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Sleep With Sheep


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Will you dare to Sleep With Sheep?
Don't answer yet.

First, think of a good sleep as an investment with a high rate of return.
Second, embrace a widely acclaimed life hack: sleeping in 90 minute cycles.
Third, imagine an app that can make this life hack work better than any other.
Fourth, envisioning an endless series of identical white sheep jumping over a fence is overrated. You can do better than that.

So, what can you expect from the app?

* Contrary to other apps this one increases your chances of waking up refreshed and full of energy exactly at the end of a 90 minute cycle (between REM phases) in an extraordinary fashion.
* Using the app may help you establish effective sleep patterns and make you become more self-aware of your sleeping habbits.
* You can generate some EXTRA TIME since 90 minute sleeping scenarios will often make you wake up earlier than you have to.
* You can enjoy effortless and stylish alarm setting.
* You can easily rate each sleeping session and analyze stats so that over time you will learn which sleeping scenarios suit you best.
* You don't have to sleep with your head on your iPhone (contrary to other apps forcing you to do that).
* You can sleep with six different sheep!

Check out the formula:
Wake Up Time = Current Time + I will fall asleep in about (...) + 90 Minute Sleeping Scenario

90 Minute Sleeping Scenarios are as follows:
- Quick Ninja Nap (90 minutes / 1.5 hours)
- Sheep On The Moon (180 minutes / 3.0 hours)
- Early Subway Ride (270 minutes / 4.5 hours)
- Refreshed Einstein (360 minutes / 6.0 hours)
- Busy, Busy Multitasker (450 minutes / 7.5 hours)
- Sleep Like A Baby (540 minutes / 9.0 hours)

The challenge is real. Your daily productvity and well being are at stake.

The Sheep is staring at you. No pressure.

Don't forget to check out The Sheep at:

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