Mobile Marketing in Tourism by Christian Maurer


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Svetovni splet se je iz računalnikov razširil

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Mobile Marketing in Tourism by Christian Maurer

  1. 1. Studying the international way Mobile Marketing Reaching Your Customers No Matter Where They Are Prof. (FH) Mag. Christian Maurer 6 October 2012 “Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions.” Google CEO Eric Schmidt, February 2011Mag. Christian Maurer 2Mag. Christian Maurer 1
  2. 2. Lean Forward Modus Mag. Christian Maurer Lean Backward Modus (Source: Reinhard Mag. Christian Maurer lustig Mobile Modus (Source: Reinhard Lanner) Mag. Christian Maurer 2
  3. 3. Smartphone Penetration (Source: own illustration, based on GSMA 2012)Mag. Christian Maurer 7Mag. Christian Maurer M-Marketing Opportunities • Customers always have the phone with them • The smartphone is (almost) always switched on • The smartphone is always in reach • The smartphone user’s location can be identified • Smartphones can be used for augmentation of the realityMag. Christian Maurer 9 3
  4. 4. Location Based Services Distribute information to the customer Reach the customer at any time and location Provide exactly the right information in the right situation ( context) user (e.g. her/his characteristics, preferences or actual location) environment (weather etc.) travel (e.g. already booked or selected tourism services or activities) Environment User CAIPS Time Travel User’s ContextMag. Christian Maurer 10 M-Marketing Channels Mobile Website Mobile Search Web App Engine Advertising Display Ad Text Messaging / SMS / MMS Video Location-based Service / Audio Advertising Barcode / QR Code PodcastMag. Christian Maurer 11 Mobile Marketing Strategy • Who and where are your customers, what is their mobile consumption behaviour, and what are their information needs?Mag. Christian Maurer 12 4
  5. 5. EU5 Smartphone OSMag. Christian Maurer 13 Smartphone + Tablet = Digital Omnivores (Source: own illustration, based on comScore MobiLens, December 2011)Mag. Christian Maurer 14 Mobile Marketing Strategy • Who and where are your customers, what is their mobile consumption behaviour, and what are their information needs? • What budget is available for your mobile marketing campaign? • What message do you want to send through which channels and how can the channels be integrated? • When is the best time to send the message and how often should the message be sent? • What reaction and interaction do you expect from the mobile user? • How can you measure the success of your campaigns?Mag. Christian Maurer 15 5
  6. 6. App Culture • Native App • Mobile Website • HybridsMag. Christian Maurer 16 Native App: Swiss HikeMag. Christian Maurer 17Native App: Hollmann-Beletage www.hollmann-beletage.atMag. Christian Maurer 18 6
  7. 7. Native App: Hollmann-BeletageMag. Christian Maurer 19Mobile Website: • Optimised version for all mobile devices • Customised content for mobile users (must sees, around me, useful tips) • Mobile hotel booking • Personal travel plan • Routing function • Light version without pictures • Social Media integration • Since launch in Aug 2011: – 7x more visitors/month – 70% more page views – 2x average time on site – 6% mobile users of vienna.infoMag. Christian Maurer 20 Native App vs Mobile Website Native App Web App / Mobile Website Pro • Enhanced user experience • Platform-independent and runs in a • Shorter loading times mobile web browser • Can be used offline • No software installation required • Can use the hardware and software • Allows quick updating features and components of the device • Lower development costs • App store can act as an additional • Simpler programming language distribution channel and market place for (e.g. HTML, Java) the brand • With HTML5 it is possible to • Icon of the app will be installed on the provide similar functionality to users’ device native apps • App Store approval process assures • Low maintenance cost quality of app • No device manufacturer approval • Carrier network independent process • Can be used for generating income through in-app advertisingMag. Christian Maurer 21 7
  8. 8. Native App vs Mobile Website Native App Web App / Mobile Website Contra • Each app must be developed for a • Loading times dependent on certain platform internet connection speed, • Programming the app is time- and • Costs can arise through data cost-intensive download • Application approval process can take • Customisation possibilities are long limited • Manual update process is • Limited access to the mobile cumbersome device’s native features and • Users must manually download and components install app updates • Supporting different mobile web • Requires additional marketing effort browsers can result in higher development and maintenance costsMag. Christian Maurer 22 Virtual Check-in • Offering discounts for check-ins • Leveraging events • Spreading the brandMag. Christian Maurer 23 Augmented Reality (More info on: )Mag. Christian Maurer 24 8
  9. 9. QR Codes – Mobile Tagging (Source: own illustration, based on comScore MobiLens, December 2011)Mag. Christian Maurer 25 Challenges • Data flat rates needed as a driver for tourism mass markets • Customer friendly EU-wide data roaming regulations • Availability of free of charge WiFi- hotspots • Duration of batteries • Usage in various weather conditions • Signal receptionMag. Christian Maurer 26 Key Messages • Mobile communication will soon become more important than conventional desktop PC communication • Smartphones and tablets are here to stay • M-commerce is gaining momentum (again) • Think social – local – mobile • The rise of the “digital omnivore” – users move seamlessly between phone, tablet, computer and television and use the devices in a complementary wayMag. Christian Maurer 27 9
  10. 10. Conclusion Social Local MobileMag. Christian Maurer 28 Hvala! Prof. (FH) Mag. Christian Maurer Tourism & Leisure Management IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems Christian Maurer 10