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IT is from flatland, business is from spaceland (itSMF Oslo, Mar 2012)


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IT is from flatland, business is from spaceland (itSMF Oslo, Mar 2012)

  1. 1. Avslutter!
  2. 2. Speaker’s challenge! Avslutter!#itSMF2012@marksmalley
  3. 3. Androids AnonymousCan you stop the habit?!
  4. 4. IT Paradigmologistmarksmalley @
  5. 5. Norway
  6. 6. Engelsk - NorskEngelsk: AwesomeNorsk: Ærefrykt inspirerende Like over gjennomsnittet muligens
  7. 7. When in Norway1. Avoid small talk about private matters2. Be quiet and don‟t interrupt3. Be rational rather than emotional4. Think twice before you speak5. Utter only your most firm beliefs, and only when there is a considered intention6. What you say will be remembered for ages7. If you say something stupid or „wrong‟ it will be proof of your stupidity and general incompetence and can be used against you in future encounters
  8. 8. Respektere Janteloven1. Du skal ikke tro at du er noe2. Du skal ikke tro at du er like så meget som oss3. Du skal ikke tro du er klokere enn oss4. Du skal ikke innbille deg du er bedre enn oss5. Du skal ikke tro du vet mere enn oss6. Du skal ikke tro du er mere enn oss7. Du skal ikke tro at du duger til noe8. Du skal ikke le av oss9. Du skal ikke tro at noen bryr seg om deg10. Du skal ikke tro at du kan lære oss noe
  9. 9. Norwegian silence
  10. 10. IT Paradigmology
  11. 11. Big IT PictureIT UserOrg Org Info Syst
  12. 12. IT Tsunami’s IT ParadigmClouds SocialLean IT User MobileAgile Org Org AppsOffshore BYOABC Games InfoOutside-in Democracy Syst
  13. 13. Prague Spring 1968
  14. 14. Arab Spring 2011
  15. 15. IT Spring – Occupy IT
  16. 16. Smalley is revolting
  17. 17. Service Level Disarmament
  18. 18. IT Service ManagerCaught between a Rock and a Hard Place
  19. 19. Business IT relationshipIT UserOrg Org Info Syst
  20. 20. What do IT people think about Business people?• Don‟t know what they want• Are always changing their minds• Make unreasonable demands• Won‟t take responsibility for decisions• Don‟t use the system properly• Can‟t think strategically• Blame us for everything• Don‟t trust us• Don‟t understand us
  21. 21. What do Business people think about IT people?Board research Robina Chatham• How important do you believe IT is to the future of your business? – 94% - EXCEEDINGLY• How highly do you rate your own IT function? – 46% - NOT VERY HIGHLY – 32% - THEY ARE OK AT THE TECHNICAL STUFF• Is your most senior IT person considered to be a member of the "inner sanctum"? – 98% - NO Source:
  22. 22. These guys are weird! ITBusiness
  23. 23. Business Value“Alignment “@#$%!” Business Benefitsof Purpose” Better New functionality business ? Current ITIL Quicker TTM business Revenue ? Profit ITSM Initiatives Fewer/shorter Business SD Tool Cost outages operations More SaaS flexible ? More … IT productive ? Cheaper IT Benefits „Benefits Logic‟
  24. 24. Re-invent ITSM and pre-empt Occupy IT ● Business is more demanding and IT savvy ● Suppliers are encroaching into the ITSM space ● ITSM has to move up the value chain from supplier mode to business partner mode ● ITSM needs to develop business knowledge and empathy, collaboration, acquisition skills“Sanser” ● Business and IT must find a way to engage and align at all levels ● BISL helps formalize this engagement, which has been a top issue for more than 10 years
  25. 25. Thinking out of the IT box IT User Org Org Info Syst
  26. 26. Recognized by priSM Consultancy & Training BiSL Framework Independent certification I-organization strategy cluster Information strategy cluster Strategic Establish Establish supplier info. chain technological management developments developments Infor-Strategy Strategic user I-organization mation Information Information relationship strategy coor- lifecycle portfolio management dination management management Strategic Establish info. partner bus. process management developments Management Planning and Financial Demand Contract resource management management management management Change- management Specify Design non- End user Business data information automated support management Operations requirements info. systems Operational Prepare Review supplier transition and testing management Transition management Use management cluster Functionality management cluster
  27. 27. BiSL compliments ITIL etc IT User Org Org Info Syst
  28. 28. ITIL ® V3 & BiSL (white papers) or ITIL & BiSLISO 20000 & BiSL
  29. 29. Business IT relationshipIT UserOrg Org Info Syst
  30. 30. How do you…?
  31. 31. How do you…?
  32. 32. How do you…?
  33. 33. How do you…?
  34. 34. Different planets SQ or EQ? SQ EQ SQ EQ Stuart Wray Ads by Smalley „SQ Minus EQ can Predict Programming Aptitude‟
  35. 35. Different planetsThe N Word
  36. 36. Different planets
  37. 37. Different planets
  38. 38. Different planets John Gray Ads by Smalley „Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus‟
  39. 39. Different planets Fix it or Talk about it? Fawlty Towers Ads by Smalley „The Wedding Party‟
  40. 40. Different planets Technical Men want m to fix things with thingsThe IT Skeptic Ads by Smalley 
  41. 41. Men don‟t do empathy43
  42. 42. When women hear about the symptoms of Asperger44
  43. 43. they wonder whether their husbands have it45
  44. 44. Change Management46
  45. 45. Men marry Womenwith the hope they will never change47
  46. 46. Inevitably, they are both disappointed Albert Einstein Ads by Smalley „Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper‟ 48
  47. 47. 49
  48. 48. Different planets Men‟s brains, Women‟s brains Mark Gungor Ads by Smalley „Men‟s brains, womens‟s brains‟
  49. 49. “We can‟t help Businesswomen men and and IT to speak the same language, but we can teach them to understand both” Pat Heim Ads by Smalley „Row Boat Cartoon‟, 51
  50. 50. Business versus IT52
  51. 51. IT = logicStar Trek Ads by Smalley „Mr Spock Illogically Illogical‟
  52. 52. Perfect systems for Digitalan imperfect world analog
  53. 53. “Business knows no logic”Balasubramaniyan S.M. Ads by Smalley 55
  54. 54. Religion Politics Money ApplicationPresentation Transport Session Network Data link Physical
  55. 55. Flatland or Spaceland? William Arntz, Betsy Chasse,Mark Vicente Ads by Smalley „What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole‟ 58Quantum visits Flatland Dr
  56. 56. “IT people andbusiness people …
  57. 57. … live in different worlds …
  58. 58. … and need tobridge the gap”
  59. 59. Q>A
  60. 60. Life just ain‟t Fair
  61. 61. Business IT
  62. 62. Business Rules IT
  63. 63. Business IT
  64. 64. TakeTheTimeToTalk
  65. 65. Recap
  66. 66. Please keep in touch! marksmalley @ LinkedIn marksmalley @ Twitter Free downloads Newsletter