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How to Use Private Uploads on SlideShare


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Not ready to share your presentation with the world yet? Private Uploads allows you to share content with a select group of coworkers or embed presentations on intranet sites — and publish your work when you’re ready.

Private Uploads allows you to:

1. Share privately: Upload and share only with the people you’ve sent a link to before you share publicly.

2. Embed on select sites: Showcase your SlideShare only on certain domains, like company intranet sites.

3. Schedule to publish publicly when you’re ready: Set a time when your SlideShare goes public to our community of 60+ million users.

This is a step-by-step guide to using Private Uploads on SlideShare.

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How to Use Private Uploads on SlideShare

  1. 1. Private Uploads A Guide to A Company
  2. 2. Don’t want your SlideShare to be viewable by everyone?
  3. 3. Choose who can view your content with Private Uploads
  4. 4. Getting started Click Upload in the top right- hand corner of, or go to Upload
  5. 5. Upload your file Select Private
  6. 6. Click Save & Continue If you change your mind, you can change the privacy setting here.
  7. 7. Sweet! Your SlideShare is now only viewable by you!
  8. 8. Advanced Settings Also you can access this from My uploads << Edit (selected deck) << Privacy setting Time based privacy Password protected decks Embed on selected sites
  9. 9. Private link and password Only people with this link can view the SlideShare For added security add a password
  10. 10. Change private to public Reach 60 million visitors on SlideShare! Switch to Public for instant sharing Set the day and time you want your Private Upload to go public
  11. 11. Upload & Get started Today!