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Smart Dublin Advisory Network - October 2016


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Smart Dublin Advisory Network meeting. This was the presentation that was held on the 12th October 2016. This was the first meeting with the Advisory Network.

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Smart Dublin Advisory Network - October 2016

  1. 1. Smart Dublin Advisory Network Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager, Dublin City Council
  2. 2. To validate Smart Dublin vision To determine priorities for Smart Dublin To identify collaborative opportunities
  3. 3. Smart City Drivers: Rapid increase in Smart Phone Penetration 87%of Irish People are online 75% own a Smartphone • Largest users of mobile internet Top users on social media Embracing new services such as:
  5. 5. The sub-$10 IoT super computers •1Ghz, Single-core CPU •512MB RAM •Mini HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports •Micro USB power • All for $5
  6. 6. BIG DATA 50 billion devices to be connected by 2020 ( CISCO) Internet of Things
  7. 7. “Internet of Things holds more ability to impact standards of living, health and safety than any other technology revolution we have seen” - Kevin Eggleston, SVP of social innovation in the IoT business unit at Hitachi.
  8. 8. “Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technologyproviders, researchers and citizens to solve city-region challenges and improve city life”
  9. 9. “We aim to position Dublin as a world leader in the development of new urban solutions, using open data, and with the city region as a test bed”
  10. 10. 1) To promote Economic development 2) Delivering greater Efficiencies 3) Better Engagement with citizens
  12. 12. “Smart City Market to be worth $400 billion by 2020” - ARUP, 2015 “Massive opportunity to improve efficiencies in our cities however value will not be generated unless executed in a joined up manner”
  13. 13. Why we need our cities to be SMART
  14. 14. City Competitiveness: Attracting talent, investment & visitors Smart Cities are a necessity for competitive cities Supporting local economic development / startups
  15. 15. Open, Connected, Engaged PLAY PROJECT LAUNCH VIDEO m/watch?v=ZD1yhTOzJNU
  16. 16. Smart Dublin success built on a collaboration model Tapping into the local ecosystem
  17. 17. Learn from best practice Cities setting the agenda with others Standards, interoperability, openness Building better cities together
  18. 18. Put Dublin on the map: Showcasing Success
  19. 19. Dublinked OPEN DATA Supporting data-driven innovation in the Dublin Region Open Data fuels the smart city Changing internal attitudes……
  20. 20.
  21. 21. USE IMAGE Smart Dublin Advisort Network
  22. 22. What would a Smart Dublin look like in 2020? What would be doing differently / or the same? What would the key metrics be? Breakout Session 1 Vision Setting
  23. 23. Challenge Setting
  24. 24. Smart Dublin is a challenge led program not technology led Workshops with over 100 operational staff…………
  25. 25. Sustainable mobility. Reduce congestion. Increase walking & cycling. Better understanding of flows Flooding / Extreme Weather: River and Pluvial. Monster Rain – flash floods etc. Better response and prediction Environment. low cost monitoring opportunities. Noise, air quality, Clean litter free streets. Energy. Smart Homes. Reducing energy footprint. Improve building performance, upgrade street lighting, district heating. Assisted Living- ageing population Sample Priority Challenges: Climate Change & Sustainability
  26. 26. Enhancing Engagement: Experimenting with services that enhance the experience / engagement / interaction with residents, workers, tourists.... Sample Priority Challenges: Better understand behaviours and respond more effectively Source: Smart Cities Centre, TCD
  27. 27. Citizen Engagement
  28. 28. Energy Efficiencies: Street Lighting
  29. 29. Rethinking street lighting and future services Source: Intellilights
  30. 30. 102 Bike Station Kiosks 600 RTPI signs 600 Smart Parking Meters Smart Bins Rethinking how we utilize city assets….
  31. 31. How do we connect systems across siloes Ensuring interoperability - Open API’s – Open Data
  32. 32. Mesh networks 5G Connectivity Plan. Understanding the options • What ‘s your connectivity plan for your city? • Are you ready for the urban IOT revolution? • Licensed meets unlicensed spectrum Street assets • traffic lights • street lights • real time bus signs • City buildings / assets • City fiber / ducting Maximizing use of city infrastructure to leverage a smart city
