Semantics at Work: Uses and Benefits of Smart Content


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Presentation by Richard Stanton at Smart Content: The Content Analytics Conference, October 19, 2010,

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  • (Newspaper comment) Everyone is creating and storing content, we are inundated with data and have become addicted to content.
  • From Enterprise Content Management to Health Records to Analytics to the Classifieds, there is a lot to make sense of and every day it grows exponentially.
  • And our delivery methods are more pervasive and some would say invasive.
  • The new challenge is making sense of it all, deriving true value, and delivering it to the end user, be it a researcher, a general web user, or law enforcement and military working in the field, context drives good decisions and semantics provides a piece of the solution.
  • In order to do that we have some challenges….Example of Context, both icons, both associated with virginity for different reasons, both famous, but could not be more different.
  • So why is Madonna so important in this example…From Bing to Google to enterprise software, applications are currently taking advantage of such rich data relationships.
  • Let me be clear, this is not always so simple…Jargon and nomenclature…”Sick”…//Ralph went to the nurse. Man that boy is sick. // Ralph did an awesome skate trick. Man that boy is sick
  • I like to say there are five check points for determining if your application is taking real advantage of semantics. These five points working in concert can bring your content and data to life through the richness of their relationships.
  • Semantics at Work: Uses and Benefits of Smart Content

    1. 1. Semantics at Work Uses and Benefits of Smart Content
    2. 2. Content Interaction is Constant
    3. 3. Some Content is Less Obvious
    4. 4. Delivered in New Ways
    5. 5. But is Content King?
    6. 6. Context is King!
    7. 7. Madonna
    8. 8. Uses and Benefits • Focus is on delivery and analysis of content to make more informed decisions • Trending topics take a pulse but their relationships provide smarter content • Search engines will provide more accurate results in less time • Data relationships already yield better insights to those searching for a cure • The intelligence community will be more proficient at threat analysis • GPS devices will be informative as well as utilitarian
    9. 9. Use of Language Holds the Key
    10. 10. The Five Check Points • Recognize • Extract • Derive context • Derive meaning • Determine value through a feedback loop
    11. 11. Thank You @RichardStanton