Integrated marketing 2014


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Techniques, tools and examples of integrated marketing to apply in 2014.

Presented as a webinar by Dave Chaffey at the Smart Insights Digital Marketing summit.

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  • Marketing a new aspect of business,very well organized work done, all the information available is great and useful.

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  • The three core areas of investment in marketing for 2014 are likely to continue to be Mobile and Content Marketing and Big Data. I would like to think that Conversion Rate Optimisation and Marketing Automation would increase in investment since these are about process and improving performance, so can potentially offer lower risk returns than other activities.
  • In 2013 we reviewed top level trends which was useful, but if we repeated the poll at this level today, for 2014 we would get similar results.
  • In 2013 we reviewed top level trends which was useful, but if we repeated the poll at this level today, for 2014 we would get similar results.
  • Everything that is wrong with digital marketing in many, but not all businesses.
  • For an Event:What? Scope of event? Why is it better than others?Who?Who are the speakers?/ExhibitorsWhen? Date, registrationHow? Will I benefit – Value PropositionWhat’s next? How do I register?How will this site/event help me with my career?How will this site/event help me with my job?
  • Boxes in Orange relate to Lead Scores and triggers – this is basic and looking at total score rather than specific behaviour – the starting point for most people if they don’t have the ability to segment based on specific browsing behaviour (i.e. no WOW).
  • Boxes in Orange relate to Lead Scores and triggers – this is basic and looking at total score rather than specific behaviour – the starting point for most people if they don’t have the ability to segment based on specific browsing behaviour (i.e. no WOW).
  • Integrated marketing 2014

