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2018 China Smart City Ranking - Top 10 Smart Eco-Cities


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China has about 500 smart city pilot projects, the highest in the world. What makes them different? Which city is the smartest in 2018? SEC gives the answer is in this report. Smarter, Greener, Together!

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2018 China Smart City Ranking - Top 10 Smart Eco-Cities

  1. 1. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 China Top 10 Smart Eco-Cities Linkedin slideshare December 18, 2018 Beijing, China “Smarter, Greener, Together!” Christine WANG Managing Partner
  2. 2. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Green Energy Green Building Green Mobility Green Community Environment Quality Green Lifestyle Low Carbon Industry Water-Waste Management Smart Power Grid Smart Public Services Smart Education Smart Home Smart Water Smart Building Smart Mobility Smart Healthcare Smart Traffic Smart Government Singapore Tokyo Seoul Hong Kong Taipei Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Chongqing Tianjin Wuhan NEW - Dubai NEOM NEW - San Francisco NEW - Geneva Zürich Berlin 2018 SEC RANKING SEC - Smart Eco-City In 2012, SEC framework launched at the intersection of the “3E” Equity SMART ECO CITY Environment Economy Page 2 of 23
  3. 3. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING Smart City frameworks Since, SEC inspired many city frameworks around the World Page 3 of 23 Arcadis Sustainable Cities ATKearney City Ecosystem ASEAN Smart Cities Indonesia Smart Initiative Equity SMART ECO CITY Environment Economy
  4. 4. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Purpose of the China SEC ranking China's sucess factors and key differentiators Page 4 of 23 What is China doing right and what can we learn? • Examining the progress of smart cities across China and identifying common drivers across successful smart cities. • Identifying key factors which distinguish China’s smart city efforts from other countries around the globe. 2018 SEC RANKING
  5. 5. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. China urbanization challenges China is facing 6 main issues Page 5 of 23 Education Pollution Transportation Health Waste Population Education supply is severely insufficient, but on the other, waste of education resources is substantial. Air pollution is the leading threat to the health of cityzens. China is second worst in the world. The average commute time in major cities is over 30min for 15km. >75% of people in China are in sub- health conditions. China is among the top of the world in terms of municipal waste generation due to a lack of waste disposal technology. 70% of the waste is in landfills. China's population is close to 1.4 billion. 2018 SEC RANKING
  6. 6. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING China in the global smart city rankings Beijing#9, Wuxi#17, Yinchuan#18, Shanghai#19,Hangzhou#20 Page 6 of 23 27 Chinese cities were included in the 2017-2018 Top100 Global Cities Index, 5 in the Top20 Source: SEC Partners
  7. 7. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING China in the global smart city project amount China is ranked first with its ~500 smart cities projects Page 7 of 23 6 ministries and commissions of China approved 542 pilot cities from different departments and fields covering • 100% of provincial cities • 74% of prefecture-level cities • 32% of county-level cities 50 542100 North America Europe China
  8. 8. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING China's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Race China leads in AI funding and will be world leader by 2030 Page 8 of 23 CHINA’S AI PLAN Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Competitive in AI Focus on big data intelligence, autonomous intelligence systems, cross-medium intelligence, swarm intelligence, hybrid enhanced intelligence, AI foundational theories Breakthroughs AI will be applied to SMART CITY infrastructure, manufacturing, medicine, agriculture, national defence construction, AI laws and regulations, security assessment and control capabilities World leader Mainly focus on social governance, national defence construction, industrial value chain 2020 2025 2030 395 210 165 Beijing has the most AI start-ups 395 and most valuable one in the world SenseTime, $4.5B Number of start-ups China 48%US 39% Other 13% • The Chinese AI industry has grown 67% vs 2017 and produced more patents and research papers than the US, despite having access to a fifth of US’s talent pool. • China has an edge over the US on applying AI technology to specific areas such as unmanned retail and medical diagnosis. China has 14 Unicorns worth $40B
