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Application of RFID in Industrial Automation


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Better accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed in this technology. Yes, if you compare RFID with previous security and surveillance technologies, the former scores in many aspects. But this does not mean undermining the earlier technologies. With passing time, newer and more innovative technologies have been introduced and it is all about implementing the newest to our advantage.

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Application of RFID in Industrial Automation

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  2. 2. RFID in Industrial Segment What revolutionized the security segment in recent times is RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. It emerged, grew, and prospered fast unlike other technological inventions in the security industry. Gone were the days of bar codes and passive tags! It is not only inventory control and security that RFID enables in industrial automation, this technology being used in schools and other home / commercial segments, has also influenced aggressively the security aspect of our everyday life.
  3. 3. Popularity of the use of RFID in myriad industries • Monitors and tracks assets / documents / information in offices and other commercial properties • Facilitates enhanced supply-chain efficiency by monitoring and tracking product containers on transit worldwide • Tracks parts related to detailed auto manufacturing work in progress • When RFID is integrated with temperature and chemical sensors in the chemical processing industry, sensing of radiation, door status, temperature, humidity, door status (open or closed), vibration, motion, etc. becomes easy
  4. 4. • Tracks time-temperature of cold chain products such as frozen foods • Enables data logging in addition to reading, writing and protecting user data, especially related to cold chain monitoring • In the pharmacy industry, RFID monitors and records time-temperature history of drugs right from manufacturing to availability in shelves of shops • In schools, RFID tags enable auto attendance besides monitoring and tracking of students in the campus and while on the move in school vehicles.
  5. 5. • The list of applications of RFID goes on. It is only the tip of the iceberg that we are witnessing; use of RFID has only just started. With innovation and development raging in every industry segment, RFID is no exception. No sooner shall we witness more innovations of RFID to our advantage!
  6. 6. How can RFID technology bring a difference to your commercial establishment? Contact a reliable one-stop Industrial Automation solutions provider for the right advice and implementation