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Small Cell Deployment Stories - How small cells are bringing value to operators and enterprises today

Small Cell Forum MWC 2016 Presentation

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Small Cell Deployment Stories - How small cells are bringing value to operators and enterprises today

  1. 1. Small Cell Deployment Stories How small cells are bringing value to operators and enterprises today
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  3. 3. V Small cells can be rapidly deployed to extend coverage, add capacity and provide value added services 23/02/2016Small Cell Forum
  4. 4. V Rapidly deployed 7 floor building planned in single 2hour site visit Installed 1-2 evenings Zero service disruption ‘Upgrade’ Wi-Fi APs 2 day physical install Beijing airport 3months 4hrs/day Lite planning/install in under 1 hour Superbowl deployed At 3 weeks notice ‘Do it yourself’ install Using 3rd party contractors
  5. 5. V Extending coverage to rural and remote communities ..deep indoors and wherever organisations depend on connectivity
  6. 6. V Adding capacity
  7. 7. V provide value added services New revenues from Location Based Services In retail Converged VoIP service VoLTE and Video for Call Centre
  8. 8. • Enterprises CIOs: strong cellular coverage is becoming essential for more and more organizations, and small cells can bring this with your existing IT infrastructure. Speak to your operator • Operators: Small cells are now commercially proven and are being rapidly deployed by your peers all around the world. Our deployment stories show who the market leading solution providers are… • Small Cell Solution Providers: The rapid phase of market expansion has started. Post your deployment stories to our site to showcase the strengths of your solution Take Away Messages
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  10. 10. Deployment Stories
  11. 11. V iBwave’s tablet based tools reduce small cell planning to a single site visit of 2 hours for a 7 floor building SCF/Case/001 Rapid Deployment in LA warehouse
  12. 12. V Verizon meet ultra high density demand for VoLTE and Video in call centre using SpiderCloud small cells Call Center Case Study – 140,000 square feet – 500 SIMS in each outer User Area – Unlimited data plans on devices – 100% of devices on single operator – (4) BC 4/13 RN-310’s per User area – (5) RN-310 - Training area in middle – Backhaul - 1 Gb port/100Mb CIR Average Daily Backhaul Usage Downlink: 125Gb Uplink: 10Gb Traffic Average: 50Mbps Average RABs 530,000 per day ERAB Drop Rate 0.50% CSSR and HO Consistent 99% or better range RF Link Capacity Operating peaks don’t exceed 20-30% User Area User Area
  13. 13. V Huawei & VIVO cooperate with Bus Stop company in Rio to solve site acquisition issues and enable urban hot spot deployment Huawei Small Cell Crowd Sourcing Crowdsourcing Bus station improves MBB experience Small Cell ecosystem enables extensive and commercial deployment The Venue: • The Second largest city in Brazil. • 6M people per year • Total Area:1.3B square meters The challenge: • Greatly increased customer MBB requirement • Site acquisition in urban area • Camouflage base station The Solution: • Fast Installation • Easy Infrastructure • Clean and Intelligent Design • Fast Hot Spot Coverage Deployment • Greatly improved user experience and On load mobile traffic. 0 2 4 6 8 0 50 100 150 200 08/31/15… 08/31/15… 08/31/15… 09/01/15… 09/01/15… 09/02/15… 09/02/15… 09/03/15… 09/03/15… 09/04/15… 09/04/15… 09/05/15… 09/05/15… 09/06/15… 09/06/15… 09/07/15… 09/07/15… 09/08/15… 09/08/15… 09/09/15… CS Volume(Erl) Macro neighbor cell Micro cell 0 100 200 300 400 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 08/31/1500:00 08/31/1512:00 09/01/1500:00 09/01/1512:00 09/02/1500:00 09/02/1512:00 09/03/1500:00 09/03/1512:00 09/04/1500:00 09/04/1512:00 09/05/1500:00 09/05/1512:00 09/06/1500:00 09/06/1512:00 09/07/1500:00 09/07/1512:00 09/08/1500:00 09/08/1512:00 09/09/1500:00 PS Traffic(Mbytes) Macro neighbor cell Micro cell
  14. 14. V Open Source small cells from Lime Microsystems enable Mexican operator to serve remote village with very low ARPU Bringing cellular to disadvantaged rural communities Solution Leverage open source: • Base station with a built-in PBX from Fairwaves • Uses Lime field-programmable RF devices • Flexible RF platform, covers all cellular bands • Allows villagers to make free calls to one another • Enhanced medical coverage • 14 concurrent voice connections • Long distance calls via satellite internet • Simple “do-it-yourself” installation • Programmability mitigates interference More info: Challenge: bringing coverage to the remote village of Santa Maria Yaviche in Mexico with very low ARPU
