7 things about advertising for mobile and tablet


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7 things about advertising for mobile and tablet

  1. 1. Smart AdServer is the 1st IAB certified mobile ad server
  2. 2. The mobile & tabletaudience is bigger than youthink
  3. 3. For the first time in history..… Smartphones sales pass PC sales* ! Sources: various Gartner reports, 2009 – 2011 http://www.gartner.com * New shipments
  4. 4. Key success factors for this market growth: Devices x Content x Connexion Manufacturers innovate with new attractive smartphone capabilities. Advanced OS Interactive devices ….. Publishers create specificcontent for deliveryon mobile devices. Operators extend & improve Content, their network apps, infrastructure. mobile sites… Wifi, 3G, 4G….
  5. 5. The mobile advertisingmarket is (already) here!
  6. 6. Mobile advertising revenue by region Worldwide, 2010-2015 (millions of dollars) Mobile ad sales to hit $3.3 billion this year, $20.6 billion forecast in 2015(Millions of dollars)Source: Gartner (several reports)
  7. 7. A multi-device world: Smartphone stats iOS has been the favourite OS of advertisers but it might be changing as Android sales are risingSource: Smart AdServer Source: Gartner (June 2011)
  8. 8. Make it simple!
  9. 9. Mobile ad serving one-stop shopSmart Smart SmartCampaign Management Inventory Management TargetingSmart Smart SmartCreatives & Rich Media Statistics & Reporting Mobile Apps SDK
  10. 10. Campaign management:a 3-step workflow Please click on the image to start the video Video’s link : http://bit.ly/MobileRichMedia3steps
  11. 11. Be creative!
  12. 12. From standard ad formats… Banner Interstitial Expandable
  13. 13. …to innovative ad formats Interstitial HTML5 Toaster 100% customizable BounceAccelerometer based X Web-view transparency Travel format (interactive video)
  14. 14. Serve your ad to the right person,at the right moment,in the right place
  15. 15. Targeting is key !The different carriers and the various handsetsmust be taken into account. Target by : OS ISP Key values Manufacturer / Model Country / City Screen size and more…. Connexion type
  16. 16. Mobile ad serving one-stop shopTargeting capabilities sample: Target 3 Target 1 Target 2 Target 4 Target : USA Product line 4 Product line 1 Product line 2 Product line 3
  17. 17. Reliable forecasting!Yes, it’s possible ;-)
  18. 18. Manage your mobile inventoryin real timeMedia planning optimisationInventory pre-booking and bookingReal time Management of Advertisers SOVDetailed view on fill rates
  19. 19. Real-time statistics & reporting Real-time campaign monitoring & Campaign optimization (impressions & clicks), Targeting by OS... See results immediately:Reporting templates areavailable to view campaign /page impressions / CTR, orcustomize your own report.
  20. 20. Extend revenue from premiumto remnant
  21. 21. Monetize your unsold inventory Through one interface, publishers can access various remnant ad networks and manage their monetization. Over 20 international backfill providers have already partnered with Smart AdServer...
  22. 22. Smart AdServer is the 1st mobile ad servercertified by IAB. www.smartadserver.com