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20 phnet beyond


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20 phnet beyond

  1. 1. Who  am  I?  J   Jim  Ayson   SMART  Partner  Management   SMART  Developer  Network   SPINNR  Indie   @jimayson    
  2. 2. What  are  we  celebraFng  today?  
  3. 3. The  20th  Anniversary  of  the  Philippine   Internet!  
  4. 4. On  March  29,  1994  -­‐  the  Philippines   directly  connected  to  the  Internet  for   the  first  Fme.  
  5. 5. The  educaFonal  network  Philnet   connected  to  Sprintlink  in  California.       This  connected  Philippine   universiFes  to  the  Internet,   aTer  which  commercial  ISPs   started  operaFng,  allowing   the  public  to  signup  for  Dialup   accounts.  
  6. 6. First  UniversiFes  connected…   Ateneo  de  Manila,  University  of  the  Philppines  (Diliman,  Los   Banos,  Manila,  De  La  Salle  University,  St  Louis  University  (Baguio),   University  of  San  Carlos  (Cebu),  Xavier  University  (Cagayan  de   Oro),  etc.    
  7. 7. The  connecFon   spawned  the   birth  of  today’s   Philippine   Digital   Economy.  
  8. 8. First  Internet  Service  Providers     (the  first  Internet  startups!  1994-­‐1996)   MosCom,  iPhil,  PhilOnline,  I-­‐Manila,  Portalic,  Sequel,   Cybernet  Live!,  etc.  
  9. 9. The  First  Dotcoms  and  tech  startups   Hatch  Asia  in  Fort  Bonifacio  –  one  of  the  early  tech  incubators  
  10. 10. The  First  Philippine  Websites  
  11. 11. And  today  we  have  
  12. 12. Mobile  Internet     (2G,  3G,  HSPA,  4G  LTE)  
  13. 13. Connected  Mobile  Devices   (from  Nokia  S60  and  Blackberry  to  iOS  and  Android)    
  14. 14. Apps  
  15. 15. A  healthy  developer/startup   ecosystem  
  16. 16. All  these  started  at   a  fast  pace  aTer   March  29,  1994.  
  17. 17. What’s  NEXT?    
  18. 18. Many  predicFons,  here’s  my  favorite:   The  “Internet  of  Things”  becomes  the  “Internet  of  Me”.   Wearable  Tech,  the  QuanFfied  Self,  the  connected  car,  billions  of   connected  devices…  requires  iPv6  
  19. 19. And  now  a  special  guest  to   say  a  few  words…..    
  20. 20. Vinton  Cerf  -­‐  Chief  Internet  Evangelist  of  Google  and  the  “Father  of  the  Internet”    
  21. 21. Thank  you  and  have  a  great  day!