  15. 15. V Softbank's rural and remote small cells exploit seasonal variations to reduce their satellite backhaul bandwidth Secluded Station Peaks on public holidays Ski Resort used in winter Mountain Trail Most used in summer Rural & Remote Small Cells in Japan More examples
  16. 16. V  Customer: UK Government National Agency: 1.8 million employees and a £110 Billion annual operating budget  Challenge: Highly mobile employees require excellent mobile services and great indoor cellular service in Grade Two Heritage building in London  Solution: Services Node installed in Department of Health (DoH) • Data Center and 45 Radio Nodes installed in the site, • Utilized DoH’s enterprise LAN/VLAN Architecture • Onsite installation completed in two evenings • Outcome: Excellent mobile coverage throughout building • Helped converged Voice over IP Strategy to be successful • 600 voice calls and 46,000+ data sessions per day • DoH Now considering deployment at additional facilities across England Vodafone & SpiderCloud deliver converged VoIP service to UK Department of Health with Sure Signal Premium Video SURE SIGNAL PREMIUM CASE STUDY 1 Services Node 8 Floors 380+ Subscribers 45 Radio Nodes
  17. 17. V Vodafone & SpiderCloud deliver excellent coverage to Unilever with Sure Signal Premium Video SURE SIGNAL PREMIUM CASE STUDIES  Customer: A world leader in consumer products, Global leader in many categories.  Challenge: Multi-tenancy major office in London • Historic façade, modern interior, open-plan atrium • 36,000 m2, 8 floors, next to major London Underground station • 3 floors Sub basement needing coverage • Strong macro signal on ground floor  Solution: • Services Node installed in Unilever Data Center to serve site • 49 Radio Nodes installed in the site • Utilizing Unilever’s enterprise LAN/VLAN Architecture to support installation • Onsite installation completed in two evenings • Outcomes • A Very Happy Customer enjoying excellent 3G coverage throughout building • 50% decrease in load on macro-cells, Zero disruption to Unilever operations and infrastructure. 3,000 Voice + 94,000 Data calls per day 1 Services Node 11 Floors 1,800+ Subscribers 49 Radio Nodes
  18. 18. V Vodafone & SpiderCloud bring excellent indoor mobile coverage with zero disruption to a range of UK organisations SURE SIGNAL PREMIUM CASE STUDIES Services Node 9 Buildings 10,400+ Subscribers Radio Node 79 Floors  Challenges: • A range of organisations with highly mobile employees requiring excellent mobile indoor voice and data, integrated with existing IT systems and services  Solution: • Sure signal premium radio nodes utilizing existing LAN/VLAN architecture • Services node installed in existing data center • Onsite installation completed typically in 1-2 evenings with zero disruption to services • Outcomes: • Excellent reliable indoor coverage for the companies employees • Reduced load on the Vodafone’s outdoor macro network watch video watch video
  19. 19. V Cisco upgrade existing Wi-Fi access points to add a great 3G voice service with low incremental CapEx & OpEx University Case Study Deployed 3G indoor small cells over 1700sqm university campus Leveraging existing Wi-Fi sites and infrastructure to add great 3G voice EcNo ≤ - 7dB 98% of walk route EcNo ≥ - 9dB 97% of walk route Before: 3G Macro After: Macro + small cells KPIs Call setup success Call drop ratio
  20. 20. V Softbank trials Airspan’s early nFAPI virtualised small cell in Tokyo HetNet, demonstrating 4-6x capacity gains Outdoor aggregated capacity(Mbps)
  21. 21. V Alcatel Lucent small cells integrate with street furniture leveraging existing site services organisation
  22. 22. V Nex-Tech Wireless deliver high density LTE to 7,600 seat university venue using OneCell® from Commscope/Airvana Video C-RAN Small Cells Conquer a Coliseum Packed 7,600 seat coliseum at Fort Hays State University, Kansas  Excellent user experience:  66 mbps download speed on a 10 MHz LTE channel  Simple deployment:  2-day physical installation,  3 weeks from start to volume use  Low cost:  Half the cost of upgrading the DAS to 4G CommScope/Airvana OneCell® System deployed by Nex-Tech Wireless
