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  • I can't take credit for these slide shows. They are sent to me trhough email and I have no idea who makes these PPS files. I had been deleting them after looking at them, but some are so good that they should be shared
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  1. 1. Cockpits No this is not a lewd title . . . It’s actually a business office used by: • Businessmen • Adventurers • Defenders of the nation • And even the weekend hobbyist COCKPITS – the home of Aircrew, and the nerve centre of what, where, how and why the aircraft is what it is. Take a look at some of these aircraft “offices,” and be prepared to be be-dazzled!
  2. 2. Spectacular Cockpit Photos Cockpit of a Boeing 747-200
  3. 3. Glider being towed out over Crystal lake, Michigan Take My Breath Away
  4. 4. P-51 Mustang
  5. 5. KC-135A Stratotanker aircraft preparing to refuel an F-15 Eagle aircraft
  6. 6. Diamond DA-40D Diamond Star TDI aircraft
  7. 7. Iberia Airbus A320 - 214
  8. 8. Rolladen-Schneider LS-4
  9. 9. Helicopter over suburb
  10. 10. Hey Guys! Here’s a look at the “Fly by Wire” flight controls today’s aircraft use. Control columns on heavy aircraft are gone, and replaced with this dinky looking ‘control yolk.: Airbus A320-211
  11. 11. Space Shuttle Cockpit, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
  12. 12. Bombardier
  13. 13. Boeing 737
  14. 14. C-130
  15. 15. C-17
  16. 16. F-15E
  17. 17. F-16
  18. 18. SV-4B
  19. 19. Piper Meridian Jetprop
  20. 20. WimpySoft