10 reasons to teach entrepreneurship to kids


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Entrepreneurship is an essential, but often neglected part of education on any level. Whether it's primary school or university, kids need to be entrepreneurial in order to make things happen.

Are you ready to teach entrepreneurship to your kids?

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10 reasons to teach entrepreneurship to kids

  1. Why we should teach all kids about entrepreneurship 10 reasons to start teaching entrepreneurship in your classroomContents: Presentation design:  
  2. 01Entrepreneurs are the new rockstarsKids look up to entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Bransonand Lady Gaga (yes, she’s an entrepreneur as well)..
  3. 02 Entrepreneurship is an essential skill in the 21st century job market Entrepreneurial skills are not only required for future entrepreneurs. Modern jobs require employees to be entrepreneurial as well.
  4. 03Teach multiple subjects at onceEntrepreneurship is a multi-disciplinary form of education. Solving businessproblems requires knowledge of subjects such as math, language and arts. Thisallows you to combine several subjects without kids even realizing it.
  5. 04It’s all about teamworkEntrepreneurship is not something you do alone. It teaches kids towork together. Together with their team, but also with customers..
  6. 05 Bringing out the best in everyone Being an entrepreneur requires many different skills. Therefore even students that are usually underperforming can rise to the top.
  7. 06 Teaching everyday business skills Selling, talking to customers, marketing are everyday business skills, but are hardly taught at school. It’s time for a change!
  8. 07Social entrepreneurshipBusinesses generate income, but can supportsocial change at the same time. Use socialentrepreneurship to do good.
  9. 08Educating kids about money45% of college students has credit card debts($3000 on average). Entrepreneurship is a greatway to provide financial education.
  10. 09It’s rewarding for teachers and parentsSeeing kids developing their own projects and businesses is oneof the most rewarding feelings. Don’t believe me? Try it and seefor yourself!
  11. 10It’s a great wayto have funStarting a business is fun.Coming up with a name,designing a product, huntingfor customers and seeingmoney come in brings asmile to the face of parents,teachers and students alike.
  12. About usTom & Thomas: Teachingentrepreneurship since 2008We have been teaching kids aboutentrepreneurship through our blog and inclassrooms throughout The Netherlands since2008.We hope to share the joys of teachingentrepreneurship with you through thispresentation.Feel free to contact us if you have anyquestions or if you’re interested in giving our‘Entrepreneurship 101’ workshop in yourclassroom.Sincerely,Tom Roverstom@tomenthomas.nl Presentation design:  
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