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Drink Concept: Craft Soda


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Revolution with wine, beer and recently gin... Are we on the cusp of witnessing the rise of craft soda? What is craft soda? What makes a soda craft?

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Drink Concept: Craft Soda

  1. 1. CRAFT SODA Sluys International NV
  3. 3. WHAT IS CRAFT? A craft requires particular skill and knowledge. A product made skillfully by hand. Made with care, skill, or ingenuity. No clear definition. Relates to food or drink made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by an individual or a small company. No clear definition. Craft is tricky to define. Few examples: Organic, locally-sourced, creatively produced, hand-made, quality ingredients, small-batch To Producers In Dictionary To Consumers
  4. 4. Craft (Beer) Example From Grassroots Homebrewing to the Rise of Craft Championed by the People
  5. 5. Sumerians, Egyptians and Chinese all made beer or beer like beverages The start of modern craft beer revolution The start of homebrewing The rise of U.S. Craft Beer: 1,102 craft breweries 5.3 million barrels 333 new microbreweries The start of modern microdistilling The Ontrend Edge: 7000 B.C. 1960s 1970s 1980s 1996 2000 - Craft Distillery Redesigning Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Vermouth etc... Redefining Craft Soda Evidence of crudely distilled alcoholic beverages, liquors made from rice and mare’s milk 800 B.C. Beer becomes widespread in Europe 500-1000 “Aqua vitae” becomes recreational 1500-1600
  6. 6. Passion Of The Craft Self-Expression In A Bottle
  7. 7. DEFINING CRAFT Informal Definitions “Micro” brewers brewing and distilling locally in small batches. Size Ownership Production Methods Privately and/or fan-owned. Traditional or experimental techniques No legislative definition Connected Experience Experimental Ingredients and combination Local, history, face to the brand
  9. 9. Crafted by people using responsible methods. Consumers are getting back to real, old-fashioned values & ethics and sustainable sourcing. Craft tells a story – about the varietals used, the fermentation process, the barrel or vat types, the terroir that’s unique to where the grapes are grown. People value real, human connection, family and local community. Products committed to a certain responsible, sustainable sourcing, and are acutely aware of the ingredients. Supports local products, locally sourced ingredients and local communities. Consumers want to buy from people they know, who will employ people of the community and invest in the community. ConnectionResponsibility Community Product that showcases attention to detail, quality and the creators’ passion for their craft and how it is made. Made with passion and care L O V E Passion and Care Craft respects the sacred art of brewing/distilling and authenticity. Craft differentiates simply by making the product better. Flavour and Taste CRAFT’S FIVEFOLD SUCCESS
  10. 10. Blue Craft Menu Real Ingredients, Real Experience, Real Moments, Real Drink
  11. 11. WINE MENU Craft & Local Merlot 2015, Chile €28.00 An elegant wine of yellow-green color, with expressive aromas of quince, apple and hazelnut notes intertwined with subtle hints of oak and vanilla. Pinot Noir 2013 New Zealand €59.00 Kiwa Pinot Noir is bright ruby red in color. The bouquet has complexity with notes of black cherries and plum fruit. There is a lovely softness and texture in the mouth. Red Wine Malbec 2012, Argentina €24.50 Bright medium ruby. Deep, ripe aromas of black cherry, blackberry, bitter chocolate and licorice, lifted by a violet topnote. Chardonnay 2014, France €24.50 A grape variety unique to the Languedoc. We are big fans of it, hence it is our house wine. This a beautifully crisp and fruity wine. Pinot Gris 2010, Italy €39.99 This Pinot Grigio from a family run vineyard on the banks of the Piave river has a bouquet of tropical fruits with hints of pineapple and lemon. Rioja 2014, Spain €25.50 Excellent medium-bodied wine from the banks of the River Rhine. Plenty of upfront fruit making this a great wine to enjoy on its own or with lamb. Chianti (organic) 2015, Italy €34.00 Aged in stainless steel tanks for 6-8 months and then aged in bottle for at least 2 months before it is released. A wine that is robust and jammy, with hints of tobacco. Chardonnay 2012 California €35.99 Enticing aromas of ripe apple, bright citrus and melon are layered with creme brulee, baking spices and a touch of butter. White Wine
