Top 4 Test Automation Challenges


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Implementing test automation into a development workflow is a daunting task, especially during development. It is important to know how to tackle integration before implementation and to be transparent for the whole process. Automated testing tools provide enormous ROI in terms of product liability and piece of mind for development teams.

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Top 4 Test Automation Challenges

  1. 1. Top 4 TestAutomationChallenges
  2. 2. It’s not alwayssmooth sailing.
  3. 3. So many companies aredoing test automation, you’dthink it would be simple…But there are challenges withincorporating test automationinto your organization.
  4. 4. Here are four of the topproblems faced bydevelopment teams.
  5. 5. Communication1.Talk is cheap!
  6. 6. So why is talk so hard?
  7. 7. Automated tests are aninvestment and, as withany investment, theyneed to be planned anddiscussed as a team.
  8. 8. Test scripts are also code.---------------------Review test cases, scriptsand results with allstakeholders.
  9. 9. Team transparencyFind issues earlyKeep team on same pageKeep current with changing requirementsUniversal naming of objects for app codeand test codeBenefits of Reviewing Test Scripts
  10. 10. Validation2.Passing can alsobe failing.
  11. 11. Wait, thatmakes nosense! Did I hitmy head?Nope.
  12. 12. Validation is complicated becauseyour tests can lie to you. Justbecause test runs are passingdoesn’t mean anything unless thetest is maintained properly.------------------------------Maintenance is an ongoing job withevery build, iteration and release.
  13. 13. Tests should be dynamic.Create newtest cases andupdate oldtests for eachsprint.
  14. 14. A more secure and reliable productLower risk to usersMaintain company credibilityDetection of serious software flawsBenefits of Test Validation
  15. 15. Training3.Know your stuff!
  16. 16. It’s easy to learn the basic aspects ofa tool, but its difficult to master atool in all its glory.------------------------The most difficult aspects of a testautomation tool are usually the mostpowerful aspects.
  17. 17. Train yourself and your people toavoid a hack job.Group trainings of tools will keepyour whole team on the same pagewith a universal knowledge.
  18. 18. Confidence in test casesIncreased testing velocityBe deemed an expertBenefits of Training
  19. 19. Completion4.It’s not over till it’s over!
  20. 20. Knowing when you have completed atest script is tricky business becausemaintenance will still be necessaryregardless.----------------A completed test script is a scriptthat can be used over and over againwith minimal touch.
  21. 21. A test script is completedwhen it leaves the tester’shands.Test the test script withnegative input to ensure100% accuracy.
  22. 22. Test scripts that can be recycledSame tests can be used between environmentsSave time laterLow touch to future maintenanceBenefits of Completing a Test
  23. 23. The challenges of test automationare not easily conquered.------------------…But with a little perseverance and withthe help of all your team the ROI will beapparent.
  24. 24. Finally…Understand your tools, staytransparent with all stakeholdersand know when a test script needsto be updated.It’s easier said than done, but wellworth the effort!
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