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Adrian Slatcher a SCE 2012


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Adrian Slatcher a SCE 2012

  1. 1. Intervento di Adrian Slatcher Al convegno [co.05] Meet the cities: i progetti delle più importanti città europee verso una human smart city / Meet the cities: the human-oriented projects of the most important European citiesdi Martedì, 30 ottobre 2012 Consulta il programma di SCE2012
  2. 2. Manchester City Council UK Key words: Wifi, Environment, IoT, Participation Public Wifi and Smart Sensors Networking the city through innovation and people more on: also the logos/names of the main institutions involved in the project...
  3. 3. The Context Oxford Road – congested thoroughfare for students,workers, residents – but also the city’s “knowledge corridor” - howto make it smarter!
  4. 4. Click on the icon below to insert one or more images showing the project... Problem What are the starting concept, strategies, what are the development in- progress, the results achieved?The Problem Driving economic growth in the city – but causingcongestion and pollution. How do we take the city’s knowledgeassets and get them to help us become a smarter city?
  5. 5. Click here to insert one or more images showing the Strategy of the projectThe Strategy From fast broadband (FTTP) to Public Wifi - tosmart environment sensors – to engaged citizens.
  6. 6. The Solution Fast public wi-fi to key locations – businessincubators, arts venues, public squares
  7. 7. Reflections• Bottom-up broadband: need IP to make any of this work• Respond to need rather – as there are many stakeholders in the city – and good to partner with ones who will do something with it• We can’t control the outcomes – but shouldn’t want to – but we’ve raised expectations and problems with delivering the sensor network have caused difficulties about the city’s ability to deliver• Engage with citizens –hackers, citizen scientists