  9. 9. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING SEC Ranking methodology Two step approach overview for the ranking Page 9 of 23 Based on our China SEC chapter managers, we picked the most visible and advanced 10-20 smart city projects in each province. Step 1: We looked at 8 factors to create an Intermediate City Score: Digitalization: 4-5G, Wi-Fi hotspots and smartphone usage. Mobility: smart parking, traffic sensors and car sharing apps. Sustainability: green energy/building, air and environmental protection. Vision: leadership, planing and budget. Government: services, market access and citizen participation. Innovation: incubators, start-ups, eco-systems and investment scene. Livability: local and expat opinions on how the city is livable. Smartness: interview technologists, investors, urban planners and city officials opinions. Step 2: We grouped these 8 factors according to the 3E for the Final City Score
  10. 10. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING Step 1 - Intermediate City Score formula Each smart city projects are scored to the 8 factors and weights Page 10 of 23 Each city factor data D was ranked from highest (Dmax) to lowest value (Dmin), then we awarded a score as follows: Factor Score* = 1 + 8x(D-Dmin/Dmax-Dmin) Factor Score weights: 20% Digitalization 17% Mobility 17% Smartness 15% Sustainability 12% Livability 10% Vision 5% Governance 4% Innovation ∑Sum all 8 factor scores Intermediate City Score* = *Score is between 1-10, the higher the better
  11. 11. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING Step 2 - Final City Score formula Intermediate city scores adjusted to 3E's weight for Final Scoring Page 11 of 23 ¥ E1-Equity Social E2-Environment Support E3-Economic Development Digitalization Smartphone Penetration Internet Penetration Cable TV Penetration Sustainabilily Clean Energy/EV Incentives Smart Building Waste Disposal Environment Protection Vision Leadership Budget Urban Planning Mobility Smart Parking Sharing Services Traffic Public Transport Livability Afordability Medical care Environmental exposure Governance Citizen Participation Digitalization of Government Industries Smartness Opinion Skyscrapers Innovation Business eco-system Education SMART ECO CITY 30% 50%20%
  12. 12. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING E1 - social Equity Factor definitions Page 12 of 23 Digitalization Mobility Smartphone Penetration • Mbs, speed test • 4-5G LTE penetration • Cashless payment offer Internet Penetration • Upload/Download Mbs • Cloud platform penetration • E-commerce turnover • Fiber optic coverage • Free Wi-Fi hotspots Cable TV Penetration Smart Parking • Percentage owning cars • # of parking spaces per km2 • Parking apps and penetration Sharing Services • Fleet per Population data • Bikes per Population data Traffic:Levels of congestion Public Transport • Satisfaction percentage • Average daily volume SMART Smartness Opinion 1000 technologists and urban planners, locals and expats, were asked to rate how smart each city was in China Skyscrapers • Best Skyline ranking • Amount of buildings >100m 20% 17% 17%
  13. 13. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING E2 - Environment support definition Factors definitions Page 13 of 23 Sustainability Livability Clean Energy/EV Incentives • Percentage of Electric Vehicle ratio Smart Building • Research centers: Investment to research and development (percentage of GDP) • Efficiency of buildings: GDP per unit of energy use, number certified green buildings Waste Disposal: Percentage of waste landfilled Environment Protection • Green House Gases emission per capita • CO2 Emissions per capita adjusted to population Afordability • Average sum spent on (Fast food, Restaurant, Clothes, Rent, Transportation) • Adjusted to the GDP per capita levels • House price to income ratio Medical care • Per capita number of grade A class 3 hospitals • Coverage of basic medical insurance Environmental Exposure • Noise sound level average • Number of days with good air quality ECO 15% 12%
