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Diabetes Facts and Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

In 2013, over 300 million people throughout the world have diabetes. How can we prevent ourselves from acquiring this disease? Check out this presentation.

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Diabetes Facts and Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. 1. DIABETES LIFESTYLE Facts and Tips for a Healthy
  2. 2. Fatigue Increased hunger Excessive thirst Frequent urination Slow-healing cuts and bruises Weight loss DO YOU EXPERIENCE SOME OF THESE SYMPTOMS? Blurry vision
  3. 3. You might be suffering from diabetes
  4. 4. WHAT IS DIABETES? You eat food Digestive tract converts carbohydrates into glucose Pancreas produces insulin Insulin lets cells absorb glucose for energy If pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, you develop Type 2 diabetes If pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, you develop Type 1 diabetes
  5. 5. Source: Medical News Today In2013, over382million peoplearound theworld sufferedfrom diabetes Type 1 diabetes10% 90% Type 2 diabetes
  6. 6. Source: WebMD Type 1 DIABETES CAUSE Body’s immune system sees the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas as foreign and destroys them TREATMENT Keep blood sugar levels within a target range WAYS TO PREVENT None so far
  7. 7. Source: WebMD Obesity Physical inactivity Heredity Age Race COMMON RISK FACTORS Oral medication Weight loss Surgery Natural remedies TREATMENT Live a healthy lifestyle PREVENTION Type 2 DIABETES
  8. 8. To Prevent TYPE 2 DIABETES
  9. 9. BE IN THE MOOD FOR SUPERFOOD Source: Diabetes • Beans • Dark green leafy vegetables • Citrus fruits • Sweet potatoes • Berries • Tomatoes • Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids • Whole grains • Nuts • Fat-free milk and yogurt
  10. 10. STAY FIT, AVOID THE SUGAR PIT • Dance • Run • Swim • Go cycling • Brisk walksGoal: 30 MINUTESOF EXERCISEEVERYDAY
  11. 11. SLEEP EARLY, STAY HEALTHY Source: The New York Times People who go to sleep late are more likely to acquire diabetes. Scientists suggest that consuming more calories after 8:00 pm and exposure to artificial light may have negative effects on metabolism.
  12. 12. = Did you know? BE CLEVER, DRINK MORE WATER Avoid drinking sugary soft drinks and other unhealthy beverages. Ask for water instead. 12-ounce can of regular Coke 9 1/3 teaspoons of sugar Source: Live Strong
  13. 13. EMOTIONAL EATING IS HEALTH CHEATING Look for other ways to comfort yourself • Call or talk to someone • Develop a hobby • Play with a pet • Look for a good read • Engage in arts and crafts
  14. 14. Reduce sugar intake by eating your favorite cake, chocolate and other sweets on special occasions only RESERVE SWEETS AS SPECIAL TREATS
  15. 15. Life is Sweeter with Less Sugar
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