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You may have heard that having a blog can benefit your business, but what if no-one reads it. This helpful slide deck will explain why having a blog is important along with giving you some ideas on how to find interesting topics to write about and tips on how to get people reading it.

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Tips for your small business blog

  1. 1. Photo credit: joeldinda via photopin cc
  2. 2. You work hard on your blog. But what happens if no-one sees it? Like the saying goes, “if a tree falls in the woods and no- one is around to hear it does it actually make any noise.” This presentation aims to help you blog smarter.
  3. 3. How to ensure your small business blog makes some noise Photo credit: theparadigmshifter via photopin cc
  4. 4. Why blog? • Personalise your business • Build trust • Search engines (Google) • Social media • Traffic Photo credit: WingedWolf via photopin cc
  5. 5. Why blog? • Personalise your business –Gives your company a voice –Allows you to build a stronger relationship with your existing customers –Gives potential clients an insight into what they can expect from you
  6. 6. Why blog? • Build trust –Demonstrate your knowledge –Express your opinions –Build credibility for you and your business
  7. 7. Organic search traffic will increase over time from your blogging efforts Well written and promoted blog posts will send more traffic to your site Why blog?
  8. 8. Why blog? • Social media –Blogging gives you content to share –Enables you to build relationships –Social signals are an important factor in SEO, helping to boost your visibility
  9. 9. Why blog? • Traffic –Greater online visibility means more traffic to your website –More traffic means more leads –More leads = more customers
  10. 10. Who is your audience If you don’t have a target, how can you figure out where to aim Photo credit: via photopin cc
  11. 11. Who is your audience • Think about who you’re writing for – Existing clients – Potential customers – Industry professionals, colleagues – What jargon / terminology should you avoid • Look to create personas for your target audience – Who are they (age, job, etc.) – What are their interests (creative, sporty, travel, etc.) – How knowledgeable are they (clueless, informed, etc.)
  12. 12. What to blog about Photo credit: eschipul via photopin cc
  13. 13. What to blog about • Stuck for content ideas? • Use your customers / leads – FAQ’s and SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions) • Online research tools – Google Trends, Keyword Planner, UberSuggest – Social media sites • Your own website – Analytics and Webmaster Tools • Local or industry specific news & events
  14. 14. Where to put your content Spread your content around the web, both near and far Photo credit: Thomas Leth-Olsen via photopin cc
  15. 15. Where to put your content • Your best content is for your own blog & website • Repurpose your content – Videos on YouTube – Presentations on SlideShare (& LinkedIn) • Guest blogging • Local newspaper or magazines • Industry journals and websites
  16. 16. How to promote your blog Great content deserves great promotion Photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc
  17. 17. How to promote your blog • Make sure your content is well optimised for search • Use social media – Sharing networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc – Discovery networks: Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc • Email direct to your contacts (newsletter) • Use forums to start a discussion and get more views for your content • Add your blog URL to your email signature
  18. 18. 4 steps to smarter blogging • Target – who is your audience • Research – what content are they interested in • Location – where’s the best place to host your content • Promotion – through social media, email & more
  19. 19. Smart blogging  more traffic More traffic  more potential leads More potential leads = More Customers
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