  12. 12. BEER MENU Dark Ale €10.00 The nose is restrained and mild, carrying dark sugars, alcohol, and raisins, but the palate really blossoms, with deliciously rich flavors brought out by lively carbonation, with mild esters and low bitterness. There’s a spicy hint of alcohol in the finish. IPA €14.50 A well-hopped black IPA with a light creamy tan head. Aroma is of roasted malts with hints of gooseberry. The beer has a sweet fruity flavour with a good roasted malt and coffee bitterness. Amber Lager €6.00 Woody, lemony hops with some floral character contribute to a nose that is light but pleasant. An intensely creamy mouthfeel presents a good pile of flavor hops, unobtrusive malt, and good bitterness. IPA €5.50 An intense citrus hop character jumps from the glass here, with focused grapefruit and orange tea aromas. Big bitterness is tempered only slightly by light malt presence with big flavor hops. Rye Ale €12.50 The flavour is markedly organic and natural, with a simple but pleasing intermingling of hops and grain blends. Blond Ale €14.70 First, a refreshing, sparkling effect on your tongue, followed by a mild bitterness enhanced by a spiciness, that finishes with a sweeter sensation. A good nose recognizes the hops, in combination with fruity esters. Pilsner €13.00 True Pilsner style brewed with premium Australian malt and authentic Czech saaz hops. Has a spicy floral aroma and a clean rounded palete with a bitter finish. Lager €5.5 The skunk is mild, though, and the light, sweet malt supports a soft bitterness and medium mouthfeel with some nice hop character. Craft & LocalDraught Bottle
  13. 13. Indian Tonic €2.50 Spiced Gin €8.00 This gin oers a peppery kick, with the malted barley introducing a warming aftertaste, with earthy notes of ginger, liquorice & cardamom. London Dry Gin €9.50 Earthy, crisp, sophisticated gin from Leicestershire. There are 11 botanicals in this citrus- focused spirit. Floral Gin €8.00 47 botanicals make for an unrivaled complexity. Crisp with a sweet floral aroma. Modern Classic Gin €9.50 The first and only Islay-produced gin featuring 31 otanicals. The distillery encourage drinkers to play about with the garnish for this botanical tipple! Premium Mixer €2.50 Botanically brewed €2.50 Craft & LocalGin Tonics Fruity Gin €13.50 Using Valencian Tangerines, the small-batch, copper pot distilled gin has been crafted by generations of gin experts. Herbal Gin €15.00 FEW Breakfast Gin is so called because it’s a great first drink of the day – aromatic and light. The botanicals include orange, bergamot and juniper, as well as Earl Grey tea, leading to a gin with a note of cinnamon on the finish. GIN MENU
  14. 14. CARBONATED SOFT DRINKS Cola €2.50 Soft Drinks Lemon €2.50 Orange €2.50 Ice Tea €2.50 Craft & Local
  15. 15. Crafting Soda The Return Of Soda Jerk
  16. 16. CRAFT SODA Definition Authentic Ingredients Artisan Connected Quality Passion
  17. 17. WHY THE POPULARITY? Bottled in small batches and contain natural ingredients, preferring natural sweeteners like pure cane sugar, stevia, and honey. Craft reflects the places where they are made and gives an opportunity to connect with local communities, character and flavour. Consumers’ preference to be connected with clean, natural ingredients and local products will drive the demand for craft sodas. Storied, Personal, Unique CRAFT SODA
  18. 18. OUR SERVICES Craft Builder Co-developing craft sodas from the start of your journey Added Vitamin Added Mineral Added Juice No Juice Sugar Sweetener Added Natural Colour No Colour FLAVOUR BEVERAGE EMULSION DRINK CONCENTRATE +
  19. 19. Lemon Thyme Rose Lemonade Orange Vanilla Recent Concepts Ontrend!
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