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Master 01 - RFID UHF reader made by Smart Technology Group


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Presentation focusing on the most unique and exclusive features of RFID UHF reader made by Smart Technology Group.
Here you will find out:
- why it is good to have reader with relay outputs,
- how is it possible that one reader can cooperate with 8 antennas
- what for does it have modules of WLAN, Bluetooth, GPRS and ZigBee built-in.

Published in: Technology
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Master 01 - RFID UHF reader made by Smart Technology Group

  2. 2. RFID itself is very beneficial technology. But Smart Technology Group decided to offer you even more advantages. Therefore, as the only company in the world, we upgraded RFID with more technologies. This is how SMART RFID has been created.
  3. 3. Maximum performance The unmatched range of possibilities as a result of built-in modules of Master 01 is more versatile that the rest of competition. Offers greater number of possibilities and facilitations. No one ever before has been capable to upgrade RFID technology in such manner. WLAN Bluetooth ZigBee GPRS
  4. 4. Maximum performance Firmware Five working modes: •polling •autorunning •autorunning+ (automatic readout of EPC and TID) •autonomous •Smart Mode
  5. 5. Maximum performance Firmware Smart mode is the first-ever protected mode in RFID readers. It recognizes tags assigned to a system (regardless of EPC and TID) with no database required. It also offers effective protection against fake tags and tag reprogramming.
  6. 6. Maximum performance Hardware Only RFID reader with 4 relay outputs. Gain the key advantage in car park management: direct barrier/gate control. Save money on an additional controller for a barrier – you will not need it.
  7. 7. Maximum performance Hardware Antenna outputs: 2 / 4 / 8 x SMA The limitation is over. Now your 1 reader may work even with 8 antennas. Decide, how many of them you need.
  8. 8. Maximum performance Hardware Communication interfaces: Ethernet (UDP, TCP) RS-232, RS-485, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPRS, Wiegand. All communication that you need. Choose the most convenient option.
  9. 9. Maximum performance RFID Selectable frequency channels: 4, 7, 10, 13. Enjoy flawless work of multiple readers, even situated in paralel. Plan the most optimal location of your RFID readers. Maximize their effectiveness.
  10. 10. Maximum performance RFID Control them all: • individual power settings for each antenna (for read and write operations) • configurable separate durations for individual read and write operations • fully configurable Gen2 protocol parameters (Session, Target, M value, Q value) • programming or reprogramming of any or selected tag (based on EPC, TID or USER MEMORY) – also via a website
  11. 11. Maximum performance Management Master 01 can be manager: • via a website (from a computer, tablet or smartphone) • via an application. Intuitive and easy to learn management system.
  12. 12. Innovations in all their glory Only in Master 01 Smart Mode Exclusive working mode: • recognizes own tags regardless of EPC or TID • it is full scalable: works flawlessly with 10, 100 or 1 000 tags • ignores the illegally copied EPC.
  13. 13. The only reader that has built-in modules of various wireless technologies that combined with RFID technology provide reader user with distinctly greater number of opportunities: • WLAN module – significantly increases reader’s range • Bluetooth module – enables to reach customer directly via his smartphone (e.g. in loyal programs in retail), allows drivers to steer barrier/gate via smartphone or to open electric lock via smartphone • GPRS module – increases the data speed • ZigBee module – allows to consume energy in the most efficient way Innovations in all their glory Only in Master 01
  14. 14. Areas of interest Access control Access to conveniences: • simple installation & easy integration: wireless, one reader for eight antennas • choose the most economical power supply • the wide selection of communication interfaces, including wireless technology. Instant change of authorization level for user or group of users. No more putting ID tag to reader. Tag will be read even when in pocket or bag.
  15. 15. Areas of interest Access control Control your expenses: • use relay outputs and save on additional controler • use PoE and save installation effort • select the best quality and save on service.
  16. 16. Areas of interest Access control First-hand information: • build Real-Time Locating Systems and always know where your employees or goods are • reduce risk of stealing or losing your products
  17. 17. Car park 2.0: • keep it under control: steer gate/barrier in a direct way • keep it simple: in autonomous mode Master 01, tags and antenna is all you need • keep it secure: in Smart Mode your tags are secure as never • keep it intact: integrate Master 01 with your software or use SMART RFID Park Management Areas of interest Car park
  18. 18. Green light for conveniences: • smooth entry/exit – ID card will be read even from 10 m distance • hands-free: ordinary sticker on windshield is enough to open barrier/gate • thanks to Bluetooth, barrier/gate may be open by driver’s smartphone Areas of interest Car park
  19. 19. Smart operations: • 8 antennas per 1 reader = superb work of multiple entries/exit • even when the barrier is non-operational and even in harshest weather conditions, every event is logged • economical power consumption thanks to PoE. Areas of interest Car park
  20. 20. • Track resources in real time thanks to GPRS module • The most convenient stocktaking: 20 m read distance • the fastest stocktaking: identification up to 350 tags in one second • full access to complete information and full freedom to respond to all events Areas of interest Logistics and supply chain
  21. 21. Strengthen your brand: • install Master 01 in fitting room and boost conversion rate up to 60% • increase your turnover – product availability is improved up to 95% • streamline checkout processes and reduce queue time: 6 seconds is needed for 1 customer • deepen your relations with customers: satisfy them with more personalized offer thanks to Bluetooth module detecting all loyal cards Areas of interest Retail
  22. 22. Clear advantages If you represent logistics or supply chain management, you will appreciate: • elimination of human errors by automating many of the processes; • reduction of the number of incorrect deliveries and returns to the warehouse – the goods availability is increased and customers are happier; • translation of logistics costs into real savings; • acceleration of inventory proces; • performance increase by 10%.
  23. 23. Clear advantages If you represent retail, you will appreciate: • improvement of product availability to the customer by much more precise stocktaking – therefore customer loyalty and satisfaction are increased; • great streamline of checkout processes what makes customers more satisfied and eager to return; • effective thefts prevention; • preparation of personal and adequate to customer’s expectations offer by identifying customer’s shopping history written on loyal cards.
  24. 24. Clear advantages If you represent access control, you will appreciate: • better and more exact control: protects against unauthorized passage; • real-time knowledge about staff/resources: employees or moved property can be located at any time; • increased flow of people and shorter the time needed for staff identification: allows simultaneous identification, even of a group of people. This means that it can read and recognize up to several hundred ID tags in one second.
  25. 25. True star Master 01 is the most often awarded Polish RFID tool. Only in 2015 it has won following awards: Good Design Retail Innovations Innovation Laurel Leader of New Technologies
  26. 26. Have a look Find full technical specification here Learn all about MASTER 01
  27. 27. Waiting for you Order it now