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12.15 acqua nei suoli-notazione


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Notazione usata nelle slides sul flusso dell'acqua nei suoli.

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12.15 acqua nei suoli-notazione

  1. 1. Acqua nei suoli e nel sottosuolo Notazione Riccardo Rigon L.Serafini,CodexSeraphinianus-1981
  2. 2. R. Rigon Notazione massa Symbol Name nickname Unit Ms mass of soil ms [M] Mag mass of air gas in soil mags [M] Mv mass of water vapor in soil mwvs [M] Mw mass of liquid water in soil mlws [M] Mi mass of ice in soil mlws [M] Msp mass of soil particle msp [M] Mtw mass of water mtw [M] Mcw mass of condensed water mcw [M]
  3. 3. R. Rigon Notazione volumi Symbol Name nickname Unit Vs volume of soil vs [L3 ] Vag volume of air gas in soil vags [L3 ] Vv volume of water vapor in soil vwvs [L3 ] Vw volume of liquid water in soil vlws [L3 ] Vi volume of ice in soil vlws [L3 ] Vsp volume of soil particle vsp [L3 ] Vtw volume of water vw [L3 ] Vcw volume of condensed water vcw [L3 ]
  4. 4. R. Rigon !4 Notazione densità Symbol Name nickname Unit b bulk density of soil bds [M L 3 ] ag density of air gas dag [M L 3 ] v density of water vapor in soil dwvs [M L 3 ] w density of liquid water dlw [M L 3 ] i density of ice di [M L 3 ] is density of ice in soil dis [M L 3 ] sp density of soil particle dsp [M L 3 ] tw mean density of water dw [M L 3 ]
  5. 5. R. Rigon !5 Notazione varie Symbol Name nickname Unit ⇥s soil porosity sp 1 ⇥se e ective soil porosity esp 1 cw volume fraction of condensed water in soil pores vfcwsp 1 w volume fraction of liquid water in soil pores vflwsp 1 i volume fraction of frozen water in soil pores v wsp 1 r residual volume fraction of water in soil pores rvfwsp 1 Ss relative saturation saturation of soil rss 1 Se e ective saturation of soil ess