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Readysaster Hack - Opening Remarks


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Welcome remarks to the Readysaster Hack - held at SaDoce, Smart Tower, May 10, 2014

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Readysaster Hack - Opening Remarks

  1. 1. Welcome  to  the  Readysaster  Hack!   Welcome  Remarks  by  Jim  Ayson   Readysaster  Hackathon:  Hack  for  Resilience   05.10.2014  /  SaDoce,  SMART  Tower  
  2. 2. Who  am  I  and  what  is  SMART  DevNet?   Jim  Ayson     Senior  Manager,  Partner  Management  &  Developer  RelaOons   SMART  CommunicaOons     Get  in  touch!   TwiSer/Instagram:  @jimayson   Facebook:   Email:      
  3. 3. SMART  DevNet:  Who  we  are   •  SMART  Developer  Network    (aka  SMART  DevNet)  is  our  developer  relaOons   program,  created  to  build  a  developer  community,  establish  Smart  as  a  part  of   the  local  apps/developer  ecosystem,  promote  Smart  technologies  and  APIs  to  the   developer  community.   •  We’re  fairly  new  in  the  PH  tech  scene,  established  in  June  2012.  
  4. 4. More  Events  from  SMART  DevNet!   •  More  developer  events  and   hackathonsm  such  as:   •  AngelHack  Manila  Spring   2014,  July  26-­‐27   •  The  biggest  hackathon  in   the  Philippines!   •  Another  AngelHack  in   another  Philippine  city   •  Stay  tuned….  
  5. 5. Join  us!   •  Facebook  group:   –   •  Twi+er:   – @smartdevnet   •  Web:   – hSp://  
  6. 6. Some  of  our  recent  events  
  7. 7. AngelHack  Davao  
  8. 8. #Hack2Help  
  9. 9. Volunteers  from  DevCon  Davao  
  10. 10. AngelHack  Manila   The  biggest  hackathon,  250  developers  competed  
  11. 11. Open  Data  Hack   …  apps  from  Philippine  Government  big  data  released  under  Open  Data  principles      
  12. 12. The  hack  was  also  known  as  #KabantayNgBayan  Hackathon  
  13. 13. IRRI  “Bigas2Hack”  
  14. 14. Hardware  Hacks  at  Bigas2Hack  
  15. 15. We  are  happy  to  support  Readysaster!   for  3  main  reasons…  
  16. 16. We  support  the  idea  of  Hackathons   as  a  catalyst  for  innovaOon.    
  17. 17. We  support  the  principles  of  Open   Data  for  making  government  data   more  accessible  to  ciOzens.  
  18. 18. We  support  the  idea  of  Hackathons  to  get   technologists  to  develop  soluOons  for  disaster   preparedness  and  relief  efforts.   #Hack2Help  
  19. 19. #Hack2Help   Building  tech  soluOons  for  crisis  relief  
  20. 20. How  can  the  developer   community  help?   Crisis  in  the  Philippines  
  21. 21. Don’t  just  pack  relief  goods…  build  systems!  
  22. 22. Some  efforts  we’ve  seen  
  23. 23. Tudlo  –  this  emerged  from  a  Smart  hackathon  
  24. 24. Thank  you  and  good  luck  with  this  hack!