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AngelHack Manila 2013 Event Flow


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AngelHack Manila 2013 Event Flow - The schedule, sponsors, judges, prizes of AngelHack Manila

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AngelHack Manila 2013 Event Flow

  1. 1. Event  Flow  June  8-­‐9,  2013  /  12F  &  Penthouse,    Anson’s  Building,  ADB  Ave,  OrCgas  Center  
  2. 2. Download  this!  Download  this  presentaCon  and  the  detailed  AngelHack  Manila  schedule  (including  judging  details)  from  our  SMART  DevNet  blog  at      h.p://  
  3. 3. PROGRAM  FLOW:  June  08,  Saturday  Time   Event  9:00  am   RegistraCon  with  Breakfast  10:00  am   Opening  Remarks,  Sponsor  Pitches  12:00  pm     LUNCH  1:00  pm     The  HACK  Begins!  7:00  pm     DINNER  7:00  pm  and  up  HACK  Goes  on  and  on  through  the  night  9:00  pm     Free  Massage!  10:00  pm     Games!  12:00  am     Midnight  AcCviCes  with  Beer,  Redbull,  and  Pizza  
  4. 4. PROGRAM  FLOW:  June  09,  Sunday  Time   Event  8:00  am   Pinoy  Breakfast,  Hack  conCnues  12:00  pm     LUNCH  1:00  pm     HACK  ENDS!  1:00  pm     Submit  All  Projects  2:00  pm     Round  One  Pitches  4:00  pm     Round  Two  Pitches  6:00  pm     Awarding  8:00  pm     It’s  a  Wrap!!  
  5. 5. Social  Media  •  We  encourage  parCcipants  to  use  social  media  at  AngelHack  to  document  the  event!    •  Please  post  on  Twiber,  Facebook,  Instagram,  Vine,  Google+  
  6. 6. Official  Event  Hashtags  #AngelHackMNL  #AngelHack  
  7. 7. Important  URLs!  hbp://Hackathon.IO  
  8. 8. hbp://  
  9. 9. RULES.  Master  Them  Before  You  Break  Them.  
  10. 10. RULES  FRESH  CODE  We  all  start  coding  at  the  same  Cme.  Prior  to  this  Cme  you  may  work  on  your  design,  logo,  wireframes,  idea  validaCon,  digital  mockups,  you  name  it.  But  no  coding  can  be  done  beforehand.  This  allows  you  to  spend  your  Cme  at  AngelHack  doing  what  you  love  best  —  HACKING!  1
  11. 11. RULES  IT’S  OKAY  TO  HACK!    Feel  free  to  use  any  tools,  tricks,  gems,  shortcuts,  or  workarounds  you’ve  discovered  over  the  years  to  help  you  build  quicker.  Use  any  framework,  hosCng  service,  etc.  2
  12. 12. RULES  OWNERSHIP  AND  IP    Teams  have  full  ownership  of  everything  they  build  at  our  events  and  are  free  to  do  whatever  with  it  as  they  wish.  3
  13. 13. RULES  TEAM  SIZE    Teams  of  up  to  2  to  5  humans  are  allowed.  Please  register  teams  and  your  members  at  HACKATHON.IO  under  “AngelHack  Manila”  4
  14. 14. RULES  SUBMISSIONS    Each  hack  must  have  a  unique  HACKATHON  IO  page  and  all  teams  must  submit  their  project  by  1:00PM  on  Sunday.    5
  15. 15. RULES  HAVE  FUN!    It’s  a  hackathon!  Use  whatever  languages  or  hacks  you  have  in  your  arsenal.  Show  us  hardware.  Show  us  new  concepts.  Show  us  anything  you’d  like  (well,  almost  anything).  6
  16. 16. SHIRTS  for  EVERYONE!  
  17. 17. Breakfast!   Lunch!   Dinner!  Midnight  Snacks!  
  18. 18. Beers  Cll  12MN.  No  minors   Energy  Drinks  Cll  2AM!  
  19. 19. Our  DisCnguished  Judges  &  Code  Reviewers!  •  Greg  Gopman  •  Josh  ConsCne  •  Alvin  Gendrano  •  Frederic  Levy  •  Jay  Yao  •  Floyd  Piedad  •  Winston  Dimarillo  •  Ralph  Wunsch  •  Jiazi  Xu  •  Beryl  Lee  •  Ann  Jacobe  •  JR  Contreras  •  Adrich  Scheuders  •  Marthy  Cuan  •  Miguel  Paraz  
  20. 20. Prizes!  Over  P2M  worth  of  prizes!  Including:  •  Grant  prize  for  Silicon  Valley  trip  for  two  founders  of  the  winning  team  •  IncorporaCon  grant  from  IdeaSpace  •  Investments  from  Asia  Pacific  Ventures      
  21. 21. More  Prizes!  Plus!  Prizes  from:    •  SMART  (SMART  LTE  Prepaid  iPad  Manila)    •  Microsoq  BizSpark    •  BB  DevAlpha  credits    •  iTrain  (iOS  Training)  •  Amazon  Web  Services    •  Google  Apps  Engine  credits  from  Google  Developers  Group  
  23. 23. LOCAL  PARTNERS  
  24. 24. LOCAL  PARTNERS  Special  Thanks  To:  SOFT  MICRO  ENTERPRISES  
  25. 25. Here’s  Greg!