  23. 23. V Service Anchor + LampSite Service Anchor enables new revenue and business models through location based services StarHub Singapore enhance MBB & enable smart retail services in Marina Bay Sands Hotel with Huawei LampSite & Service Anchor Huawei Smart Retail Solution Cutting Edge Retail at Marina Bay Sands A Smart Retail Solution enabled by LampSite and Service Anchor The Venue: • One of the largest luxury shopping centers in Asia • 40 million visitors per year • Total Area:100,000 square metres The challenge: • Poor LTE service provided by external macrocells • Complex and costly upgrade for existing DAS system • Accurate location required for Smart Retail The Solution: Value LampSite delivers high quality MBB coverage and high accuracy location information LTE traffic up 95% 95 Average 40Mbps/cell
  24. 24. V Satisfying ever increasing MBB demands in Beijing Workers’ Stadium A smart stadium case from Huawei in partnership with CUCC Huawei Small Cell Solutions Satisfying MBB demands in Workers’ Stadium On-demand capacity expansion enabled by LampSite The Venue: • Beijing Workers’ Stadium • Beijing’s premium venue for sports & events • Seating for 62,000 spectators + VIP areas • Total Area:150,000 square metres The challenge: • Current 2G/3G DAS system has 8 cells. • 10 cells required to serve current LTE demand • LTE demand will require 59 cells in 3-5 yrs The Solution: Dedicated LTE LampSite solution for the stadium increases data usage and improves user experience Initial 10 cell config to limit interference & HO Soft upgrade to 59 Cell to satisfy MBB demand 8965 7861 6196 7776 33291 40851 47204 51654 56024 3.2% 3.8% 3.3% 3.9% 19.4% 17.8%18.6% 20.1% 21.7% 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0% 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 2014/7/122014/7/30 2014/8/2 2014/8/16 2015/3/4 2015/3/17 2015/4/3 2015/4/172015/4/21 Data Traffic(Gbyte/hour) Online user LampSite Installed LampSite provides remote cell splitting for simple, cost effective capacity expansion
  25. 25. V Delivering superior user experience & increasing revenue in Beijing Airport. An example of MBB on-load with Huawei LampSite and CUCC Huawei Small Cell Solutions Driving Revenue by MBB onload in Beijing Airport High Performance Mobile Broadband enabled by LampSite The Venue: • The largest airport in China. • 80M passengers per year • Total Area:1.4M square metres The challenge: • Excellent user experience critical in this key venue • DAS LTE-MIMO too expensive and time consuming • Complex building layout requires flexible solution The Solution: LampSite deployed throughout the airport within 3 months: • Only 4 working hours/day • 2,200 pRRUs 99.97% area RSRP>-100dBm 99.16% area SINR>6dB Download peak 146Mbps upload peak 49Mbps 0.0 2000.0 4000.0 6000.0 8000.0 10000.0 12000.0 421.8 1036.1 2897.82586.9 3140.2 3757.1 4837.1 5784.3 7132.1 9696.4 10250.1 11537.7 Traffic(GB) 27x 26x Excellent user experience has increased MBB traffic and user numbers by more than 25X in 1 year
  26. 26. V EE brings 3G/4G to rural communities w/Parallel Wireless small cell tech eliminating the need for masts/cabling: Connecting the Unconnected: Aspiring to a 100% Coverage in a Developed Market • Node management from the cloud  self-configuration and self-optimization • Lite planning/install under 1 hr • Cost-effective small cells with integrated backhaul incl. mesh  only a few require fixed backhaul • Multi-mode cells provide 3G/4G/Wi-Fi reliable voice and data coverage • With cost-effective-reliable wireless 3G and 4G for voice and data in place, even most remote areas will have the technology necessary to stay connected with family and friends, attract new business, sustain existing businesses, decrease the need to commute, and reduce environmental impact. • Commodity components small cells • vRAN architecture to make rural cellular as easy/cost-effective to deploy and maintain as Wi-Fi • Low power consumption Automatic re-routing in case of link failures or damaged nodes Easy and fast deployment Innovation Low CAPEX & OPEX Resilience
  27. 27. V Public Safety LTE in NH trials Parallel Wireless' mesh-enabled intelligently orchestrated mobile/fixed small cells Control, Coverage, and Resilience for Public Safety LTE Networks Today and Tomorrow Unique in-vehicle or specialized small cell communications hub with integrated 3G/4G/Wi-Fi access & flexible backhaul in the same form factor. HetNet Gateway (HNG) works with any vendor small cells and EPC, provides LTE and/or LMR connectivity through LMR gateway, and works with any carrier. • MACC (Milford Area Communications Center) Base Public Safety LTE field trial in NH, US operated under FCC Special Temporary Authorization for LTE Band 14 and demonstrated easy to install and maintain resilient public safety HetNet in rural US. • MACC base personnel benefited from resilient voice and data in-building and remote coverage enabled by intelligently orchestrated fixed & in-vehicle small cells with LMR/PMR interoperability Flexible backhaul provides many options in case primary fails while HNG dynamically re- routes traffic in case of failures. Local EPC can be deployed and take over in emergencies. BYOC capability on the in-vehicle small cell extends the macro coverage or enables instant ad hoc “coverage bubbles” to provide coverage to backhaul-challenged areas Backhaul Flexibility Interoperability Network Resilience Bring Your Own Coverage (BYOC)
