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,المسجد الأقصى
,المسجد الاقصى وقبة الصخرة
,من الذي بنى المسجد الاقصى
,المسجد الاقصى من الداخل
,ما اسم الجبل المقام عليه المسجد الاقصى

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  1. 1. Masjid AL-AQSA You HAVE to KNOW
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Al-Aqsa Mosque
  4. 4. Dome of the Rock
  5. 5. Media does not show the image of Al-Aqsa Mosque. It shows the image of Dome of the Rock. Why? Why? Why?
  6. 6. ‫األقصى‬ ‫المسجد‬ ‫قبة‬ ‫مسجد‬ ‫الصخرة‬
  7. 7. The main reason for that is the Zionist Conspiracy to erase from the memory of Muslims worldwide, the true picture of Mosque Al-Aqsa. Many Muslims and Non-Muslims publish the incorrect picture of Mosque Al-Aqsa out of ignorance.
  8. 8. Al Aqsa Boundary
  9. 9. What is worse than this is that many Muslims today, display the picture of the Dome of the Rock in their homes and offices, as it were Mosque Al-Aqsa. The real tragedy is that generations of Muslim children (as well as many adults) around the world, are unable to differentiate between Mosque Al-Aqsa and The Dome of the Rock.
  10. 10. Night View Al Aqsa Mosque Dome of the rock
  11. 11. What do you think is going to happen if Mosque Al-Aqsa is destroyed and removed from the present landscape. Obviously, you might not expect much, since everyone will see the Dome of the Rock still standing, unharmed. People will incorrectly believe that nothing has changed and that something else was destroyed. What are you going to do NOW? It is our duty now to make simplify this misunderstanding, especially for our children because they are the future. We have to transfer out this responsibility even we have to demonstrate as well as scream on the street ways. We have must assist people to know the truth.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. See the direction of offering salah
  14. 14. Now this information FORWARD to others, so they come to know the TRUTH
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  17. 17. ‫خيرا‬ ُ‫هللا‬ ‫جزاك‬