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Google Analytics


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Google Analytics by Holly Ares Snyder, optimize advertising, improve SEO, and improve conversion rates by leveraging your website data.

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Google Analytics

  1. 1. Google Analytics The ultra-basics in 45m or less Holly Ares Snyder Holly@hasOptimization
  2. 2. Who's it for? ● Any website! ● Scalable data tracking for all sites ● Designed for marketers to get traffic insights ● Free! Freely available to all. Why?
  3. 3. The basics ● Uses JavaScript tagging ● Collects client side data with a cookie ● Sends data to google servers
  4. 4. Installation ● Tag all the things! ● Code on all pages. Recommend adding code for link ID and demographics (where's that?) ● If possible, install tracking for offsite clicks, PDFs, other non-page stuff ● Get some basic filters
  5. 5. Setting good goals ● Ecommerce? This is easy....sort of. ● Not ecommerce? o Engagement goals o Contact goals o Download goals o Microconversions
  6. 6. Common installation problems 1. Code in wrong place 2. Code not on all pages, or duplicated 3. Failure to tag key areas (ecomm, multidomain, etc) 4. Defective code (how to validate?)
  7. 7. Fallacies! ● GA is 100% accurate (why not?) ● GA can be compared to other tools (why not?) ● There will be a warning if I screw this up, right? (Well, sometimes....)
  8. 8. Where do I START? ● Top level metrics ● Get comfortable with the basics ● Expand your range as you get comfortable ● But what's really important? o Engagement o Traffic trends o Goals o Troubleshooting
  9. 9. Got questions? Lots of questions? hasOptimization offers ● Setup and analysis services ● Training for all levels, onsite or on webinar ● Plus marketing, SEO, web development Feel free to contact us: (603) 780-4968