  14. 14. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING E3 - Economic development definition Factor definitions Page 14 of 23 Vision Governance Leadership • A clear well-defined strategy • Top notch steering committy • Performance appraisal of SEC construction Budget • Sufficient funding for projects • Percent of S&C expenditure Urban Planning • Rank according to percentage of green public areas Citizen Participation • Turnout of online tools Digitalization of Government • Digital Infrastructure Rank • Traffic of local government sites as a percentage of the population. • Online processing rate of government affairs • Disclosure rate of government information CITY Innovation Business Ecosystem • Ease of doing business • Net population inflow • Number of startups/unicorns • Number of high-tech enterprises and employees • Researchers with PhD • Number of patents per unit of GDP Education • Number of universities • Number in top 10 10% 5% 4% ¥
  15. 15. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Beijing TianjinShenyang Nanjing Chengdu Wuhan Zhenjiang Suzhou Wuxi Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Yangzhou Qingdao 2nd Tier cities Top Tier cities City Rank Shenzhen 1 9.8 Shanghai 2 9.7 Beijing 3 9.6 Hangzhou 4 9.2 Guangzhou 5 9.1 Tianjin 6 9.0 Chongqing 7 8.9 Chengdu 8 8.8 Nanjing 9 8.7 Wuhan 10 8.7 Guangzhou Zhuhai Dalian Sino bilateral collaboration Top 10 Final City Score ranking Winners are #1 Shenzhen (Top Tier) and Hangzhou (2nd Tier, #4 all) Score Winner 1 1 Chongqing 2018 SEC RANKING 8.5< 8.5-9.0 9.1-9.8 9.9Score Range: Page 15 of 23
  16. 16. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Top 10 Smart Eco-Cities focus City Focus Description Shenzhen IoT: Comprehensive platform, eco-system, Multiple PPP Shanghai Smart: ForeignMNC, cybersecurity, real-time, Google PPP Beijing Economy: State owned IoT focus, Big data, Baidu PPP Hangzhou City Brain: E-highway, bikesharing king, health, Alibaba PPP Guangzhou Transportation: sensor platform for traffic volume/flow Tianjin Living: E-government, famous TEDA smart city, Foreign PPP Chongqing IT: Sensor infra, public platform for better networking Chengdu Mobility: improve network and tourism, cloud DiDi PPP Nanjing IoT: use of govt data center, resident cards, Singapore PPP Wuhan Living: Govt-public efficient information sharing&response 2018 SEC RANKING Beijing TianjinShenyang Nanjing Chengdu Wuhan Zhenjiang Suzhou Wuxi Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Yangzhou Qingdao 2nd Tier cities Top Tier cities Guangzhou Zhuhai Dalian Sino bilateral collaboration Winner Chongqing Description of the main project in the city Page 16 of 23
  17. 17. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Top 3 Smart Eco-Cities ranking by factors Shenzhen is also the overall SEC leader accross the 3'Es Page 17 of 23 ¥ Equity Social Environment Support Economic Development Digitalization Smartphone Internet Cable TV Sustainabilily Clean Smart Waste Protection Vision Leadership Budget Planning Mobility Parking Sharing Traffic Transport Livability Afordability Medical Exposure Governance Participation Digitalization Industries Smartness Opinion Skyscrapers Innovation Eco-system Education SZ SZSZ Shenzhen Hangzhou Chengdu Shanghai Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Chengdu Shanghai Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen Beijing Shenzhen Beijing Hangzhou Shanghai Shenzhen Shenzhen Shanghai 2018 SEC RANKING Wuhan (WH), Guangzhou (GZ), Shenzhen (SZ), Shanghai (SH), Beijing (BJ), Hangzhou (HZ), Nanjing (NJ), Qingdao (QD) BJ, SH BJ, SZ SH, HZ BJ, SZ WH, GZ SH, SZ HJ, NJ QD,HZ SH, GZ SH, BJ GZ, SH SH, GZ SH, GZ GZ, SH HZ, GZ SH, SZ NJ, WH QD,HZ SH, SZ SZ, BJ GZ, SH SZ, GZ SH, GZ GZ, SZ
  18. 18. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. 2018 SEC RANKING InternetBank Construction Telecom Automotive AI LogisticTV 2018 Smart Eco-City Champion Winning Public-Private eco-system Equity Environment Economic Digitalization • Sensors in public transports, streets, energy grids and public lighting for real-time management Sustainabilily • Complete electric taxi and bus fleet • Unique identification numbers issued to 600,000 buildings and 11 million flats Vision • 3 manufacturing clusters by 2020 • National IoT Demonstration Zone • Top Foreign Direct Investments Mobility • 700 buses with facial recognition • Traffic Brain solution with video sensing, transportation big data to manage traffic flows, reduce safety accidents and eliminate hazards Livability • International talent multi-entry visas, assistance for family migration, tax relief, medical care, public education, housing, and child education benefits • Jiankangyi, healthcare platform, provide citizens with new function like WeChat payment Governance • Unified platform accross municipal institutions and all districts • Online public service resource center by facial recognition Smartness • Koubei Alibaba platform for smart shopping integrate online and offline channels with QR codes Innovation • 30 listed companies engaged in AI • 8 new AI laboratories for research • Financial and policy incentives • 5 million skilled workers, 500 council experts, 30 academicians Page 18 of 23
