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Hackers Guidelines for AngelHack Manil 2014


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Vital information to help you get thru the most awaited hackathon event in the Philippines

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Hackers Guidelines for AngelHack Manil 2014

  1. 1. JULY 26-27, 2014 A_SPACE_MANILA 110 Legazpi Street
  2. 2. RULES 1. Fresh Code We all start coding at the same time. This is done to keep things fair. Please don’t come in and build on top of previous projects if you want to win. It’s cool to wok on designs beforehand, digital mockups, open source frameworks, and anything else available to everyone, but try to keep things within just limits. 2. Code Review Winning teams will be subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately before winning. 3. Ownership and IP Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish. 4. Team Size Teams of up to 3-5 humans are allowed. You can also add 1 cyborg, Furby, drone, or Sphero. 5. Submissions Each hackathon has it’s individual page, which projects should be submitted on. Submission time is normally 1pm Sunday unless stated otherwise. 6. DEMO your Hack You must demo your hack in order to present. No slide-decks or power-points will be allowed. Don’t be scared if you didn’t finish… it is okay long as you tried your best. 7. Have fun It’s a hackathon! Use whatever languages or hacks you have in your arsenal. Show us hardware. Show us new concepts. Show us anything you’d like.
  3. 3. CHECKLIST • Participants are required to register at and join AngelHack Manila 2014 • Laptop and charger • Power strip/ Extension cords • Internet Dongles/Pocket Wifi (in case of technical difficulties) • Your comfy coding/hacking clothes • Blanket and a pillow and at least jackets/sweaters. • Tumbler – for your liquid intake • Bring some toiletries and change of clothes if you plan to stay overnight • Sleeping bag (if you plan to sleep in the venue) • HACKATHON SPIRIT 
  4. 4. CRITERIA FOR JUDGING ROUND 01 Criterion Weight (%) Creativity 25 Impact 25 Design 25 Simplicity 25 Total 100 *The Criteria above are based on*
  5. 5. CRITERIA FOR JUDGING ROUND 02 Criterion Weight Details Impact (40%) Output is of value and has potential for long-term utility of target users. Innovation (20%) Output is a unique and breakthrough idea that pushes beyond the problem to be solved. Creativity (15%) Output shows remarkable and clean overall design that engages intended users User interface is efficient, easy and friendly to users User experience is laudable, with ease of use as top priority Execution (25%) Output demonstrates noteworthy implementation of technical facilities
  6. 6. Program Flow Day 01 Day 01 7/26/2014 Time Duration Activity Speaker Notes 8:00 AM 90 minutes Breakfast & Networking n/a By this time the doors are open for hackers & guests 9:30 AM 20 minutes Opening Remarks Jim Ayson Welcome Hackers 9:50 AM 20 minutes Keynote Talk Dave McClure Hacker to Founder 10:10 AM 20 minutes AngelHack101 Paul Pajo Mechanics / Prizes / Houserules 10:30 AM Sponsors Pitches 12:00 PM Lunch & Networking 1:00 PM HACKATHON TIME!!!! 3:00 PM 30minutes BREAKOUT SESSION CHIKKA 4:00 PM 30minutes BREAKOUT SESSION Blackberry 5:00 PM 30minutes BREAKOUT SESSION Voyager
  7. 7. Program Flow Day 02 Day 02 7/27/2014 Time Duration Activity 8:00 AM 90 minutes Breakfast & Networking 12:00 PM 60 minutes Lunch & Networking 1:00 PM END OF HACKATHON 2:00 PM 150 minutes 1st round of Judging 3:30 PM 30 minutes Deliberation & Announcement of the TOP 12 4:00 PM 60 minutes 2nd Round of Judging 5:00 PM 60 minutes DELIBERATE WHO IS THE ANGELHACK WINNER FOR 2014 6:00 PM 15 minutes Announce the WINNERS & SPECIAL AWARDS!!!
  8. 8. Judging Flow/Details ROUND 01 Elimination round (3minutes/team) START Time 2PM A Alistair Israel Acaleph Ann Jacobe Youphoric Jasper Heyden FoodPanda B Luis Buenaventura Satoshi Citadel Industries Mario Berta EasyTaxi Unyx Sta Ana Orchestrack C Calen Legaspi Orange & Bronze Maui Millan PinoyTravel Laurence Cua Uber ROUND 02 Magic 12 (5minutes/team) START Time 4PM Bowei Gai World Startup Report Chito Bustamante Chikka Earl Valencia IdeaSpacePH Alfred Lo Voyager Innovations Inc. Matt Morrison ASpace Manila Ron Hose CoinsPH Jay Yao Betur
  9. 9. AngelHack Manila 2014 Sponsor Challenges BitPay Challenge Blackberry Challenge Chikka SMS API Challenge Voyager BreakOut Challenge
  10. 10. Grand Prize Hackcelerator Travel Package c/o Chikka -1 Roundtrip Ticket to Silicon Valley Technology Package c/o Microsoft -3 Nokia Lumia 925 -1 Software inclusions worth $10,000 -2 Azure Cloud Hosting for 3 years Chikka Special Prize -10,000.00php worth of Chikka SMS API Credits Special SPINNR PH Music Package -5 (1) Year Subscription to SpinnrPH Technology Package c/o Opera -3 Nexus 7 Tablets Voyager Technology Package -12,000.00php worth of Tackthis Credits Technology Package c/o Nokia Here Maps -2 Nokia Lumia Phones -1 GARMIN Sports watch
  12. 12. Community Partners