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Call of Duty Black Ops Review - Multiplayer


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Who loves Call of Duty? Call of Duty Black Ops is not only real with fiction, its just AMAZING. The
graphics, the gameplay, its an all around great game. Learn to dominate the game.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Review - Multiplayer

  1. 1. ==== ====Click the link bellow to learn how to dominate COD and crush the competition ====Call of Duty: Black OpsInformationGenre: FPS Max.Online Players: 18Leaderboards: YesPrivate Games: YesSummary18 and over onlyTake as much time as you want to verify scores - or save a copy of the replayLevelling up features 14 maps (before DLC and updates)Can change look, camo, weapon layout, perks, killstreaks for online battleMapsArraySnow covered landscape. Good for snipers and long range firefights Size: LargeCrackedStreets of Vietnam. Close engagements in and out of war-torn buildings Size: LargeCrisisHidden missile facility in Cuba. Intense indoor and outdoor battles Size: MediumFiring RangeMilitary practice facility. Hectic domination games Size: Small
  2. 2. GridSoviet intelligence station. Fantastic headquarters matches Size: MediumHanoiFight in the infamous prison camp. Fierce Capture the Flag matches Size: MediumHavanaCuban City. An abundance of tactical street fights Size: MediumJungleGreat vertical gameplay along a river valley in Vietnam Size: LargeLaunchBattle at the launch pad of this cosmodrome. Perfect for any game mode Size: MediumNuketownNuclear testing grounds. Lots of fast paced action Size: SmallRadiationUranium processing plant. Excellent objective gameplay Size: MediumSummitResearch facility on a snowy mountain. Fight from all angles Size: MediumVillaCuban estate. Good corridors for long range firefights Size: MediumWMDAbondoned Soviet base. Perfect for team games Size: LargeModesTeam DeathmatchFree for allSearch and Destroy
  3. 3. DominationHeadquatersDemolitionCapture the FlagSabotageHardcore Team DeathmatchHardcore Free for allHardcore Search and DestroyKillstreaksSpy Plane. Kills required: 3 Shows enemies on the mini-map. Can be shot downRC-XD. Kills required: 3 Remote control car strapped with explosivesCounter-Spy Plane. Kills required: 4 Temporarily disables enemy mini-mapSAM Turret. Kills required: 4 Airdrop a placeable SAM turret that destroys aircraftCare Package. Kills required: 5 Airdrop a random killstreak or ammo crateNapalm Strike. Kills required: 5 Airstrike that covers an area in napalmSentry Gun. Kills required: 6 Airdrop a placeable Sentry GunMortar Team. Kills required: 6 Target three locations to bombard with Mortar StrikesAttack helicopter. Kills required: 7 Call in a support helicopterValkyrie Rockets. Kills required: 7 Launcher with remote controlled rocketsBlackbird. Kills required: 8 Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map. Cannot beshot downRolling Thunder. Kills required: 8 Carpet bombing airstrikeChopper Gunner. Kills required: 9 Be the gunner of an attack helicopterAttack dogs. Kills required: 11 Attack dogs that hunt the enemy down
  4. 4. Gunship Kills. required: 11 Pilot an attack helicopterPositives and NegativesPositivesStunning visualsTheater mode allows you to look back over previous online matches and edit footage (like Halo),as well as uploading your own COD videos for other people to see and downloading others videosCan practice with different skilled bots in a mock up multiplayer environmentGood array of options overallTons of weapons - over 30 primary weapons with various attachmentsPerks that give you enhanced abilitiesCan change the perks allocated to your character - some ensure greater durability to explosions,others greater ability to hear footsteps and movement. These are amongst other perksCan customise character - camo, lookDiverse maps - from the frenetic melee of residential Nuketown to the lush openness of JungleFair number of maps - 14 as standardLevelling up as normalMore stats than you can shake a stick atLots of diverse rewards for consecutive killsCan select the rewards for killstreaks - you can even set the attack dogs on people!Can penetrate some walls and cover by adding Hardened Pro option as a perk - penetratingsome surfaces makes the game more realisticCan mute annoying playersLength of online matches is just about rightThere will always be someone online wanting to playYou simply will play never tire of playing this game onlineNegatives
  5. 5. Not quite as many game modes and permutations as Halo ReachSound effects could be better. Doesnt sound as good as Medal of HonorNo customisable maps like Halo ReachSome maps can be too big for the amount of players in it (especially with the minimum amount ofplayers) - like WMD, Jungle. 4 players on these maps in free for all is not that greatNuketown map can be great fun, but respawns can be annoyingSome disconnections experiencedKillstreaks can be worthless on some mapsSecond chance pro perk enables people who would otherwise have been dead to keep shootingon the floor as a last stand - this can be really annoying.==== ====Click the link bellow to learn how to dominate COD and crush the competition ====