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Unheard Voices SBIR Briefing Session - 2, May 2018


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Enterprise Ireland introduce the Small Business Innovation Research process.

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Unheard Voices SBIR Briefing Session - 2, May 2018

  1. 1. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Ireland Unheard Voices Briefing Session PJ Mealiff SBIR Ireland 16th May 2018
  2. 2. What is Small Business Innovation Research? A global innovative pre-commercial procurement initiative Drives innovation across Public Sector via robust engagement with technology rich companies Helps the Public Sector address challenges - Using Innovation to address ‘unmet needs’ Accelerates technology commercialisation - Providing a route to market for SME Supports the development of innovative companies - Providing a lead customer/R&D customer - Providing funding & credibility for further fund raising
  3. 3. SBIR Key Features Development contracts • Suited to SMEs as contracts are of relatively low value and operate in short timescales • 100% funded R&D – not grant! • SBIR Ireland operates under EU Pre-Commercial Procurement rules rather than state aid rules • Deliverable based rather than hours worked/costs incurred • 2 Phased process – Ph1 Technical Feasibility, Ph2 Prototyping IP rests with Supplier • Companies own IP (with certain rights of use retained by contracting authority) • Companies are encouraged to exploit IP Reporting • ‘Light touch’
  4. 4. SBIR: Ireland & Global • SBIR was created in US by Congress in 1982 • To date $43bn has been awarded by SBIR to small businesses • Other countries undertaking SBIR – Japan, Netherlands, UK (NI 2013, Wales 2013, Scotland 2015). • Trying to align with best practice globally. • Embedded in the National Action Plan for Jobs – Section Innovation • Countrywide initiative with many rural challenges underway • €2m SBIR Ireland Fund – approved additional €1m in Dec 2017 • EI co-funding model – no greater than €100k
  5. 5. Criteria for SBIR Challenges (when evaluating EOIs from Public Sector) • Potential to benefit citizens • Challenge/problem requiring improving/solving • ‘Unmet Need’ • Scope for innovation • Scope for Broader Market Potential • Value for money • Commitment to SBIR process • Sustainability
  6. 6. SBIR Ireland 2018 – Challenges Approved Public Sector Body Challenge Launch Date Dept. Public Expenditure & Reform Assisted Digital for eGovernment Services 1st May 2018 Cork City Council Enhancing Cleanliness of Cork City through Graffiti Removal 3rd April 2018 Office of Public Works Develop Intelligent Virtual Historic Dublin 18th May 2018 DLR Council & Waterford Council Bathing Water Quality Identification and Communication 26th April 2018 Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council Facilitating Connections over Internet of Things 26th April 2018 Cavan County Council Enhancing Digital Experience in Cavan Museums 26th June 2018 Clare County Council Community Driven Solution to Improve Rural Transport 26th March 2018 Fingal County Council Smart Solutions to Engage Unheard Voices in Communities 26th April 2018 Smart Dublin Sustainable Deliveries: Redesigning the Delivery of Goods in Cities 26th April 2018 Smart Dublin Sustainable Transport: Improving Mobility in the City 26th April 2018 Limerick Council Liveability Improvement and Regeneration in Georgian Quarter September 2018
  7. 7. Unheard Voices • Together with Cork City Council & Enterprise Ireland, Fingal County Council are seeking smart, low cost solutions to encourage engagement of the ‘unheard voices’ in decision-making about the future of their place. • Identify and track down the people who are silent i.e. the unheard voices • Encourage inclusivity • Appropriate dialogue methods and look for ways which people find enjoyable in order to inclusively engage. • Provide support to different communities of stakeholders
  8. 8. Thank You PJ Mealiff Email: Web: