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Community engagement presentation notes basic


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Handout for Community Engagement Presentation at ILEAD USA PA March 2015

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Community engagement presentation notes basic

  1. 1. 1 Community Engagement Stephanie Zimmerman Training & Development/HR Coordinator Library System of Lancaster County 717-207-0500 x 1281 Presentation Outline with Resources Links 1. What is Community Engagement? a. Community engagement refers to the process by which community benefit organizations and individuals build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of a community. 2. If we’re already doing this, why are you presenting on the topic? a. Let’s look at the Edge Initiative 3. How do we do this? a. Check out ALA’s Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC) information at ALA’s partner in LTC is the nonprofit Harwood Institute for Public Innovation LTC is made possible through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. i. "Great ‘Resources for Libraries’ area of site with tools designed to help libraries strengthen their role as community leaders and bring about positive change in their communities. transforming-communities/resources-for-library-professionals ii. In the Public Innovators Lab Workbook at ntent/LTC_Binder_FINAL_0.pdf is the Cycle of Public Innovation iii. Also a “Step-by-Step Guide to ‘Turning Outward’ to Your Community” at ntent/LTCGettingStarted_DigitalWorkbook_final010915.pdf b. Also look at “The Engaged Library: Chicago Stories of Community Building” - c. See this blog post titled “Libraries and community engagement” at the blog “Sustaining Community” community-engagement/ which links to much more. d. Also see WebJunction’s Betha Gutsche’s post “The Engaged and Embedded Library: Moving from talk to action” at which includes many resources and case studies. e. ARSL (Association for Rural & Small Libraries) – “Community Engagement: Small Libraries Go Big” - f. See the site Creating the Future at co-founded by Hildy Gottlieb and Dimitri Petropolis. Hildy authored the book “Community Engagement Step- by-Step Action Kit” which sounds good. AK/CommunityEngagement-ACTION_KIT.htm i. Community engagement involves actively implementing a specific process towards activism such as the 8-step guideline listed below: 1. Determine the goals of the plan 2. Plan out who to engage 3. Develop engagement strategies for those individuals you already know 4. Develop engagement strategies of those individuals you do not already know 5. Prioritize those activities 6. Create an implementation plan 7. Monitor your progress 8. Maintain those relationships ii. They also mention 3 effective tools 1. Writing
  2. 2. 2 2. Speaking 3. One-on-one Conversations g. Great resource from Infopeople that can be found as a course on WebJunction at – “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know - Meaningful Community Engagement” from Joan Frye Williams and George Needham 4. Examples of Community Engagement in Action a. WebJunction – “Great Ideas for Innovative Community Engagement” - engagement.html i. Mentions a Facebook experiment that spawned over 150 community-generated ideas on the future of Miami’s libraries - fishman-lipsey/100-great-ideas-for-the-for-the-future-of-libraries_b_6551440.html b. PA Forward - c. Cumberland County Library System Consensus Building Process - d. Geek the Library - i. WebJunction – “Community Engagement and Staff Development at All Levels” - development-at-all-levels.html e. TEDx Event - i. What Do You Geek?, Mary Stein at TEDxLSU - ii. TEDx NJLibraries slideshare from Peter Bromberg at community-engagement?qid=57375ec7-00ec-48ee-b5f0- e4e40207985d&v=default&b=&from_search=1 f. WebJunction – “Transforming Library Space for Community Engagement” - community-engagement.html g. HPL (Houston Public Library) Mobile Express - partners/community-engagement h. WebJunction – “Teaching Tech to Patrons” - patrons.html 5. Challenges vs. Rewards a. Slideshare – “Community Engagement the Challenges & Rewards” - b5f0-e4e40207985d&v=default&b=&from_search=5 6. Your Charge a. R. David Lankes, "The Community Is Your Collection." From ILEAD 2014 - _oJWlyYWmf5-4Se0G2