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Belgium: The Small Wonderland


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An introduction into the wonderland called Belgium. There are many hidden treasures within Belgium including a flavour house called Sluys International.

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Belgium: The Small Wonderland

  2. 2. Sluys International Geographical size: 30,528 km2 Regions: Flemish Region, Capital Region, Walloon Region Border countries: Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg Population: 11,258,434 million Population density: 369 inhab./km² Official Languages: Flemish: 60% French: 40% German 0.4% Conventional name: Kingdom of Belgium Head of state: King Philippe Prime Minister: Charles Michel Monetary Unit: Euro (EUR) Capital: Brussels Major Cities: Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Liege, Hasselt In a Nutshell BELGIUM
  3. 3. Sluys International Open Economy & Business Environment International talent pool & innovation centre Access to EU decision-makers Accessible to Europe & Worldwide Belgium Gateway to EU Markets Heart of Europe BELGIUM
  4. 4. Sluys International 13,934km 1,763km BELGIUM Accessible to Europe & Worldwide Regional & provincial roads Brussels National Airport Belgium’s highway can be seen from the moon 77 Airlines 489 tons Cargo International Airports 5 CharleroiAntwerp Ostend Liège Brussels 23,5 million Passengers/year 226 Destinations 7 International Motorways
  5. 5. Sluys International Sea Ports Antwerpen Ghent Ostend Zeebrugge 4 BELGIUM Accessible to Europe & Worldwide Electrified tracks Antwerp (2nd in Europe, 4th in the world) 6 Brussels Liège Namur Charleroi Meerhout Genk High-Speed Trains Thalys Eurostar TGV InterCityExpress (ICE) 4 188 million Passengers/year 2,950km London 2h Amsterdam 1h50Paris 1h22 Frankfurt 3h From Brussels to 62 million ton Freight / year Inland Ports Waterway network 2,043km Inland waterways 1,532km
  6. 6. Sluys International Gateway to EU Markets Main Trading Partners: BELGIUM Exports: EUR 359,5 billion 84,4% of GDP Imports: EUR 339,1 billion 82,7% of GDP Chocolate Friet Beer Azalea Diamonds Billiard Balls Germany France USA Netherlands UK Belgian Products:
  7. 7. Sluys International Famous Belgians: Father Ferdinand Verbiest, Antwerp Six Eddy Merckx 1,2 million Foreign citizens Ideal test market, Gateway to EU Markets BELGIUM 11,29% Share of foreign nationals in EU • Gateway to European market • A microcosm of European diversity • Multicultural population 121,000 jobs Created by international companies
  8. 8. Sluys International Access to EU decision-makers BELGIUM 20,000 Lobbyists 1,500 International press members 2,300 Foreign companies 42 Intergovernmental organisations 5,400 Diplomats 3,063 International organisations 20 EU Organisations 181 Embassies • European Commission • European Council • European Parliament • Committee of the Regions • European Economic and Social Committee • European Data Protection Supervisor • The European External Action Service European Institutions in Brussel • NATO headquarters • 1,500 International Professional Federations (like N.G.O.s) • Representation of most European Political Parties and Regions Highest Concentration of Diplomatic Missions
  9. 9. Sluys International Open Economy & Business environment BELGIUM Cost-effective Market OCCUPANCY COST PER SQ.M. PER YEAR - 2014 Brussels Belgium Munich Germany €393 London UK €506 €540 €895 €2,122 Paris France Amsterdam Netherlands Competitive Tax regime • Open economy: Belgium features a liberal business environment No restrictions for foreigners Numerous corporate tax deductions such as notional interest and capital gains Favorable taxation system for expat employees Advanced tax ruling system for legal assurance • No permission needed to set up a company • No limitation on repatriation of capital and benefits • 100% foreign ownership is possible • Ease of setting up a business • Approximate incorporation fee (for a SA/NV): 1,500 €
  10. 10. Sluys International Belgium GDP 465,25 (US dollars, billions) (2016) BELGIUM Rank 25 Ease of Doing Business (2015) Rank 43Real GDP growth (% change) (2016) 1,2% 5,2 Global Competitiveness Index (2015) Rank 19 Investment and Development (2015) Rank 4 Appeal (2015) Rank 20 Open Economy & Business environment
