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Enterprise Planning and Streamlined Navigation from Skyword [Webinar]


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Ready for a centralized location where you can see all of your content across the enterprise? Learn more about Skyword’s latest release.

Skyword’s May 2018 release incorporates two compelling elements—a visual redesign and an Enterprise Planner. The Skyword Enterprise Planner provides a central location to view all content and marketing activities, empowering you to coordinate internal team efforts and execute global campaigns.

Plan and visualize your content across your campaigns, business regions, divisions, and distribution channels.

Published in: Marketing
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Enterprise Planning and Streamlined Navigation from Skyword [Webinar]

  1. 1. Enterprise Planning and Streamlined Navigation Detailing Skyword’s May 3 Release
  2. 2. Johnny Lopez Senior Learning & Development Specialist Skyword Megan Menesale Director, Product Marketing Skyword Steph Ferrell Product Marketing Manager Skyword Your Skyword Team
  3. 3. • Improve coordination, reduce redundancy, and increase team creativity • Enhance operational efficiencies with one central location to manage your campaigns • At a glance, see content production across divisions, regions, campaigns, and channels • Identify bottlenecks and potential missed deadlines • Measure performance against production goals • Ensure that all content efforts are aligned with your marketing objectives Learn how Skyword’s latest platform enhancements help you:
  4. 4. Agenda
  5. 5. Agenda • New sign in page • Updated, streamlined navigation • Enterprise focus and new channel terminology • New icons • New enterprise planner feature – Display week/month – Content overlay – Missed deadlines – Group by – Filter – Save – Print • Review
  6. 6. New Navigation
  7. 7. New Sign In Page
  8. 8. New Navigation 8 New Navigation Bar New Buttons
  9. 9. Page Refresh New Colors
  10. 10. Enterprise Focus Channel Dropdown
  11. 11. New Icons Dashboard Contains:Name Strategy Planning Content Creation Content Review Assets Analysis Skyword Personalized Recommendations Community Enterprise and Channel Dashboards Keywords and Recommended Keywords Enterprise Planner, Campaigns, Projects, Events, and Editorial Calendars Ideas, Proposals, Assignments, Content Ideas, Proposals, Assignments, Content, Editorial and Channel Guidelines Search, Add Full Suite of Skyword Analytics including: Activity, Engagement, and Social metrics Click Through Rate, Clicks per Day, Content Summary, Placement Graph Contributors, Contributor Search, Invitations, Applicants
  12. 12. Enterprise Planner
  13. 13. Enterprise Planner 13 Display a Week or Month at a time Displays on publish date
  14. 14. Enterprise Planner – Content Overlay Click on any content box
  15. 15. Enterprise Planner – Content Overlay Click on any content box View Relevant Information
  16. 16. Enterprise Planner – Missed Deadlines 16 Missed Deadline
  17. 17. Enterprise Planner – Missed Deadlines 17 Missed Deadline
  18. 18. Enterprise Planner – Missed Deadlines 18 Missed Deadline
  19. 19. Enterprise Planner – Group By Click to View Group by options
  20. 20. Enterprise Planner – Group By Click to View Group by options
  21. 21. Enterprise Planner – Group By Region Click to View Group by options
  22. 22. Enterprise Planner – Group By Division Click to View Group by options
  23. 23. Enterprise Planner – Group By Campaign Click to View Group by options
  24. 24. Enterprise Planner – Filter Filter all content on display
  25. 25. Enterprise Planner – Save View 25 Save View: • Group By • Filters Nameyour view, then set as default, and choose toshare or not.
  26. 26. Enterprise Planner – Print View
  27. 27. Enterprise Planner – Print View Print any information currently on display
  28. 28. Q&A
  29. 29. • Today’s recording & slides • Release notes ( • Enterprise Planner video (youtube) • Updated Navigation video (youtube) • Enterprise Planner One Pager ( Additional Assets
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