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SMART RFID for Courier Companies


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What do SMART RFID and courier companies have in common? They work fast, they work reliably and both guarantee customers’ satisfaction. The Smart Technology Group business offer was developed for courier companies which care about being trusted in delivering packages. Learn more how to improve you logistic processes with SMART RFID products.

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SMART RFID for Courier Companies

  3. 3. What is SMART RFID? The brand of innovative products using 5 wireless technologies.
  4. 4. What is SMART RFID? One tool gives you the access to many key solutions for following logistic processes: identification, tracking, monitoring. SMART RFID combines the functionalities of various products. It eliminates necessity of integration, learning and using different and separate systems. identification tracking monitoring
  5. 5. How can SMART RFID improve your business? • accelerates scanning processes – without any loss in precision • eliminates errors, omissions, human mistakes • reduces costs caused by errors • no packages are lost nor missed • increases staff efficiency • right package is always delivered to right customer
  6. 6. How can SMART RFID improve your business? • automatic identification of packages in sorting department • accurate and fast stock-taking in warehouse • instant searching for any package and precise identification of its location • error-free distribution packages to their destinations • verification of conformance of shipping form and packages • precise tracking packages… … all of this is possible with SMART RFID.
  8. 8. SMART RFID tag • allows for automation of packages identification • multiple tags can be scanned simultaneously • seen through obstacles (boxes, walls) • identified from several meters distance • water-resistant • recognizable in motion • durable and difficult to destroy • antimagnetic • resistant to high/low temperature • great storage for data capacity
  9. 9. SMART RFID tag RFID tags are way better than barcodes. Learn why.
  10. 10. Master 01 RFID UHF reader Fixed reader Master 01 • the only reader that uses up to 5 wireless technologies • can use up to 8 antennas – it reduces the number of readers needed for complex system • has all necessary communication interfaces: RS 232, RS 485, LAN, WLAN, Wiegand • winner of 5 awards Antennas • up to over a dozen meters read distance
  11. 11. Neo 01 RFID UHF reader Mobile reader Neo 01 • range: 8 meters • communication via Bluetooth • works with tablets and smartphones • comfortable to use
  12. 12. SMART RFID portal SMART RFID portal • automatic identification of packages when they come in/out your facility • only 3 moves are needed for full identification • only 2 seconds needed for accurate identification of hundreds of tags • the highest possible accuracy of tags identification • informs about missing and additional tags Watch SMART RFID portal in action.
  14. 14. SMART RFID for courier companies
  15. 15. Sending package What is needed: SMART RFID tag Advantage: package is always visible SMART RFID works from the beginning: Your courier marks package, envelope or any box with SMART RFID tag. From now on, this parcel is perfectly visible at any moment.
  16. 16. Sending package Despite the fact that SMART RFID tag will reused many times in a day for the next few days, it will not become unreadable through wear and tear. Barcodes do. As your managers know “where are the assets right now?” or “how many assets are there right now?”, it is possible to automate business processes and decision making.
  17. 17. Package monitoring What is needed: SMART RFID fixed reader and antennas Advantage: every package is tracked via GPRS by headquarters With SMART RFID it is easy to verify the cargo of any vehicle. RFID reader and antennas can scan all packages at any moment. The output result is sent to headquarters. The safety of packages is increased: any missing package is immediately reported.
  18. 18. Service centre Sorting department What is needed: Master 01 RFID UHF reader, antennas Advantage: full automation Packages marked with SMART RFID tags are: • correctly, • instantly and • automatically scanned after being delivered to your service centre. No package is missing. Every omissions are identified on spot. The result? 100% correct transfer to central sorting department.
  19. 19. Sorting department What is needed: Master 01 RFID UHF reader Advantage: better efficiency Automation of packages identification. Fallible manual barcode scanning is replaced with automatic SMART RFID tags recognition. Human errors are eliminated.
  20. 20. Sorting department SMART RFID-enabled system allows for identification of cartons without having to line them up so a bar code would be in front of a scanner. It hugely increases the speed of the sorting process. No more effort is wasted on time- consumming manual scanning of single package.
  21. 21. Sorting department SMART RFID advantages: • any dirt on packages or boxes does not affect scanning process – antennas and readers always work perfectly fine • Master 01 readers are robust, immune to interfering and maintenance-free • single Master 01 readers can be assembled next to each other: complicated projects can be easily designed and realized.
  22. 22. Warehouse What is needed: Neo 01 mobile RFID UHF reader, Master 01 RFID UHF reader, antennas Advantage: fast location of every package SMART RFID guarantees you: • the real-time item-level location and movement detection saves time and resources from the warehouse operations • instant & easy access to data • precision in tracking every package
  23. 23. Warehouse Effective stock-taking with Neo 01 mobile reader: • decrease number of employees delegated to process • stock-taking is accelerated and its accuracy is improved
  24. 24. Warehouse Every package, regardless its size, will be speedily found: • mobile reader Neo 01: searching with sound or light signal • real time location system: effective tracking of packages location
  25. 25. Warehouse With SMART RFID, forklift becomes information technology tool: • SMART RFID forklift increases overall productivity 30-50% • automates manufacturing and shipping updates in real time
  26. 26. Shipping What is needed: SMART RFID portal Advantage: 100% accuracy SMART RFID portals prevent mistakes and improve efficiency for your high-volume shipping of packages. Every package shipped from your facilities comes through SMART RFID portals standing next to dock doors. This is how conformance of shipping form and real packages is automatically verified.
  27. 27. Shipping Our SMART RFID portals eliminate loading mistakes. No more missing packages or shipping them to wrong destination. With these portals you know that every vehicle is packed with only correctly addressed packages.
  28. 28. Shipping SMART RFID advantages: • automatic verification of conformance of shipping form and packages • elimination of omissions and mistakes as well as lost packages • no more the additional transport costs caused by verification errors
  29. 29. Delivery With SMART RFID , sendee always gets right package. Risk of losing it or delaying shipping process is reduced to minimum. And that’s the point – the customer’s satisfaction.
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