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2017 SEO updates webinar - Smart insights and Matt Janaway


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Our round-up of the latest techniques and best practices

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2017 SEO updates webinar - Smart insights and Matt Janaway

  1. 1. Free Webinar: SEO Updates 2017 We’ll be discussing some often-overlooked ways to optimise your website. These tips include repurposing content using new keyword data, ideas for creative link building and tips on targeting new long tail keywords
  2. 2. Smart Insights resources to help your SEO
  3. 3. Plus check our Quick Win guide + template
  4. 4. What works for us… cutting through on the SERPS
  5. 5. What works for us… cutting through on the SERPS
  6. 6. Write long-form for multiple queries (B2B)
  7. 7. Check search console for what works and build on
  8. 8. Check the Mozcast SERPs features
  9. 9. Check the Mozcast SERPs features
  10. 10. About me Matt Janaway CEO Marketing Labs Matt is the CEO of Marketing Labs. He started his career journey during the mid-2000’s internet retailing boom by developing 10+ eCommerce stores. • 14+ years of SEO experience • Specialising in eCommerce growth • Developed sophisticated link-building process • Prominent SEO influencer
  11. 11. Agenda oRecent algorithm changes oCreative link building techniques oUsing keyword data to repurpose website content
  12. 12. Recent algorithm changes
  13. 13. Recent algorithm changes In reality, most of these changes have very little impact on search results and rankings. However, here are two of the latest algorithm updates you need to act on: o Fred o Intrusive Interstitial Google update their algorithm all the time
  14. 14. Fred algorithm update With: o Low quality or recycled content o Low quality pages o Excessive adverts on the page o Obvious affiliate outbound links o Unnatural link profile Targets low quality websites
  15. 15. Intrusive interstitial algorithm update o Easy to close o Minimal UX impact o Folds above content, instead of over o Only takes up a small proportion of screen Example of non-intrusive pop-up
  16. 16. Creative link building techniques
  17. 17. Tactics you might not have considered In 2017, link building still remains one of the most important search engine ranking factors. Quality and relevancy is more important than ever. o Links from your own network o Controversial content Forget the hype. Link building is not dead!
  18. 18. Building links using your own business network Link types: o Testimonials o Case studies o Product suppliers o Business awards o Local partners o Service providers Utilise your existing relationships
  19. 19. Create controversial content Think about the following: o Write content that is against the grain o Annoy a group of people o Try to be funny (carefully) o Backup your content with research/data o Write about the “White Elephants” Interesting content attracts links
  20. 20. Controversial content example
  21. 21. Using keyword data to repurpose your website content
  22. 22. How to improve your content for search Don’t forget about your old content. Use your data to find long tail keywords receiving impressions and adjust your content accordingly. o Search console data o How to best implement changes Use data to boost rankings
  23. 23. Using Search Console data How to: 1. Log into search console 2. Click ‘search traffic’ 3. Click ‘search analytics’ 4. Tick ‘impressions’ 5. Change date range to 12 months 6. Find unexpected queries 7. Check your SERP for the query 8. Fine-tune the page! Analyse impressions to find opportunities
  24. 24. Here’s an example of our data
  25. 25. How to fine-tune using your new data o Check search terms for cannibalisation o Add a new title & paragraph for the keyword/phrase o Add an image with descriptive ALT text o Can it fit into the page title? o Utilise old pages for internal links o Remember to track the search position Search queries with few clicks but high impressions offer untapped SEO opportunities & creates ‘freshness’
  26. 26. The results?
  27. 27. Summary 1. Google update their algorithms daily 2. Work on your low quality pages 3. Limit UX disruptions (test, test, test!) 4. Utilise your own network for links 5. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain 6. Forget about keyword tools, you have all the data you need to improve rankings. 7. Remember the value of your older content If you need expert help growing your business, visit: Call to action Smart Insights Link or recommended guide
  28. 28. Thank you for listening Any Questions?