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Active Profit with SMART RFID


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Retail can increase its profits - providing it will use SMART RFID. Experts from Smart Technology Group explain how radio identification technology can help in increasing profits, generating savings and reducing losses.

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Active Profit with SMART RFID

  1. 1. for retail: The Passive Technology, yet The Active Profit
  2. 2. NEW TECHNOLOGIES Why do we need them? optimization of processes labor efficiency increase savings and profits increase better management
  3. 3. Retail Without Limits – A Modern Commercial Society, January 2015 PLUS… 83% customers EXPECT NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN RETAIL
  4. 4. RFID – THE OLD NEW TECHNOLOGY RFID is a radio identification technology that is supposed to replace barcodes. It is unceasingly being developed and more and more ideas of its usage are presented all the time. Including ones that allow to increase profits and generate savings.
  5. 5. SMART RFID – SOMETHING MORE SMART RFID is the brand of technologically advanced products, giving real advantages thanks to simultaneous use of RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS/GSM and ZigBee. SMART RFID system is more functional, easier to implement and integrate with other solutions and business objectives are faster achieved.
  6. 6. STRONG RECOMMENDATION These are real implementations and tested by thousands companies ways for bigger profits with RFID. THEY ALREADY HAVE NOTICED RFID ADVANTAGES
  8. 8. ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS Expand your strategy, wider your target group, increase the stream of profits. With SMART RFID, you reach people who didn’t even visit your shop yet. Invite potential clients passing by your shop by identifying their: - smartphones - loyalty cards.
  9. 9. PRECIOUS LOYALTY Affecting customer: impossible Only clients with loyalty cards can be reached Offers for clients using your loyalty app mobile Reach the uttermost of your clients: those with cards and those with app mobile
  10. 10. ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS 40% of clients browse offers on their smartphones during shopping. 42% of companies use approiximation marketing 39% claims to implement it within 3 years 71% of brands use beacons to track clients and learn about their shopping decisons Statista It is estimated that 570 millions of smartphones are compatible with beacons. It is a huge potential for every brand. Business Insider Millenial Medial
  11. 11. PRECIOUS LOYALTY American brand TOP Food & Drug saw that after 100 days after the start of RFID loyalty program, over 60% of customers were using it. The first American brand that started RFID loyalty program was Tetherball. ”Our RFID-based solution, which works on any mobile phone, eliminates fraud and allows our clients to measure the performance of their campaigns with pinpoint accuracy via real time validation and reporting.” Jay Highley, CEO & COO
  12. 12. AVAILABLE GOODS = AVAILABLE PROFITS Do you take enough good care of your clients? Do you know that you lose 18 of 100 clients, who leave your shop after not finding what they were looking for? 43% of clients go to your competition after not finding specific product in your shop 59% of clients would continue shopping if they would get unavailable product INCREASE PRODUCTS AVAILABILITY 45% of your clients are disappointed with products unavailability
  13. 13. Don’t lose profitable opportunity. Equip your staff with tool that helps to track and find any product your customer is looking for. Do you know that: 44% of your customers spend more money if salesperson checks if product is available? 51% of your customers’ loyalty will strengthen if they find product they are looking for in your shop INCREASE PRODUCTS AVAILABILITY
  14. 14. SMART RFID is made for tracking and searching products: searching accuracy is 99,7% stock-taking is shortened by 96% stock-taking may be performed every day. GOODS AND PROFIT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  15. 15. With RFID, Marks&Spencer became the brand where you can always find your size. RFID implementation was planned as a way for achieving 100% products availability both in stores and on-line. In 2014, M&S was the first brand-ever that marked its all products with RFID tags. Results? More than satisfying. Stock-taking precision increased by 50%. Goods shortage decreased by 30-40%. „From the beginning, the M&S RFID implementation was driven by measurable financial benefits, as well as a desire to improve customer service through greater stock availability” – Steve Finlan, retail director of Marks & Spencer. GOODS AND PROFIT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  16. 16. - occasional stock-taking - no current info on stocks - unsatisfying precision - time-consumming activity STOCK TAKING - stock-taking performed a few times a day - access to latest info on stocks - maximum precision - stock-taking done in few minutes AVAILABLE GOODS = AVAILABLE PROFITS
