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How Spotify Does Test Automation - Kristian Karl


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Kristian Karl's (@kristiankarl) presentation from MeetUI 2013, SoapUI's first user conference, in Stockholm, Sweden. Kristian is a test manager at Spotify.

Published in: Technology, Education
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How Spotify Does Test Automation - Kristian Karl

  1. 1. May 24, 2013How Spotify Does Test AutomationKristian Karl
  2. 2. The 20 minutes agenda• Separation of Test Design and Implementation• Automation of Mobiles, Desktop and WebClients• Handling of Test Data and Test Results.• Demos
  3. 3. API TestsIntegration TestsComponent TestsSystem TestsUnit TestsPerformance TestsGUI Tests
  4. 4. Separation of Test Designand Implementation
  5. 5. TestAutomationTestImplementationTest DesignAbstractionLayer
  6. 6. Model-based testing• Models are the abstraction layer inthe test automation.• QA uses models to design the tests.• Devs implements the codeexecuting the tests.
  7. 7. Login dialog’What’s New’Login using validcredentialsClient notrunningStart clientLog outCloseExitLogin using invalidcredentialsToggle’Remember me’Start client
  8. 8. public interface SimpleLogin {public void e_Close();public void e_Exit();public void e_Init();public void e_InvalidCredentials();public void e_Logout();public void e_StartClient();public void e_ToggleRememberMe();public void e_ValidPremiumCredentials();public void v_ClientNotRunning();public void v_LoginPrompted();public void v_WhatsNew();}
  9. 9. Automation of Mobiles,Desktop and Web Clients
  10. 10. • yEd – Editing graphml models []• GraphWalker – Generating test sequences online/offline[]• python-graphwalker – Generating test sequences[]• Sikuli – Image recognition (desktop) []• Selenium – Web testing []• NuRemote – In-process testing (iOS) []• TestNG – Unit test framework []• Jenkins – Schedules and launches tests 24/7 []• VirtualBox – Virtualization []
  11. 11. Handling of Test Data andTest Results.
  12. 12. Done! Demo! Q&A!Spotify is hiring: