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Last Mile Delivery SBIR Briefing Session- Belfast, May 2018


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Last Mile Delivery SBIR briefing Session- Belfast, May 2018

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Last Mile Delivery SBIR Briefing Session- Belfast, May 2018

  1. 1. Seamus Leheny Policy Manager Freight Association NI
  2. 2. “optimise freight and cargo deliveries in a way that is acceptable for businesses and better for citizens and the environment.” Dublin City Centre Transport Study 2016
  3. 3. • Reduced traffic • Walking, cycling • Public transport • Air quality • Congestion • €350m per year
  4. 4. Cities of the Future
  5. 5. SBIR Problem Statement • Enhance efficiency & effectiveness of deliveries • Reduce number of goods vehicles • Improve air quality • Noise pollution • Road safety • Minimise financial impact to businesses
  6. 6. City Ambitions Baseline Information Satisfaction with current delivery Future proofing Challenge Considerations
  7. 7. Growing Hospitality Sector Kerbside Space Consolidation Safety Considerations
  8. 8. Partnering for Success Stimulate the market Better Manage Deliveries New Insights Business Models Collaboration potential Maximise existing infrastructure
  9. 9. Some Metrics of Success Reduction in vehicle trips/vehicles Increase modal share of cycle/foot deliveries Reduction in emissions Reduction in miles travelled  Innovation of smart grid Safer city centre streets