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The market’s best solution to convert visitors into applicants on your own site. This cutting edge mobile recruiting solution consists of three parts: a mobile careers page, a mobile job ad, and a mobile friendly application process.

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Mobile Recruiting Solution

  1. 1. Mobile Recruiting: Get Candidates On the Move Mobile Recruiting Get Candidates on the Move By Natalia Baryshnikova
  2. 2. Candidates Are Mobile ● Mobile traffic to exceed web traffic in 2014 ● 57% of candidates are interested in applying to jobs via mobile devices ● Resume is dead and replaced by online talent profiles
  3. 3. But Companies Are Not ● Only 8% of Fortune 100 companies have mobileoptimized career sites ● No adequate mobile recruiting solution to address both enterprise and consumer needs ● No easy way to transfer value from busy candidates on the go to your business ● Did I mention that resume is dead?
  4. 4. How Do We Fix It? We need a solution that appeals to both enterprise and consumers, and that is both: ● Mobile ● Super simple
  5. 5. SmartRecruiters Mobile Recruiting: Mobile Job Ads ● All of your job ads are mobileoptimized ● They auto-adjust to mobile devices ● Mobile-optimized screening questions Free. Available now at:
  6. 6. SmartRecruiters Mobile Recruiting: Mobile Apply ● Candidates can apply from mobile devices in a few clicks ● Candidates can apply using their Facebook, LinkedIn talent profiles Free. Available now at:
  7. 7. SmartRecruiters Mobile Recruiting: Mobile Career Site ● Same link as web career site: auto-adjusts to mobile devices ● Candidates can search jobs ● Ready to be displayed to mobile users on your website Free. Available now at:
  8. 8. SmartRecruiters: The Hiring Platform Source Engage Hire
  9. 9. Where Is My Mobile Career Site, Again? Available at ● Same link as web career site: auto-adjusts to a mobile device ● All of your job ads auto-adjust to a mobile device, too ● If you don’t have a mobile-optimized career page on your site: use the link above to display mobile career page to mobile users on your website
  10. 10. Quick Summary Easy for You ● Mobile-optimized career site and job ads ● Mobile-optimized screening questions ● Pages automatically adjust for mobile devices Effortless for Candidates ● Candidates can search jobs, view job ads and apply for jobs from mobile devices ● Candidates can apply with a few clicks using LinkedIn, Facebook profiles That’s it. Now you are all set for mobile recruiting.
  11. 11. Thank you! Questions? Contact: