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SMART DevNet: The Elevator Pitch


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A brief on the SMART Developer Network in one easy gulp. As of July 21, 2012. First presented at the HTML5 DevDay Davao event.

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SMART DevNet: The Elevator Pitch

  1. 1. SMART  DevNet:  The  Elevator  Pitch   Jim  Ayson  /  07.21.2012   Partner  Management   Page  1  
  2. 2. Contents  •  What  is  SMART   DevNet  and  why  are   we  doing  this?    •  Where  to  find  us  •  Join  our  network!  •  Coming  AIracJons   Download  this  presentaJon  at   Partner  Management   Page  2  
  3. 3. Why  DevNet?  Partner  Management   Page  3  
  4. 4. DevNet:  Official  defini?on  •  The  SMART  Developer  Network  (also  known  as   SMART  DevNet)  is  SMART  CommunicaJons   developer  community  program,  targeted  at   developers  on  desktop  and  mobile  plaTorms   interested  in  using  SMARTs  technology  plaTorms   such  as  network  tools  and  APIs  and  interested  in   business  opportuniJes  with  SMART.   Partner  Management   Page  4  
  5. 5. SMART  DevNet  Objec?ves  •  We  promote  general  awareness  of   mobile  apps  development  and   "technopreneurship”    •  We  want  to  be  a  catalyst  for  fostering  a   vibrant  developer  community  in  the   Philippines  by  organizing  our  own   developer  events  as  well  as  sponsoring   other  developer  groups  events  and   meetups.  We  believe  a  good  local   developer  community  is  an  integral  part   of  a  healthy  tech  ecosystem.  •  Our  Events:  Conferences,  meetups,   hackathons,  online  events   Partner  Management   Page  5  
  6. 6. Sponsorships   •  Got  a  tech  org  and   need  a  sponsorship   for  your  event?   Contact  us!     Partner  Management   Page  6  
  7. 7. Where  to  Find  Us  •  Web:  •  Facebook:  •  Google+:  •  TwiQer:  @smartdevnet  •  Email:   Partner  Management   Join  us!   Page  7  
  8. 8. Partner  Management   Page  8  
  9. 9. Partner  Management   Page  9  
  10. 10. Partner  Management   Page  10  
  11. 11. And  one  more  thing  Partner  Management   Page  11  
  12. 12. Coming  Soon:  SMART  DevNet  Swag*  *Stuff  We  All  Get   Partner  Management   Page  12  
  13. 13. Partner  Management   Page  13  
  14. 14. Thanks!  You  can  download  this  presenta?on  at   Partner  Management   Page  14