Project management on SharePoint by Financial suite


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Multi level project management solution on SharePoint. Ideal for claim prevention. Synchronization with MS Project, track and trace on issues , tasks and risks, multiple views on stored documents. Project Platform is easy to connect with contract management solution from the same product family.

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Project management on SharePoint by Financial suite

  1. 1. Financial suite® Project Platform on SharePoint Wouldn’t it be nice if…..
  2. 2. You would have: - Claim prevention -Track and trace on performance - Same graphs on all levels - Dashboard - Drill down from top level to project info - A SharePoint based solution - Connection with MS Project - A RACI (responsible, accountable, consult, inform) based solution
  3. 3. Dashboard indicators
  4. 4. Program performance, trends
  5. 5. Project group performance, trends
  6. 6. Project performance, trends
  7. 7. The project group level
  8. 8. Task information anytime, anywhere
  9. 9. Weekly status update by Project manager Project info # of tasks # of issues Project group # of risks Financials Program management
  10. 10. Managing tasks, issues, risks and RACI Project level Add – edit tasks Add – edit issues Add – edit risks Responsible and Accountable : each item is assigned, clear start and end dates are required Consulted, second level of responsibility Inform, weekly update
  11. 11. Connected with MS Project
  12. 12. Update in MS Project, sync with SharePoint
  13. 13. Document views easy info Or
  14. 14. Benefits of Project Platform from Financial suite® Process is Project is documented documented WIKI, videos and manuals available If you receive or issue a claim, you have the evidence Makes Life easy Process is secure Connects seamless with MS Project - resource planning - easy permissions - easy navigation SharePoint on Office365 ISAE 3402 + ISO 27001 certificates
  15. 15. Results • Fast deployment • Set up and definition within hours • Synchronization with MS project • Multi level project management • Documented
  16. 16. Proof? Our Customers! • Listed company , global company 12,000 employees, Europe • Global company presence in 20 countries, 40 subs, Europe • Local company, 11 different businesses, South America • Regional company, 7 countries, ASIA • Etc.
  17. 17. Financial suite® and Kiss Knowledge Information Structure Sandbox with SharePoint
  18. 18. Financial suite® Project Platform? Yes or no? We can help you with your decision, please visit our website on the Project Platform topic Or call André Salomons @ 0031 165512823 (C.E.T.)