Engage B2B Buyers On LinkedIn


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Engaging B2B Buyers On LinkedIn Requires New Content Marketing Strategies.

Learn why content is a "must have" for B2B marketers.
See a framework for B2B content strategy.
Discover 4 actions to become a social media pro.
Receive an action plan for LinkedIn success from Koka Sexton, Senior Manager, Social Marketing at LinkedIn.

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Engage B2B Buyers On LinkedIn

  1. 1. ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Engage  B2B  Buyers  On  LinkedIn   with  New  Content  Marke5ng   Strategies   August  2013  
  2. 2. Koka  Sexton   Senior  Manager,  Social  Marke5ng   LinkedIn   @kokasexton     Andrea  Wasik   Director,  Digital  Marke5ng   Skyword  Inc.   @andrea_wasik     Your  Moderator   Tricia  Travaline   VP  of  Marke5ng   Skyword  Inc.     2  #Skyword   Today’s  Presenters  
  3. 3. Who  is  Skyword   3  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights   reserved.   Technology Framework Content Strategy Content Creators Editorial The Four Pillars of Successful Content #Skyword  
  4. 4. 4  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Our  Clients  and  Partners   Brands  and  Media  Companies   Agencies  
  5. 5. 5  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Today's  agenda   1   Why  content  is  a  "must  have"  for   B2B  marketers   Framework  for  B2B  content  strategy   4  ac5ons  to  become  a  social  media   pro     Applying  ac5on  plan  to  LinkedIn     2   3   4   #Skyword  
  6. 6. Search  and  Social:  Gateways  to  Buyers   6   115BILLION GLOBAL SEARCHES every month on Google Search 36BILLION SOCIAL SHARES every month in the US ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   #Skyword  
  7. 7. 7  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Why  Content  is  a  Must  Have   Source: Forrester Research, January 12, 2012 #Skyword   60%     of  B2B  buying  decisions   are  complete  before   engaging  with  a  sales   person   70%    of  the  content  B2B   buyers  read  or  study   before  making  a   purchase,  they  find  on   their  own  
  8. 8. 8  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Changing  Buyer's  Journey   #Skyword  
  9. 9. 9  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Integrated  Content  and  Social  Strategy   Content Strategy Social Amplification
  10. 10. 10  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Top  Digital  Priori5es  of  CMOs   Source:  IBM  Global  Chief  Marke5ng  Officer  Study   56%  Use  Social   Media  as  Key   Engagement   Channel   #Skyword  
  11. 11.       Andrea  Wasik   Director,  Digital  Marke5ng   Skyword,  Inc.   @andrea_wasik   11   #Skyword   ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.  
  12. 12. Social  Media  Content  Strategy  –  The  Process     12   Process Understand   your  audience     Select themes and topics Determine content formats Measure and analyze Plan and execute Establish publication frequency Identify distribution channels Content Strategy Process
  13. 13. Understand  Your  Audience   13   Persona   A   Early research phase - has not yet identified brands Generic,  non-­‐ brand  terms   Persona   B   Considering and evaluating solutions Industry  accepted   terms,  brand  terms  
  14. 14. Understand  Your  Audience   14   What  kind  of  content  should  I  create?   ACCORDING  TO  FORRESTER  RESEARCH,            One  clear  reason  for  the   ineffec=veness  of  most  B2B   content  in  the  awareness  phase   is  that  it  tends  to  be  wri?en  for   the  buyer  personas  in  the  lead   nurturing  phase  and  not  the   user  personas  who  are  doing   that  ini=al  discovery  work  on   a  business  problem1.     1Forrester  Research,  2013  report  “B2B  Marketers  Prefer  to  Create  Their  Own  Content  Mostly  for  Lead  Nurturing”   “   “  
  15. 15. Topic  Selec5on   15   Now  that  you  know  who  you  are  trying   to  aJract,  do  some  “lurking”  on  social   networks.     •  What  are  their  “pain  points”?   •  What  kinds  of  ques5ons  are   they  asking,  for  example,  in   LinkedIn  groups?   •  What  words  do  they  use  to   describe  their  business  issues?   •  Are  there  terms  specific  to   seasonality?       Generic  Term   Brand  Term   “supply  chain   management”   “XYZ  Co.  ERP   System”   “truck  parts”     “commercial   transporta5on   components”  
  16. 16. Topic  Selec5on   16   Perform  keyword  search  volume  research     to  determine  most  valuable  terms:   •  Google AdWords Keyword Tool (free) •  Bing Keyword Research Tool (free) •  Moz.com (subscription) •  Keywordspy.com (subscription) Generic     Term   Monthly     US  Search   Volume   Brand   Term   Monthly     US  Search   Volume   “supply  chain   management”   22,200   “XYZ  Co.     ERP  System”   10   “truck  parts”     22,000   “commercial   transporta5on   components”   0  
  17. 17. Format:  Snackable  &  Valuable   17  
  18. 18. Format  for  Intended  Channel   18   Tag  content  using  the  language  that  is  used  by  the   searcher  in  the  discovery  phase  (based  on  your research)   TwiJer:  140  characters,  can  include  an  image   LinkedIn:  600  characters,  can  include  an  image  or  files   Facebook:  64,206  characters,  can  include  images   Google+:  100,000  characters,  can  include  images   YouTube:  Video   Pinterest:  Image  &  short  descrip5on  