  19. 19. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Shenzhen leadership The hardware/AI start-up mecca in China is in Shenzhen Page 19 of 23 2018 SEC RANKING China Rank Name Valuation (B$) Shenzhen Unicorns Source: SEC Partners
  20. 20. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. China vs Europe benchmark China fast growing megacities (13 Megapolises in 2030) Page 20 of 23 Implementation Equity Environment Economy CHINA - Fast growing megacities EUROPE - Balanced innovators • Top-down approach • Large funds • 5 year plan directive • Bottom-up approach • Limited funds • Bureaucracy • Fast internet penetration • Weak non-urban infrastructure • Data driven cities • Extensive use of AI • Existing internet • Uniform infrastructure • Big data concerns • Regulations for AI • Green efficient buildings • Central fossil energy • Leading Electric Vehicle infra. • Fighting air pollution • Green efficient industries • Urban renewable energy • Emerging EV infrastructure • Fair air quality • Limited citizen participation • Government controlled PPP • No Open Data • Few broad multi-player projects • Wide citizen engagement • PPP (Public Private Partnership) • Available Open Data • City-to-city learnings and sharing ¥ 2018 SEC RANKING ¥ €
  21. 21. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Chinese vs European 3E comparison Chinese resilient entreprise vs Eureopean connected life-style Page 21 of 23 ECO Entreprise CITY SMART Resilient Characteristics • Powerful influence of the city-state as Entreprise • Important inward-migration surveillance • Big inequality of income, resources&opportunities • Large investments in infrastructure and change • Strong industry dominated economy • Little control by citizens but balanced stability CITY Life ECO SMART Connected Characteristics • Connected city with sensing • Convenience and security • High quality of life • Absence of disruption • Service industry dominated city • High expectations for service quality ¥ € 2018 SEC RANKING VS.
  22. 22. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. China's 3E success China's winning formula: inclusive, policies and rising stars Page 22 of 23 Social EQUITY ENVIRONMENT Support ECONOMIC Development PoliciesStars EV Wind Solar AI PPP Start-up 5G Air Inclusive Talent Life ¥ 2018 SEC RANKING Local champions Solid growth Connectivity for all
  23. 23. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Conclusion Two key factors that distinguish China’s smart city efforts Page 23 of 23 1) China’s city governments can pick an area on the map to create a brand-new smart city pilot. China is going forward with a top-down approach, using methods that enables the country to maintain a phenomenal growth rate. Projects starting out from scratch have proved to be highly effective. 2) China has an unique approach in its efforts to engage private sector players (PPP) in developing smart cities. Collaborations have emerged between the government and the city’s leading technology eco-system to deliver smart eco-city projects but also to create exportable technologies and applications (Huawei, BYD,...) Cities in Europe are focusing on bottom-up initiatives to improve urban planning piloted together with citizens and companies for achieving their smart ambitions. By combining Chinese-European expertise, in 2025 China's smart cities will be the global reference ! 2018 SEC RANKING
  24. 24. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. SMARTECOCITY (SEC) Join the FREE SEC network “Smarter, Greener, Together !” We are looking forward meeting you online and in person in our Cities! China Smart Cities - 中国智能绿色生态城市 LinkedIn Group Beijing Shanghai Chongqing Wuhan Shenzhen Hong Kong Singapore Tokyo Seoul Taipei SmartEcoCity (SEC) is the executive business network in China & Asia to enhance the livability, workability and sustainability of cities in Asia. We are at the intersection of internet (Smart), cleantech (Eco) and cities (City) bringing citizens together to build connections and exchange ideas, hence our motto “Smarter, Greener, Together!”.
  25. 25. © 2018 SEC. All rights reserved. Thank you! 谢谢!