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Networking for Dummies


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This presentation summarizes all major points about networking. After going through all slides, you only need to remember two mnemonics to fully understand this concept.

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Networking for Dummies

  2. GPS Let’s review the concept of networking with this acronym
  3. Your goals serve as the foundation of your networking strategies. @@ Goals WHY DO YOU NEED TO NETWORK?
  4. New business contacts Job opportunities Sales increase Self-branding Marketing products and services Additional knowledge Sponsorship COMMON REASONS FOR NETWORKING:
  5. People WHO SHOULD YOU NETWORK WITH? Knowing your potential contacts gives you an edge during the conversation.
  6. Complete name RESEARCH AND GET THE FOLLOWING INFO Positiontitle Previous experience Skills,talents andinterests Affiliations Potential conversation topics
  7. Strategy HOW WILL YOU NETWORK? Meaningful connections occur when you plan your next moves.
  8. ONLINEIN - PERSON Trainings and seminars Industry events Informal gatherings Volunteer programs Graduate studies Social media Multimedia sharing Blogging Discussion boards Email
  9. PeopleGoals Strategy
  10. TRUE VALUE Let’s enumerate networking reminders with this mnemonic:
  11. Networkingtakestime, effort,andsincerity. Youcan’texpectthe companyexecutiveyou meettodaytohelpyou landajobtomorrow. Time
  12. Relationship Networkingisaboutbuildingand strengtheningrelationships. Focusonthisandeverythingelsewillfollow.
  13. hUmility Showcaseyourexpertise,butdon’tbrag. There’salwaysawaytomarketyourself withoutbeingabighead.
  14. Effectiveness Armyourselfwiththerightstrategies,tools, anddemeanorforeffectivecommunication andnetworking.
  15. VALUE What value do you bring to the table? Is it your knowledge, skills, or availability? Remember networking is about giving and taking.
  16. T i m e R ie l o na t U imh t yi l n s si ve e ec tf f ps h i E VALUE
  17. “When you network you develop a list of resources that you can share with others. This increases your value to those prospects and clients you deal with.” Diane Helbig, Lemonade Stand Selling: Accelerate Your Small Business Growth
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