Infographic -Small Cell Forum Urban Small Cells Release 4


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Infographic showing the Small Cell Forum's release program and focussing on Release 4 - Urban, announced at Small Cells World Summit, London 2014.

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Infographic -Small Cell Forum Urban Small Cells Release 4

  1. 1. THE CHALLENGE HOW WE WORK WHAT DOES ‘RELEASE FOUR’ LOOK LIKE? WHAT IS A RELEASE? Existing deployments have centred on almost 50 pioneering and mostly large operators in developed markets. BUT RELEASE PROGRAM How do we help the next 150, more conservative operators of all sizes, roll out their own networks in 2014? THE SMALL CELL FORUM’S RELEASE PROGRAM Am I ready to launch small cells? ADDRESSES THIS CHALLENGE. 1 2 3 A “how to” guide to accelerate the commercial deployment of small cells – encompassing residential, enterprise, urban and rural use cases. A distillation of consensus building, standards development and deployment experience by members and industry partners. An output that encompasses industry best practice and use case analysis plus a Roadmap reflecting market direction. ANSWERS THE QUESTION FOR OPERATORS | A comprehensive guide to small cell deployment FORVENDORS | Develop products based on carrier requirements and successful rollouts RELEASE PROGRAM ROADMAP Release TWO Main theme: EnterpriseRelease ONE Main theme: Home Q1 Release FOUR Main theme: Urban Release THREE Main theme: Urban foundations Release FIVE Main theme: Rural & Remote MARKET DRIVERS BUSINESS CASE SON USE CASES INTEGRATION OF CELLULAR WITH WI-FI URBAN EDGE CACHE APPLICATIONS LOCATION BASED API BACKHAUL, DEPLOYMENT & SECURITY ADVICE URBAN ARCHITECTURE X2 INTEROPERABILITY URBAN CASE STUDIES URBANSMALLCELLS ENTERPRISE URBAN RURAL & REMOTE + + + RELEASES PUBLICLY AVAILABLE AT: WEB | EMAIL | TWITTER | @SmallCell_Forum POSTAL ADDRESS | Small Cell Forum, PO Box 23, GL11 5WA, UK © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2014. Registered in the UK no. 6295097. BEYOND RELEASE FOUR lessonsfrom early de ploym ents evolvingapproa ches evolving stan dards BEYOND RELEASE FOUR major update on rural & remote architecture and radio 5 1 Operator requirements Defined by Small Cell Forum Operator Group Address technical challenges and commercial opportunities associated with small cell deployment 3 Releases publicly available at 2 Working groups / special interest groups OG Operator Group Release Steering Group MKT RPH NET REG SVC IOP Backhaul LTE Rural DEP 3GPP2 More than 98%of operators think small cells are essential to their future. Guidance based on: Operator requirements Evolving standards Early deployments RELEASE FIVE updates to all use cases PLUS multi-standard, multi-operator and HetNet deployments SUBSEQUENT RELEASES ...