  33. 33. Connectivity Security Data storage System integration Device hardware Application development New business models & new ways of working (across siloes) "And however worthy it is, an initiative that benefits many departments but is to be paid for by only one will often fall by the wayside", Léan Doody, Arup. How to finance these new solutions •Managing the risk (technology) •PPP’s •Revenue Shares Complexity of IOT solutions --- security, data privacy…
  34. 34. Expectations of enhanced service delivery/ less resources Real opportunity to rethink how we manage cities…. The city as a service ....adopting the latest technologies How to manage change and ensure staff buy-in…………
  35. 35. • What do you think are the priority challenges? • What should our priorities be? • Break it up by themes Session 2: Challenge Setting & Prioritization
  36. 36. Opportunities for Smart Dublin
  37. 37. Transforming the way cities solve problems… Citymart transforms the way cities solve problems by connecting them with new ideas through open challenges to entrepreneurs and citizens. #citiesshare alliance Identify Problems Design Challenges Build Innovation Capacity Connect with Entrepreneurs we help cities…
  38. 38. This is what a USD 1,5M tender can look like.
  39. 39. Open.
  40. 40. Open.Engage.
  41. 41. >> BCN Open Challenge Procurement in numbers 55,000 Citizens and entrepreneurs accessed RFP 119 bids submitted 12 new businesses created by citizens First RFP with mass communications 9 months from challenge to contract 30% lower cost at higher quality
  42. 42. >> Citymart what we are doing. Barcelona •Social inclusion •Tourism •Urban Management New Orleans •Digital inclusion •Resilience New York City •Culture Change •Digital inclusion •Social equity Lagos •Digital inclusion •Housing •Energy San Francisco •Open Government •Open Infrastructure Oakland •Social Cohesion Rio de Janeiro •Digital Inclusion Eindhoven •Problem-solving •Culture change Long Beach •Local economic development Detroit •Problem-solving method •Open challenges Government of Chile •Equitable health •Culture change Philadelphia •Unused city assets •Pedestrian Safety •Storm water mgmt.
  43. 43. New Approaches: Small Business Innovation Research
  44. 44. New Approaches: Use of Technical Dialogue: Smart Bin Pilot. Dublin is calling out for pilots to test smart bin technologies – see etenders to register an interest (march 14th 2016)
  45. 45. TEST THE FUTURE IN DUBLIN The Big Opportunity for Smart Dublin
  46. 46. Open calls for pilots, demonstrators •Access to expertise •Access to City Infrastructure •Other benefits in kind Small Cell Technology
  47. 47. Experimental Flood Monitoring IOT platform Current flood mgmt set up is across multiple systems •Rainfall Gauges •Weather Stations •Tidal information •Water Telemetry • Experimenting with low cost sensing Require one view in real time that enables better decision making Unexpected Capital for the Internet #Dublin leapfrogging the competition in race to be top #smartcity via @NatGeo (October 2014)
  48. 48. Partners: USE CASES Flood Management Pitch Monitoring Victory Cheer RESEARCH PROJECTS Fan Experience Abnormal Crowd Behaviour Croke Park Proof of Concept
  49. 49. Dublin docklands as a leading international ‘smart district’ for the testing and showcase of new ‘smart city’ technologies and communications networks. Google are facilitating a Docklands IOT working group.
  50. 50. SIGFOX: Ireland Network Completed in 18 months
  51. 51. • How can we support Smart Dublin in reaching its potential and building out the collaborations? • One Big Idea/ Opportunity for Dublin? Session 3
  52. 52. • Dublin as a lead city for a Smart Lighthouse Horizon 2020 proposal • Pre Commercial Procurement Innovation Programme (SBIR) • Innovation Partnerships (EI and IDA) • SFI targeted projects (similar to CONNECT) • New approach to procurement Example: Opportunities for Smart Dublin
  53. 53. Open calls through Smart Better optimize transport and mobility Improved environment and public realm Improve energy efficiency and rethink public lighting Better data management and information sharing Communicate and engage with citizens and business Better flooding and emergency response Connectivity Pilots – Small Cells, Wi-Fi, IOT, BLE
  54. 54. Smart Dublin Website
  55. 55. Open, Connected, Engaged