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Globalization: Good or Bad


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The world is shrinking because of globalization. Is this something we should be grateful for or sad about?

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Globalization: Good or Bad

  1. B GLOBALIZATION: GoodorBad?
  2. MadeinChina ImportedfromJapan BoughtinBrazil PrintedinItaly Let’s take a look at Jenny’s workplace. AssembledintheUSA 12 6 39 2 48 10
  3. THE WORLD IS SHRINKING. What factors caused Yes, GLOBALIZATION?
  4. 1. Modern communication technologies THEN NOW
  5. 2. Improved transportation THEN NOW
  6. 3. Free trade agreements THEN NOW
  7. 4. Growth of multinational companies THEN NOW
  9. EMPLOYMENT More job opportunities for people in developing countries Source: BBC Jobs commonly outsourced overseas Customer support Webdesign Accounting Manufacturing Dataentry
  10. No. of manufacturing employees in the USA 1970 2010 More than a quarter of U.S. employees Contributing factor to the decrease: Growth in import of goods 1 in 10 employees Source: Bloomberg Decreased employment rate in developed countries EMPLOYMENT
  11. FOOD SUPPLY Food supply doesn’t depend on seasons or local resources anymore Source: FAO Example:bananasfromthetropicsareexportedtotemperatecountries. Figuresabove=percentageofbananaexportstovariousmarkets. Russia,8% OtherCountries,17% China,4% LatinAmerica,4% European Counties,27% UnitedStates,27% Japan, 7% Other Asia, 6%
  12. Source: Service and Learning Environment Gallons of gas used per ton moved 1,000 miles Pounds of carbon emitted per ton moved 1000 miles Airplane Train Ship Trucks 165 30 7 4 4,056 666 132 97 FOOD SUPPLY Importing more food means increased fuel use, which is hard on the environment.
  13. COMMUNICATION Sharing ideas, cultures, experiences and lifestyles can be accomplished with just a few clicks Facebook facts • 30 billion pieces of content shared each month • 55 million updates posted each day • Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month Source: Blog Herald Source: Blog Herald
  14. People in different countries are gradually acquiring similar taste in TV shows. Proof: International versions of GOT TALENT BIG BROTHER SURVIVOR COMMUNICATION As people become more exposed to others’ ways of life, they may adopt new and different practices.
  15. BUSINESS Companies can easily expand to other cities and countries. Source: Wikipedia 2010s – Operating in 118 countries 1940s – Operating in the USA only
  16. Source: Citilab No.ofbusinessesoperating intheAustinneighborhoodofChicago'swestside Note: Results shouldn't be used as an argument for or against the retailer 306 months before 1st Walmart store was opened 82 two years after Walmart store was opened Multinational companies may kill operations of local companies BUSINESS
  17. globalization? So, would you thank or blame
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