  28. 28. V Beach Energy selects Nokia Networks and Challenge Networks to deploy private LTE small cell HetNet More: “The new LTE network allows our staff to access key systems, facilities and production information throughout our western Cooper Basin field area, reducing requirements for travel between sites, making operations more efficient, saving money and significantly enhancing safety” Neil Gibbins, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Beach Energy Ltd Private LTE HetNet Connects Remote Oil Operations Challenge Networks deployed the private LTE HetNet with Nokia’s Flexi Zone Small Cells and Multiradio 10 Base Stations Beach Energy is Australia’s largest onshore oil producer
  29. 29. V AT&T uses HARP tool to optimise outdoor small cell placement at traffic hotspots with high PRB per MB cost More Small Cell HetNet in Manhattan Optimal small cell placements - Traffic hotspots with high PRB per MB cost
  30. 30. V Control, coverage, resilience, interoperability to enable voice & data for public safety agencies at Super Bowl 50 Public Safety LTE Coverage at Super Bowl 50 • 3 weeks to prepare. 20 min to install a small cell • Flexible backhaul • Data and voice with solid throughput • Interoperable among multiple agencies
  31. 31. V TIM Brasil connects carnival with 2.5M people using Nokia Flexi Zone small cells, each carrying 2.6GB/hr More: Connected Carnival with 2.5M people “…deployment of new solutions such as high- capacity small cells, will significantly improve the performance and capacity of our infrastructure where it matters most”, Marco Di Constanzo, Head of Mobile Networks at TIM Brasil Flexi Zone small cells complement macro capacity, each carrying over 2.6GB/h Foto:Antônio Cruz/ABr - Agência Brasil [1]
  32. 32. V Sprint delivers crowd pleasing performance at Talladega Superspeedway using Nokia Flexi Zone small cells High Speed Connectivity at the NASCAR Superspeedway “…Sprint’s 2.5 GHz spectrum is a great match for the Flexi Zone small cell solution Nokia offers. Following the RF optimization, our 2.5 GHz LTE-TDD performed like a champ, with downlink speeds on race day averaging 24Mbps” Mark Walker, Director at Sprint for Network Operations Truck 13x Flexi Zone Micro inside Truck
  33. 33. V China Mobile deliver unmatched service experience at the Xiamen Marathon with Nokia Networks Flexi Zone Small cells “We are proud that we helped China Mobile and ultimately the spectators at this mass event such that every picture, video and call could go through the network without any compromise on speed and quality. People were able to enjoy a great LTE performance.” Yu Xiaohan, Head of China Mobile Customer Team, Nokia Networks Small cells a runaway success! Supporting peaks of 400 Active LTE UEs per cell
  34. 34. V China Mobile supports 1M visitors in world's largest building at Auto Shanghai 2015 with Nokia Networks Small Cells • TD-LTE Advanced HetNet enables China Mobile’s network at Auto Shanghai 2015 • Nokia Flexi Zone small cells complement Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Stations, with each supporting a phenomenal 600 simultaneous active TD-LTE users per cell • China Mobile delivered immaculate service experience for users attending the event in the world’s largest building, the China Expo Complex Small Cell HetNet in Worlds Largest Building “This strategic engagement with Nokia Networks proves that our infrastructure is already at the next level – strengthened and equipped to deliver superb performance in the face of the data deluge on wireless networks.” Bu Tong, General Manager of Network Department, China Mobile Shanghai
  35. 35. V Avantel in Colombia gains first mover advantage deploying Nokia Networks Small Cells with VoLTE Raul Amaya, Chief Technology Officer, Avantel “To deliver on our slogan of “productivity without limits” to our clients, Nokia Networks is our first-choice vendor for enabling the roll out of VoLTE and small cells in Colombia. Nokia also is the sole supplier of our LTE network and together we have gained a crucial first- mover advantage in delivering an unmatched service experience to our subscribers, who are the heart of every initiative undertaken at Avantel.” Providing High speed connectivity to Rural Universities
  36. 36. V