12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers


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Have a friend, boyfriend, wife, or somebody else on your shopping list that loves photography? Well, here are twelve awesome gift ideas to help you find the perfect Christmas present.

In the list, you'll find everything from stocking stuffers ($20 or less) to medium size presents ($50 to $100) to those blockbuster signature gifts ($100 and up). If your friend is a real photographer, he or she will love anything on this list.

If you're interested in something in the presentation, click on the picture or the link to see it on Amazon. There, you'll be able to read reviews of the products (which are all top notch), get suggestions for similar items, and order your gifts.

Or, click through to my blog (Digital Photography How To) and read more about these great gift ideas.

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays... and good luck shopping!

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12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

  1. 12 AwesomeHoliday GiftIdeas forPhotographersBy B. RockDigital Photography How ToTwitter: @PhotogHowtoLinked In: Brian Rock
  2. Stressed About Christmas?Don’t Be. Try These Ideas…
  3. Let’s start with somenice and simpleideas…Stocking stuffers.Perfect forphotographerfriends, and less than$20.Click the pictures tobuy from Amazon, orsee my blog formore info.
  4. They seem simple. But every photogneeds some batteries for that flash. Amazon Basics AAs, $9 Eneloop AAs, $10 / 4 / 4 pack pack
  5. Don’t Forget theBattery Charger!Maybe not under $20. But itgoes with the batteries!Get a La Crosse Tech BC-700charger, $40.It has some seriously super-coolfeatures, and it’s way betterthan the crap you get bundledwith batteries.
  6. Everyone needsmore storage!Transcend 16gb Card, $12.Transcend 8gb Card, $7.Amazon Basics 16gb Card, $13.Amazon Basics, 4gb Card, $5.4 to 8gb is fine for a point andshoot camera. Anyone with adSLR will want 16gb.Bigger cameras = Bigger imagefiles.
  7. Don’t forget a memory cardwallet for those SD cards… Link Depot Memory Card Wallet, $8.
  8. For when people insist on having ahard copy of those pics… 50x Verbatim 4.7gb 50x TDK 4.7gb DVDs, DVDs, $16 $17
  9. And some slimjewel cases.50 pack of Verbatim slim jewelcases, $12.Makes for some spiffy delivery.Way better than paper sleeves,or nothing at all.
  10. Looking forsomething a littlebigger?Here’s a collection of mediumsized gifts perfect for yourphotog friend. All about $50 to$100.
  11. The most overlookedaccessory ever.Battery grips doublebattery life, make thecamera morecomfortable to hold.Canon t4i Battery Grip, $50.Nikon d5100 Battery Grip, $50.These are camera specific.Search for “[camera name]battery grip” on Amazon. Lookfor something with 4 or 5 starreviews and costs less than $50.
  12. Get a newcamera bag orbackpack.Canon 200EG Backpack, $39.AmazonBasics Backpack, $29.I prefer a traditional backpackfor comfort and durability.Shoulder straps suck, and mysling fell apart cause the bagwas too heavy.
  13. Introduce them to off cameraflash. For the serious photog enthusiast. Off camera flash opens up endless possibilities for portraits. Aputure Trigmaster Plus Kit, $67. If they don’t know what to do with them, send them to Strobist.
  14. Looking forsomethingeven bigger?A few presents for thepeople you really love…and are willing to spendhundreds of dollars on.
  15. If a photogdoesn’t wantsome newglass, he or sheis not really aphotog.And they range from about$100 to $10,000. Something forevery price range.Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L, $1300.
  16. Here are a fewideas. But theoptions are endless.Canon 50mm f/1.8, $110. Got it.Canon 28-135mm f/3.5 – 5.6,$430. Want it.Canon 100-400mm, f/4.5 – 5.6,$1300. *Drool*I’m a Canon guy. There aresimilar options for Nikon. Makesure the lens fits the brand ofcamera your friend has. Sigmaand Tamron are cheaper, butstill good.
  17. Super Duper FlashTriggers.Remember those $70 flashtriggers? These are better. Way,way better.PocketWizard Plus IIITransceiver, $149.Note, you need onetransceiver for the camera,and one for each flash. So a“set” includes two to threetransceivers.If you bought me some, I’dlove you forever. I’m sure youfriend, boyfriend, wife wouldfeel the same way.
  18. Upgrade your friend to a better dSLR, ormove them to their first dSLR camera.Canon 7D Body, $1300. Nikon D5100 kit, $550.
  19. Good luck.Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays, andHappy Shopping!Presentation by B. Rock.For more on cameras,photography tutorials, andshopping advice… head over toDigital Photography How To(http://digital-photography-howto.com).Twitter: @PhotogHowToLinkedIn: Brian RockAnd shop Amazon. I always do.