  19. 19. Publica5on  Frequency   19   How  much  content  is  enough?   The  short  answer  is,     it  is  never  enough!   But  don’t  just  create  for  the  sake     of  crea5ng;  be  smart  about  it.   Most  buyers  have  already  researched   a  product  or  service  thoroughly  before   your  sales  team  ever  talks  to  them.    
  20. 20. Geqng  it  out  there   20   Iden]fying  the  right  distribu]on  channels   Once  you  start  crea5ng  content,  make   it  available  in  the  places  your  poten5al   customers  are  already  looking.   2  Forrester  Research,  2013   81%     of  B2B  decision   makers  use   communi=es     and  blogs2   74%    of  B2B  decision   makers  use   LinkedIn2  
  21. 21. Blog  pos5ng   Webinar   Email   Campaign   LinkedIn  slide   presenta5on   Plan  &  Execute:  The  Content  Crea5on  Process   21   Recruit   Research   Review   Publish   Promote   Measure   Build  social  media   distribu5on  into  your   content  distribu5on   process   Crea]on  &  Publica]on  Process   Get  the  most  out  of  your  content  crea5on  efforts  by   genera5ng  formats  for  mul5ple  distribu5on  plasorms.   Create  &   Op5mize   REPORT  
  22. 22. Example  of  Formaqng  for  Mul5ple  Plasorms   22   Blog  Pos5ng  
  23. 23. Formaqng  for  Mul5ple  Plasorms   23   LinkedIn   Update  
  24. 24. Tweet   Email   Campaign   Video   Interview   Formaqng  for  Mul5ple  Plasorms   24  
  25. 25. Another  Example  of  Formaqng  for  Mul5ple  Social   Media  Plasorms   25   Report  
  26. 26. 26  ©  2013    Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Digital  Agency  of  the  Future  |  Sharable  
  27. 27. 27   Stumbleupon   Pinterest  
  28. 28. 28  ©  2013    Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Digital  Agency  of  the  Future  |  Sharable  
  29. 29. LinkedIn  Sponsored  Update   29  
  30. 30. 30  ©  2013    Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Email  Newslever   Email   Newslever  
  31. 31. Content  Calendar:  Editorial  Planning  &  Execu5on   31  
  32. 32. Measurement  and  Op5miza5on   32   Analyze & adjust
  33. 33. Google  Analy5cs  Social  Repor5ng   33  
  34. 34. Social  Influences  Search  Results   34   ©  2013    Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Consumer Goods Enterprise
  35. 35.     35   Koka  Sexton     Sr.  Social  Marke5ng  Manager     Building  Your  B2B  Brand   Through  LinkedIn:     Best  Prac=ces  For     Amplifying  Lead  Genera=on     &  Engagement  Strategy   #Skyword   #Skyword  
  36. 36. Becoming  a     Social  Marke5ng  Pro  
  37. 37. 4  Ac5ons  to  Becoming  a  Social  Marke5ng  Pro   37   Developing  a  Reputa]on:  Building  a  strong  online  reputa5on   that  showcases  your  experience  and  increases  your   credibility   Gathering  Intelligence:  Researching  social  informa5on  to   prepare  for  sales  conversa5ons   Building  your  Network:  Developing  rela5onships  with  people   who  can  share  informa5on  and  provide  referrals   Offering  Insights:  Providing  meaningful  insights  that  earn   opportuni5es  to  engage  with  and  influence  contacts   1. Be DISCOVERED 3. Let them ENGAGE 2. Let them EXPLORE 4. Create ADVOCATES
  38. 38. 38  ©  2012  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Customer  Purchase  Decision  Timeline   Customer due diligence begins Contacts first contact with vendor Customer purchase decision Throughout  this  5meline  buyers  have  decided   on  their  specific  needs  leaving  vendors  to   compete  on  price.  
  39. 39. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved39 Status Updates Content Led Precision Targeting Expanded Reach 1. Be Discovered
  40. 40. 40  ©  2012  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.  
  41. 41. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 41 Company Page Social Exploration Company Updates 2.  Let  Them  Explore  
  42. 42. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 42 SlideShare Channel 2.  Let  Them  Explore  
  43. 43. 43  ©  2012  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   2.  Let  Them  Explore   LinkedIn Groups
  44. 44. Followers  of  a  company  on  LinkedIn  are     2x  more  likely  to  purchase  and  recommend   2X  
  45. 45. Lead Generation Display Ads Status Updates 3.  Let  Them  Engage  
  46. 46. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved SlideShare Ads 3.  Let  Them  Engage  
  47. 47. Company  Followers  Generate  Revenue   50 % of members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn
  48. 48. 48 4848LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved Followers Recommendations HP Followers are 1.5 times more likely to consider HP products and services and 2 times more likely to recommend HP than non- HP followers 4. Create Advocates
  49. 49. 49   Building  Your  B2B  Brand  Using  LinkedIn   •  Buyers  are  in  control   •  Be  discoverable   •  Give  your  customers  a  place  to  explore   •  Give  your  customers  an  opportunity  to  engage   #Skyword  
  50. 50. 50  ©  2013  Skyword  Inc,  Confiden5al.  All  rights  reserved.   Key  Takeaways   1   Know  your  audience   Build  and  amplify   Let  them  explore     2   3   4   Let  them  engage    
  51. 51. For  More  Informa5on   •  Contact  Koka  Sexton,  LinkedIn   –  @kokasexton   •  Request  a  Skyword  for  Brands  demonstra5on   –  Email  us  at  learnmore@skyword.com   •  Contact  us  at  855-­‐SKYWORD  (855-­‐759-­‐9673)   •  Keep  up  to  date  on  news  from  Skyword!   –  LinkedIn  Groups  –  Look  for  Skyword   –  Blog  at  hvp://www.skyword.com/blog/   –  Facebook  at    hvp://www.facebook.com/skyword   –  Twiver  @skyword