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Become Employee of the Month with SMART RFID


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We have for you 5 tips how to improve labor effor, increase turnover and optimize scanning processes. All you need to do is to have SMART RFID system in your shop or boutique.

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Become Employee of the Month with SMART RFID

  1. 1. EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHBECOME EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH Improve your labor efficiency, sell more and lead by example STOCK-TAKING WITH RFID UHF Up to now stock-taking meant overtime spent on tiring, monotonous and frustrating scanning one item after another.Despitefactthatstock-takingwasperformedrarely,itwasstilloneofthemostunpleasantprofessional duties.ButthankstoRFIDtechnology,situationchangedcompletely. Your success is guaranteed with RFID. This is a solution successfully tested by thousands of brands all around the world. It brings the same positive results every time. Use RFID for stock-taking, and Employee of the Month awardisyours.Allyear. CreatedwithsupportfromSmartTechnologyGroup. Stock-taking only with mobile RFID readers 300 products scanned in 1 second 99,7% of precision Up to 8 meters of distance between reader and scanned item HIGHER TURNOVER The most wanted products are always on the shelves. EVERYDAY STOCK-TAKING Just few minutes are enough to know everything about your stock. FULL KNOWLEDGE You can answer every question on item availability and its current location. LOWER EXPENSES Thanks to you and RFID, stock-taking costs decrease by 40%.
  2. 2. Serve more customers, bring more profits and improve brand image. CASH REGISTER WITH RFID UHF Line full of impatient and frustrated customers is every salesman nightmare. But something that seemed unavoidable may now disappear completely from your store. Yes, even in hot Christmas time or during sales. JustreplacemanualscanningofproductsincashregisterwithautomaticandgroupidentificationwithRFID. You and your customers are waiting for RFID technology. If you don't believe in improvements delivered by RFID, visit one of thousands of shops all around the world which use it and enjoy profits. Remember how often a growing line of frustrated customers made you anxious. Imagine how significantly could your turnover increaseifyouonlycouldservemorecustomers.Andnowansweraquestion:whyamInotusingRFIDyet? CreatedwithsupportfromSmartTechnologyGroup. Customer service only with RFID: 300 items scanned in 1 second 6 seconds needed for full service of 1 customer 6% of new deals 21% growth of daily turnover No need to scan every product separately Put products on counter and it will be automatically identified Customer service becomes pleasure – for you and your customers Lines are eliminated Thanks to you and RFID brand earns more: number of deals and profits grow You make no mistakes at scanning: cash = receipts EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHBECOME EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH
  3. 3. Advise your customers, increase conversion rate and build your brand. SMART FITTING ROOM WITH RFID UHF What happens in fitting room? Decision whether to buy a product or put it back on the shelf is made. RFID technology gives you an opportunity to increase chance of purchasing. Identification of clothes brought into fitting room is possible. As well as displaying suggestive photos persuading customer to buy your clothes plus someshoesandaccessories. RFID technology takes shopping on the next level. Customer service quality is improved. Friendlier mood facilitates shopping. You gain deeper knowledge on customers motivation and shopping decision. By looking intofittingroom,youcanobservecustomer'smind.Optimizeyourofferandletyourconversionrateexplode.You needonlyfittingroomwithRFID. CreatedwithsupportfromSmartTechnologyGroup. Fitting room with RFID: conversion rate increased by 60% more efficient cross promotions improved customer service Facts that can't be denied: Customer watches personalized ads Customer can check the item availability in any moment Customer can easily ask you to bring him clothes in fitting size You gain knowledge on most wanted products You can motivate customer to buy more EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHBECOME EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH
  4. 4. Activate twice more customers and multiply their loyalty. LOYALTY PROGRAM WITH SMART RFID Beacons deserved their success in category of encouraging customers to do more shopping and use loyalty program. But do you know that thanks to combination of beacons and RFID you can reach twice more customers,presentthemmoreinterestingofferandhavethemvisityoutwicemoreoften? Use every chance to increase customers' loyalty. Be sure that they will discover your promotions. Let them understand how much you care about then and surprise them with personalized offers at every turn. On their smartphonesandinsideyourshop. CreatedwithsupportfromSmartTechnologyGroup. Combine RFID with beacons: double your efficiency double your range double customers' engagement FOR CUSTOMERS WITH SMARTPHONES AND TRADITIONAL LOYALTY CARDS REACH CUSTOMERS IN EVERY AGE PERSONALIZE ADS INSIDE YOUR SHOP AND ON CUSTOMERS' SMARTPHONES ENCOURAGE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVEN'T ENTERED YOUR SHOP YET EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHBECOME EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH
  5. 5. Cut financial losses and eliminate shop-lifting GOODS PROTECTION WITH RFID UHF Every stolen product is painful loss. You lose own goods, profits and knowledge on your product availability. Shop-lifting launches long and unpleasant chain of consequences. Stop it with RFID, clear your mind and shop awaythieves,aswell. Ifyouaretiredofunnecessarylossesandproductsdisappearingfromyourshelvesinamagicalway–useRFID. Itwillprotectyouagainstunderservedcashshortage. CreatedwithsupportfromSmartTechnologyGroup. Defeat thieves with RFID: internal thefts reduced by 98% shop-lifting reduced by 90% SOUND ALARM OR E-MAIL NOTIFICATION OF THEFT ATTEMPT WIDE RANGE OF ANTENNAS: TRADITIONAL GATES, UNDER CEILING OR PUT UNDER DOORMAT PRODUCTS ON SHELVES MATCH IN 100% DATA IN YOUR SYSTEM STRENGHTEN SECURITY EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHBECOME EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH