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Smart insights on covid 19 crisis


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Insights and recommendations on how brands can face the COVID-19 crisis through programmatic levers

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Smart insights on covid 19 crisis

  1. 1. Covid-19 Impact on Programmatic Buyings Insights, Benchmarks and Recommended Tactics
  2. 2. Introduction Covid-19 is strongly impacting global markets. Some Advertising budgets have been cut, postponed or reallocated Brands are reviewing their digital strategies for Q2 and Q3 in order to: ○ Protect their sustainability ○ Adapt their messaging to short-term consumer needs ○ Take into account new media consumption behaviors ○ Ensure Brand-safety is maintained
  3. 3. Combining third party studies and our own insights, Smart underlines 5 trends around marketing efforts during covid-19 1. Maintain overall digital presence 2. Avoid reliance on short-term performance 3. Adapt strategy and messaging to better answer new consumer needs 4. Find safe places to deliver 5. Get ready to engage new audiences
  4. 4. Since February, countries are progressively adopting quarantine measures that led to an explosion of online traffic. The traffic growth has been huge on sites and apps (+45% recorded at Smart -details on next slide) 1. Maintain overall digital presence Even during a crisis, brands can continue to engage their audiences According to IAS study of consumers’ perceptions concerning coronavirus content, when seeing an ad in a coronavirus related content, 78% of respondents report that their sentiment toward the brand remains unchanged.¹ ¹IAS study, Coronavirus Ad Adjacency, A consumer Study, March 2020
  5. 5. Traffic increased with disparities on pages about Smart traffic 2nd half of March 2020 vs 1st half +45% of auctions available on Smart RTB+ inventory + Some publishers are being more flexible with advertiser blocking rules, for example, some are now allowing Gaming advertisements News Food & Drinks Hobbies Sport Culture Focus on Mobile web +50% Mobile in-app +60% CTV/Set-up-box +83% Traffic decreased on pages about
  6. 6. ‘...depressed ad prices may make long-term brand-building more attractive to marketers. And if a demand shock is sustained, brands may look to build long-term positive feelings during a period in which consumers cannot buy their products or services’² ‘[...]businesses should be preparing now to turbocharge their investments in marketing and promotion. All companies will be fighting to restore their balance sheets, and that will be the moment to make a serious impact in terms of market share by fully optimizing both marketing and pricing.’¹ 2. Avoid reliance on short-term performance (1/2) ¹ Getting the Price Right to Strengthen Your Business in a Time of Crisis, Amadeus Petzke, Boston Consulting Group ² Looking Back at the Great Recession, as the World Faces a Coronavirus Pandemic - emarketer Mar20 Branding to strengthen post-crisis business
  7. 7. 2. Avoid reliance on short-term performance (2/2) Branding is key to ensure long-term engagement with consumers + remain Top-of-Mind More easily reach your target because of: - less competition on Demand - increased Supply What’s actionable through programmatic? - Branding formats such as Video and Rich Media formats (eg. Sublime new formats co-branded with Brut) - Branding KPIs, through high completion rate targeting, available through PMPs at Smart - Branding sales channel: Programmatic Guaranteed
  8. 8. Branding campaign example - Ikea¹ ¹IKEA vous intime de profiter de votre maison, La Réclame, March 2020
  9. 9. Programmatic advertising enables media buyers to test and implement several tactics with flexibility in order to optimize the impact of each campaign 3. Adapt strategy and messaging to better answer new consumer needs (1/2) According to the IAB study Coronavirus Ad Spend Impact: Buy-side, Mar 27th More than a third (35%) of advertisers are adjusting their in-market tactics and are increasing: Audience targeting +38% OTT/CTV device targeting +35%
  10. 10. Google search data¹ reveals 5 behaviors: ● Assembling critical information ● Discovering connections ● Praising everyday heroes ● Adjusting to changes in their routines ● Taking care of themselves and other ‘In the Future, The Focus Of Brand Positioning Will Be On The Question: How Can We Create Value For Our Community?’² 3. Adapt strategy and messaging to better answer new consumer needs (2/2) Adapt messaging: time to change? ¹Google search data reveals how brands can help during the coronavirus pandemic, Tara Walpert Levy/April 2020/Search,Consumer Insights ²How To Adjust Your Brand Strategy In The Time Of Coronavirus, Forbes, Mar 30th
  11. 11. 4. Find a safe place to deliver Control the context to ensure message relevancy Rely on traditional media, which are more trusted Safe editorial content remains key Use semantic contextual targeting power to target or exclude specific verticals With semantic data in real-time you ensure the accuracy of the delivery without decreasing the potential reach. Avoid Fake News environments to maintain trust
  12. 12. 4. Find a safe place to deliver - Smart’s Semantic offering Covid-19 Food and Drink All Segments are available to targeting or exclusion Home & Garden Family & Parenting Sport Smart’s proprietary natural language processing algorithm (NLP) uses artificial intelligence to analyze the true meaning of our publishers’ content, in real-time. Combine the power of Semantic Contextual with PMPs efficiency with Deal+ Semantic Contextual packages 1 deal ID to access cross-publisher inventory on one specific context + Easy + Immediate + Scalable Available through major DSPs Available for international campaigns and many more
  13. 13. 4. Find a safe place to deliver - Focus on News websites Traffic on News website is significantly increasing During the lockdown in EU, Comscore reported between +53% and +63% traffic increase on News websites The 4As¹ in calling advertisers to not block all news publishers by default and better ensure brand-safety suitability using other criteria. David Cohen, President of the IAB who ‘ask[s] all brands, agencies, ad verification firms, and other companies in the digital advertising supply chain not to block the news’² They continue to advertise on Premium News websites at Smart: ● Food ● Telecom ● Home / Decoration ● Software and platforms ● Clothing ● Jewellery ● Computers & electronics ● Insurance ¹The American Association of Advertising Agencies, which control more than 85% of total U.S. advertising spend ²Brands can save American lives during the coronavirus crisis by running ads next to news coverage of the pandemic, David Cohen, Business Insider, Mar 20
  14. 14. 5. Get ready to engage new audiences For e-businesses ‘Some are also opening up new channels of communication and preparing to welcome whole new audiences.’ ‘The digital commerce acceleration will force business to revisit and even reimagine their digital strategy in the interest of capturing new marketplace opportunities and fair share of new digital customer segments.’¹ ‘Miss Fresh, an online retailer in China, claims it has experienced a 237% increase in users aged 40 and older since the outbreak began’¹ Adjust your audience targeting plan: Target unmatched cookies Address new data segments ¹Channel Shift: Prioritizing Digital Commerce Navigating the human and business impact of COVID-19, Accenture, Mar 2020
  15. 15. Our Team is there to help. Feel free to ask us! Take care.