your staff will always know where any product is. Often and accurate stock-taking will make that no more products will be out-of-stock. Client will sooner leave your shop with empty wallet rather than with empty hands.
  17. 17. Brief summary
  18. 18. Choice is yours. And future is SMART RFID.
  19. 19. Contact us.