  17. 17. AVAILABLE GOODS = AVAILABLE PROFITS With SMART RFID staff is always perfectly informed about stock and goods availability. It leads to increase of orders precision as you order only these products which are needed and popular among customers. Your staff can always answer customers’ questions if any product is available and where to find it. Customer will never leave your shop empty-handed.
  18. 18. AVAILABLE GOODS = AVAILABLE PROFITS After introducing RFID, Coccinelle reduced internet order cancellations by 60%. Stock-taking became more precise and there is 100% match between administrative inventory and actual inventories. The stock-taking of ZARA biggest boutique used to last 5 hours and 40 employees were needed to perform it. With RFID, it takes only 2 hours and 10 employees.
  19. 19. AVAILABLE GOODS = AVAILABLE PROFITS After RFID implementation, METRO Group experienced some serious benefits, including: - 14% reduction in warehouse labor, - 11% improvement in stock availability, - 18% reduction in lost goods. In Gerry Weber shops with space over 200 m2 stock-taking lasts 5-10 minutes and its accuracy is 95-99%. It can be done every day hence goods shortage is less than 1%.
  20. 20. SMART RFID will effectively encourage customers for shopping. Just install SMART RFID in your fitting room or POS. Results will be astonishing. TRY HIGHER PROFITS ON
  21. 21. In your fitting room customer will gett automatical suggestions what could be bought to look even more fashionable and trendy. SMART RFID gives you the wide choice for increasing POS sales effectivity. Customer needs only to put product on it and then the suggestive ads will be shown. Shopping motivation is on the rise. Such external incentives effectively affect customers, helping in increasing sale results. TRY HIGHER PROFITS ON
  22. 22. After installing RFID in Ralph Lauren boutiques, 90% customer engagement increase was observed. „Connected Commerce” 62% customers buy more when they get personalized offer. 85% customers chose these shops which have promotions for people inside boutique. TRY HIGHER PROFITS ON
  23. 23. Long lines Nervous waiting to be served Long duration of customer service Threat for brand positive image Risk of overcrowding CASH REGISTER: YOUR SHOP BOTTLENECK
  24. 24. SMART RFID shortens lines to cash register and increases daily number of transactions by 6%. RFID reader shortens customer service. 1 customer = 6 seconds. No matter how many products are bought. Products need to be put on counter to be immediately and correctly scanned. The more customers served daily, the more you sell and earn. Logical, isn’t it? FASTER, BETTER, MORE
  25. 25. RFID in cash registers is also used by Belgian brand JBC. Customers appreciate that they are served much faster, JBC’s CEO, Bart Claes. JCPenney plans to replace checkers with RFID technology. Brand wants to save 10% of its expenses (500 milions dollars) spent on transactions. FASTER, BETTER, MORE
  26. 26. USA retail loses in every eyar about 60 millions of dollars due to thefts: 38% thefts – clients 35% thefts – employees 27% thefts – contractors, managers, administration. After introducing RFID for products protection, American Apparel brand noted 75% decrease of stolen goods - Stacey Shulman, American Apparel’s VP of technology. THIEVES OUT
  27. 27. THIEVES OUT Anti-theft gates with SMART RFID help in reducing the number of customer thefts by 90%, staff thefts by 98%.
  28. 28. FASTER, BETTER, MORE Decathlon has surely a lot of good things to say about RFID in cash registers. RFID installed in cash registers is also used as anti-theft protection. It helped in 9% reduction in stolen goods. Annual sales increased by 11%, too.
  30. 30. POSITIVE BALANCE Opportunities for increasing profits with SMART RFID are huge. Implementing SMART RFID just in one area is enough to generate profits. Implementation costs are smaller than you think. This is why RFID technology is so succesful in convincing new companies to invest in in: it just brings profits for those who are already using it.
  31. 31. Lear more what SMART RFID can do your brand: Why RFID tags are more profitable than barcodes? Stock-taking? Only with SMART RFID Make your sales profits even bigger RFID = the profitable omnichannel program All SMART RFID profits for retail THAT’S NOT ALL
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