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6 a-radiation-goals


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It contains the goals of the lectures on "Solar Radiation for Hydrologists" of the class of Hydrology of the University of Trento

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6 a-radiation-goals

  1. 1. Riccardo Rigon IlSole,F.Lelong,2008,ValdiSella Solar Radiation Physics and Geometry for hydrologists
  2. 2. When you see the Sun rise, do you not see a round disc of fire somewhat like a guinea? Oh no, no! I see an innumerable company of heavenly host crying “Glory, glory, glory is the Lord God Almighty.” W. Blake R. Rigon 2
  3. 3. R. Rigon Educational Goals • To recognise that the water cycle is powered by solar energy • To present the ways in which radiation is produced, received by the Earth, transmitted by the atmosphere, reflected, absorbed, and reemitted by the Earth’s surface • To gain knowledge of the spatial and temporal variation of the radiation distribution on the Earth • To introduce the concepts necessary to better understand the elements of the energy balance needed in remote-sensing applications, the snow balance, and evapotranspiration 1 3 Introduction