    1. 1. Digital marketing Trends 2014 Dave Chaffey Editor Integrating digital marketing will be a key challenge for many organisations in 2014. This webinar explains different techniques and gives examples of how to create more customer-centred campaigns and experiences. Digital Marketing Priorities 2014 Brought to you by: #PlanToSucceed
    2. 2. 22 Digital trends for 2014 see: 2 @DaveChaffey
    3. 3. 3 @DaveChaffey
    4. 4. Source: Forrester 4 @DaveChaffey
    5. 5. 5 @DaveChaffey
    6. 6. Initial results from our Managing Digital Marketing 2014 survey 6 @DaveChaffey
    7. 7. Aims of this webinar NOT digital channel tools…    but channel INTEGRATION Including:    Integration tools and techniques Examples of integration Please ask questions throughout, we’ll discuss them at the end 7 @DaveChaffey
    8. 8. Audience use of digital and social media > Personas Commercial goals > Customer engagement > OVP > Marketing Mix Branded Content Marketing Strategy Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Integrated Digital platform tactics and tools OVP = Online Value Proposition = Brand Adding Value to Audience  Help me do my job / live my life  Help me develop / learn  Help Make me look good  Help Entertain Me!  Help me Select and Use Products MAKE YOUR SITES A DESTINATION Integration Trend 1. Putting Content Marketing at the Heart of Digital 8 @DaveChaffey
    9. 9. Integration Trend 2: “Epic, Viral, Nuclear” content “Content marketing is a marketing and business process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”. Joe Pulizzi 9 @DaveChaffey
    10. 10. Vote: How do you rate your content marketing? 10 @DaveChaffey
    11. 11. Integration Trend 3: Developing a content marketing strategy Specific responsibilities for: Content marketing +/- SEO +/ Social media marketing +/- Email marketing 11 @DaveChaffey
    12. 12.  ACT Integration Trend 3: Developing a content marketing strategy 12 @DaveChaffey
    13. 13. Integration 4: Integrated content calendars Also need themes: Monthly and/or Weekly Source: Velocity Partners 13 @DaveChaffey
    14. 14. Content marketing review tool 14 @DaveChaffey
    15. 15. Build in reasons to share + add 15 @DaveChaffey
    16. 16. 16 @DaveChaffey
    17. 17. Integration 5: Deeper persona insight 17 @DaveChaffey
    18. 18. Integration 6: Understanding, prioritising and optimising omnichannel journeys Source: Boston Consulting Group 18 @DaveChaffey
    19. 19. Persona Technique Mental : Content model mapping What is this thing? • Is it a web service? • How different from desktop software? What can I do with it? Do I need this ? • Anything new? • How does it work? • Why upgrade? • What can I do that’s new? What else do I need? Convince me! • System requirement s • Who is it for? • Who is using it? (People like me?) • Can I try it? Reassure me! OK what’s it gonna cost? • Can I revert? • Are my personal details and data safe • How does it compare? • How can I save? • Do I pay more for subscription ? • Product visuals • Offers/deals • Features and benefits list or matrix. FAQ. Compare? • Demo / trial • +System rqmts • Bonus addons For an Event: • Demo or trial Functional questions: • What? Scope of event? Why is it better than others? • Case studies • When? Date, registration • How? Will I benefit – Value Proposition • Testimonials What’s next? How do I register? • Value questions: • Who? Who are the speakers?/Exhibitors • How will this site/event help me with my career? • How will this site/event help me with my job? • Security info • Guarantee 19 @DaveChaffey
    20. 20. Mental / content model mapping. A simpler retail example from a presentation on customer-centric retail by Richard Sedley and Amanda Squires now of Seren 20 @DaveChaffey
    21. 21. Personalisation based on context 21 @DaveChaffey
    22. 22. Integration isn’t easy… Michael Wiegand’s Mobile User Experience Hell & Toys”R”Us 22 @DaveChaffey
    23. 23. Integration 7 – Selecting the best mix?  REACH 23 @DaveChaffey
    24. 24.  REACH Q. Which media work best for you? 24 @DaveChaffey
    25. 25. Investment (resource needed)  REACH AdWords Facebook custom audiences Sponsored Tweets Influencer PR FBX Retargeting LinkedIn Promoted Posts Media related PR Facebook Promoted Posts AdWords Remarketing Social amplification Instagram Integrated engagement campaigns Vertical niche campaigns Blog marketing SEO Effectiveness (potential sales volume) Which paid, owned, earned media should we target? 25 @DaveChaffey
    26. 26. Watching the fastest growing… FBX Retargeting Email publisher audience targeting 26 @DaveChaffey
    27. 27. Trend 8. Marketing Automation integrating IP, web + email scoring Source: WOW Analytics 27 @DaveChaffey
    28. 28. MA Lead scoring flow Source: WOW Analytics 28 @DaveChaffey
    29. 29. Integration trend 9: Cross channel MA and Personalisation i.e. Email, Web Social 29 @DaveChaffey
    30. 30. Integration Trend 10: Simplifying experience and brand messages 30 @DaveChaffey
    31. 31. Integration Trend 11 Bespoke, immersive mobile experiences 31 @DaveChaffey
    32. 32. W3C “One-web” alternatives Approach Advantages Disadvantages Responsive Web Design (RWD) CSS Media Queries Single template modify presentation for all devices for device resolution gives speed and cost benefits. SEO? Bigger page weight Compromises experience for higher resolutions? Client-side Adaptive Javascript on the user’s device loads different templates based on device resolution • Complete Maintenance of rebuild of CSS additional code not needed • Only resources needed loaded • Experience customised for devices Server-side Adaptive Dynamic serving of styles based on device detection. Smaller mobile pages than other approaches Multiple templates must @DaveChaffey 32 be maintained
    33. 33. 33 @DaveChaffey
    34. 34. Integration trend 12: / VOTE Integrating different insight sources Source: Google Analytics vs Universal Analytics 34 @DaveChaffey
    35. 35. ACTION OPPORTUNITY STRATEGY 35 @DaveChaffey
    36. 36. Which levers do pull when they’re changing? 36 @DaveChaffey
    37. 37. To get the best results, Digital Strategy requires you to work both on Efficiency and Effectiveness factors  Efficiency:   “Doing the thing right” Always-on operations and optimisation  Effectiveness: “Doing the right thing”   Strategic actions that drive Reach, Conversion and Engagement 37 @DaveChaffey 37
    38. 38. Efficiency and Effectiveness for the RACE framework RACE factors Efficiency – “Hygiene factors” Effectiveness – “Performance drivers” Reach • • • On-page SEO, IA AdWords account optimisation Affiliate/ Display campaign optimisation • • • • Content marketing : Persona / journey targeting Customer journey optimisation • Information Architecture Accessibility – multi-device support Blog / Content hub optimisation Convert • • CRO: Page-level experiments Analytics quality • • Online proposition quality: Marketing mix Content marketing: Online merchandising Engage • Content marketing: Primary content Social media optimisation Email Delivery, Rendering, Timing • • • • Content marketing: Nuclear content Social media community engagement Customer satisfaction and loyalty drivers Email marketing targeting and touch policy Act • • • • • • Online targeting quality Content marketing 1: Content/editorial quality Content marketing 2: Campaign plan quality Content marketing 3: Outreach/ partnering quality 38 @DaveChaffey
    39. 39. Integration Trend 13: Integrated planning Source: Dan Bosomworth, Hierarchy of plans 39 @DaveChaffey
    40. 40. Integration Trend 14: Marketers move from T-Shaped to V-Shaped 40 @DaveChaffey
    41. 41. About Actionable Marketing Advice Recommended channel hub page: 41 @DaveChaffey
    42. 42. Thank you for listening and participating! Questions & discussion welcome  Blog  Feeds ghts  Email Newsletter 42 @DaveChaffey