  11. 11. Sluys International BELGIUM Brussels: Rank 3 European cities Economic Potential European Cities and Regions of the Future 2014/15 Ghent: Rank 6 Small European CITIES Ghent: Rank 2 Small European Cities – FDI Strategy Ghent: Rank 2, Antwerp: Rank 10 European Cities – FDI Strategy Brussels: Rank 8 Major European CITIES Brussels: Rank 6 European Cities – Infrastructure Brussels: Rank 1 European Cities – Human Capital and Lifestyle Brussels: Rank 8 European Cities – Business Friendliness Open Economy & Business environment
  12. 12. Sluys International International talent pool & innovation centre BELGIUM 98% - Rank 6 Urban Population Belgium (2015) Brussels: Rank 12 Global Cities Index (2016) Adecco Group, Knoema, A.T. Kearney Brussels: Rank 22 Global Cities Outlook (2016) Belgium: Rank 9 IMD World Talent Report (2015) Belgium: Rank 15 Knowledge Economy Index (2012) Belgium: Rank 18 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (2015-16) Belgium: Rank 25 Global Innovation Index (2015)
  13. 13. Sluys International International talent pool & innovation centre BELGIUM 37% Percentage of population 25-34 with tertiary education (2014) 58% Share of the population aged 25-64 who are bilingual (2011) 16 High-Level Universities 40,000 People work in the European Institutions in Brussels (2016) 13,546 People are employed by the international and intergovernmental institutions (2016) 30% Of the population in Brussels are foreigners (2016) OECD, Brussels Commissioner for Europe
  14. 14. Sluys International A Great Place to Live BELGIUM Quality of Life Work-life balance Civic engagement Education & skills Income & wealth Housing Universal Healthcare Schools & Childcare 12 World Heritage Sites in Belgium More castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world
  15. 15. Sluys International A Great Place to Live BELGIUM The town of Spa in Belgium is from where we get the word 'spa' – Europe’s first modern health resort. Belgium was the scene of Napoleon’s final defeat, at Waterloo. Antwerp is the world's diamond capital, Handling more than 80% of the world's diamonds. Popular sports Football: Red Devils Cycling: Tour of Flanders, Eddy Merckx, Tom Boonen Tennis: Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin-Hardenne
  16. 16. Sluys International Famous Belgians BELGIUM Audrey Hepburn Actrisse Jan Van Eyck Painter Peter Paul Rubens Painter René Magritte Artist Jacques Brel Singer-songwriter Hergé Cartoonist Victor Horta Architect Jean-Claude Van Damme Actor Matthias Schoenaerts Actor
  17. 17. Sluys International THE CONTRACEPTIVE PILL Ferdinand Peeters THE DYNAMO Zenobe Gramme THE SAXOPHONE Adolphe Sax THE BODY MASS INDEX Adolphe Quetelet THE BIG BANG THEORY Georges Lemaitre IMODIUM Paul Janssen INLINE SKATES Jean-Joseph Merlin WORLD WIDE WEB Robert Cailliau (co-inventor) OIL PAINTING Jan Van Eyck ASPHALT Edward De Smedt THE JPEG CONVERSION Ingrid Daubechies CRICKET Belgians INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE Étienne Lenoir SODA Ernest Solvay AES ENCRYPTION Joan Daemen, Vincent Rijmen ARENALIFT Stageco CASSEROLE Jean-Joseph Merlin DRUPAL Dries Buytaert PEACE SIGN Victor de Lavaleye BELGIUM THE MERCATOR PROJECTION Gerardus Mercator Proud Inventions ETC.
  18. 18. Sluys International BELGIUM Belgian Culture Friet Mussels Chocolate Waffle Beer ASPARAGUS CHICORY BELGIAN ENDIVEBRUSSELS SPROUTS CHEESESGENEVER (GIN) SPECULOOS Food Comic Strips THE SMURFS TINTIN THE SNORKS ASTÉRIX ET OBÉLIX LUCKY LUKE BLAKE & MORTIMER XIII THORGAL KIEKEBOE JOMMEKE LARGO WINCH AMORAS Festivals Tomorrowland Rock Werchter Annual carnivals Zythos Beer Festival Ommegang FestivalGentse Feesten Ars Musica Concours Musical International Reine Elisabeth de Belgique Heilig Bloedprocessie Jazz Marathon The Arrival of St NicholasGhent Film Festival La Ducasse Sand sculptureMusica Antiqua Sfinks Klinkers
  19. 19. SLUYS INTERNATIONAL Originally established in 1931, Sluys International is now firmly established as a Duffel (B) based manufacturer of flavour. The dynamic Sluys team is a reflection of artists, idealists and businessmen continuing to challenge new frontiers of taste and smell. WHERE SMELL, TASTE, SIGHT ARE BALANCED