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SmartSimple Volunteer Management


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Published in: Technology
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SmartSimple Volunteer Management

  1. 1. GMS360º Volunteer Management
  2. 2. One platform supports all configurations Company and Platform Background • Company Background – Founded at University of Toronto in 2002 – Offices in Toronto, New York and Dublin – 50 staff across three locations SmartSimple Platform addresses the following needs: • Engage diverse and dispersed communities – cloud solution using role-based access – the system is easily shared with all stakeholders on a global basis • Manage organization specific business processes – solution is under the control of the client and supports instant process changes to reflect evolving needs • Track organization-specific information – A flexible approach to data gathering, processing and reporting provides for an authentic and complete solution • Provide high transparency around engagement – All information is tracked; all changes are reportable and reporting supported by rich reporting and charting functionality Rotary International (Global) RBC Bank (CAN) Ontario Trillium Foundation (CAN) American Express Corp (Global) Shire Canada (CAN) GSK - ViiV (CAN and EU) Chrysler (US) Kohl’s (US) United Way (Multiple in CAN) Houston Endowment (US) Spencer Foundation (US) Toronto Blue Jays (CAN) Pohlad Family Foundation (US) JDRF- Juvenile Diabetes (US) Science Foundation of Ireland (IRL) Irish Research Council (EU) Hirsch & Associates (US) Environmental Protection Agency (IRL) Genome Canada (CAN) Irish Marine Institute (EU) Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Ontario Ministry of Education Ontario Centers of Excellence Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  3. 3. Key Concept: Build the Community Workflow Processes Extendable Database VMS360° Volunteer* GMS360° Board* GMS360° Match Gifts* GMS360° Grants* GMS360° Donations* GMS360° Budgets* GMS360° Panel* Model, View Controller Architecture Community Partners Volunteer Community Reviewers Employee Community Donor Community Board Members Staff SmartSimple * Universal Tracking Applications™ People
  4. 4. Key Concept: Role-Based Portal Access Integrated Philanthropic Database Volunteer Reviewers Board Program Staff Finance Staff Community Partners
  5. 5. Key Concept: Relationship Management is Key Structure and content of profile under client control No additional cost Transactional data Unlimited contacts and associates Rich Field Set Volunteer and granting history
  6. 6. Volunteer Tracking
  7. 7. Matching Gift Tracking
  8. 8. Support programs – Technical Support • Support channels- phone, email, Community Portal • Live support from 5 am to 9 pm EST (M to F) • Phone support available in English, Spanish and French • After-hours critical system support – Upgrades • All upgrades and support included in the monthly fees – Account management – Project management
  9. 9. Interface: Applicant/Grantee Portal • Simple off-the-shelf icon based interface • Configuration Complexity: 1 (out of 10) Role based Icons
  10. 10. Interface: Staff Portal • Staff Portal for Research Grants Management • Configuration Complexity: 2 (out of 10) • Uses Arcadia Menus to System Functions Live News Panel Application List
  11. 11. Interface: Applicant Portal • Simple three step application process defined within interface • Configuration Complexity: 3 (out of 10 - custom HTML) #3 Granting Programs #1 Organization Profile #2 Contact Profile Current Applications Post Grant Survey
  12. 12. Interface: Resident Portal • To show flexibility – Resident Portal from Condominium Management Vertical • Configuration Complexity: 4 (out of 10 - custom HTML and some Scripting) Read Time Reports Custom Menu News Feed Activities
  13. 13. Interface: Individual Applicant • Objective – locked down application process • Configuration Complexity: 5 (out of 10 - custom HTML and scripting) Granting Programs listed in Left Navigation Applicant must review all tabs before starting application Profile and Language control
  14. 14. Interface – Chapter Chair • Engage Chapter Chair with News, Grant Applications and Marketing Messages • Configuration Complexity: 6 (out of 10 – HTML, custom reports) Display National, Regional and Local Results Applications to be reviewed and approved Budget and Disbursements Add News Stories! Profile and Language control Metrics Dynamic Message Panel
  15. 15. Interface: Associate Portal • Configuration Complexity: 7 (out of 10) Display National, Regional and Local Results Applications Tabbed Menu
  16. 16. Interface: Community Portal • Configuration Complexity: 7 (out of 10 - custom DHTML, Custom Scripting) Searching Features Profile Access News and Video Feeds Links to other services Top Level Menu