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Mario Armstrong: From Free to Fee (Blogalicious Conference 2012)

  1. From Free to Fee Turning Your Passion into a Business 21 day challenge to more revenue Mario Armstrong 1
  2. Mario Armstrong Digital Lifestyle Expert 2
  3. Let's get one thing straight: STARTING RIGHT NOW, YOU'RE NOT JUST A BLOGGER. 3
  4. You're a media company. By the end of this hour, you'll know exactly what I mean. 4
  5. START THINKING OF YOURSELF AS A MEDIA COMPANY Tell YOUR why, not the what Tellingme you are a fashion blogger or cover entrepreneurship doesn’t say anything about WHY – and I don’t know what YOU bring to the table. Itell people “I’m all about inspiring people to better their lives by showing them how technology can help them achieve their goals I wouldn’t say “I blog about tech”
  6. If CONTENT is KING then SPONSORSHIPS sustain the kingdom! Great content is expected but not automatically financially rewarded!
  7. FIRST, I WANT TO ASK YOU A QUESTION! What's the #1 problem you face in running your blog? - Traffic - Monetization - Technical challenges - Time (I need more hours in the day) 7
  8. 16 ways to generate revenue Online Events E-books  (webinars, live streaming) Public Speaking Offline Events Consulting  Sponsored meetups, conferences SMT’s Liveblogging specials Twitter Chats Paid TV/Radio contributor Books (e-books & paperbk) Blog contributor Video blogging BlogTalk Radio Develop products in your Adwords niche (i.e. MAM patent) Webinars 8
  9. Your plan will take you to the next level: . the media company Today we're going to walk through the kinds of things your plan should include, plus some examples from my life and my business.
  10. My Story Just a few years ago I was like many of you. I knew my passion, what I wanted to spend my days doing. 1999 1999-2007 2005-2007 2007-current Current Radio Show Full Time job, Nicole quit to start Both full time on the Idea working passion on building the business Still playing recession side business, develop catchup pricing models, AOL $250K was “You Work 9a-5p -- Chasing passion infrastructure, supposed to be a TAXES!!!! Ohh yeah shoe-in, we spent $ You make history by working for started & a $52,000 payment from 5p-9am” FREE generating very on legal fees & signed – WAKE UP CALL Mario Armstrong (5am winter small revenue it, but on the way to mornings on the mtng where they Grown to 8 staff ABC2, WEAA etc.) were going to sign. members They called & said no go, there was change in Mgt. To make it worse the Recession hits
  11. AND WE’VE BEEN THERE: Maxed credit cards, had a 2 year old son to take care of and we were flat broke! This was the defining moment - keep going or quit! Many tears and a lot of pain!
  12. S&%T GOT REAL! When I was collecting change to scrape up enough to buy gas, it was a very real bottom for us!
  13. That’s proof that a huge part of your plan needs to be around how to make money. But generating revenue goes hand-in-hand with increasing your audience and exposure. So we’re going to talk about both, and you’ll see why.
  14. WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU ABOUT FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION: It's harder than you think You'll want to give up It's going to take time Inner Demons await – Beware the DREAMKILLER You have to SELL. (But really, selling is helping other people improve their lives - with what YOU have to offer)
  15. Let’s make money $$$$
  16. 16 ways to generate revenue Online Events E-books  (webinars, live streaming) Public Speaking Offline Events Consulting  Sponsored meetups, conferences SMT’s Liveblogging specials Twitter Chats Paid TV/Radio contributor Books (e-books & paperbk) Blog contributor Video blogging BlogTalk Radio Develop products in your Adwords niche (i.e. MAM patent) Webinars 16
  17. Public $peaking Great way to generate a buzz After buzz building – start charging Don’t be shy with your fees Starting out ask for $1000-$2000 We went from $500 to $2000 to $5000 to $8000 to now $10,000
  18. Online Events – Live streaming 18
  19. Online Events – Live streaming stats 997,621 minutes watched 75,931 unique views 22 sites and blogs carried the Livestream Huff Post, The Root, Politic365, SocialWayne, BlackPlanet etc… 19
  20. Online Events – Live streaming Give your content away for free to top tier sites Charge sponsors for the COMBINED reach Not just your reach, which enables you to sell big 20
  21. WEBINARS 1. Free: Do for Free to build credibility 2. Charge: Work with a sponsor, who pays for your time
  22. TWITTER CHATS Use your expertise, not selling their wares They pay for your time and reach
  23. Real-time Publishing sponsored Live Blog! Take advantage of a live event that has an audience to provide your take: news, a TV show, festival, conference, whatever. There are tons of possibilities. Most people pre-write a post or talk about it after the fact - don't be most people! After all, why just live tweet your thoughts for Twitter's sake? You're just sending that money (traffic) to Twitter. Live blog and tweet thoughts w/links to your site so you can take advantage and build your network at the same time!
  24. TV Contributor Identify local networks Pitch topics that are timely i.e. Back to School, Holidays, News Events no product placement or pitching brands that pay you $ for other work Start as a guest (learn, learn, learn) Grow from there 24
  25. Paid Blogger Blog for a brand! Identify the brand! Researchfor the unique opening! Find a contact (use social graph) Begin dialogue
  26. Mobile Video… Socialcam app Make sure to cut through all the clutter so they hear you. It's time to get creative!
  27. Mobile Video Use video to augment blog posts Don’t tell me SHOW me Build community of followers, share to all social Embed on your blog Use their API to curate & post on your site
  28. What I learned from my #Socamshow 12k on twitter BUT 1.5m on Socialcam (find ur home) Analytics too!
  29. This kind of diversification is huge Remember, you're a media company. Because when it comes time to pitch a sponsor, you want to give them everything you've got! The more assets you have, the more places you can include them.
  30. We have the tech for lots of things. But not for you to clone yourself. I don't think?
  31. So how do you scale YOU? Play to your strengths Outsource your weaknesses & & reinvest $ in the biz
  32. 21 DAY CHALLENGE - Start with a healthy breakfast
  33. 21 DAY CHALLENGE 5 steps: 1. Writedown 3 most repetitive tasks (life or biz) then figure out how to outsource, automate, consolidate 2. List at least 5 new ways to generate revenue 3. List 3 new ways to expand your audience reach 4. Develop a list of at least 15 brands you’d like to work with 5. Develop a 90-day plan w/specific deliverables
  34. Find YOUR inner-kid Trampoline YOUR DREAMS 34
  35. Thank you @MarioArmstrong Web: @MarioArmstrong /MarioArmstrong 35

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